A Guide to Choosing the Best IVF Clinics in the UK

Best IVF Clinics in the UK

Trying for a baby should be an exciting time – the heralding of a new chapter, as you look forward to expanding your family. So being advised that you may need fertility treatment can come as a shock and throw up a whole host of questions and worries.

Bringing home a baby now feels like a far more complex undertaking – and potentially an expensive one, too, should you decide to pursue private treatment (the average round of IVF in the UK costs between £7,000 to £10,000). The pressure to choose one of the best fertility clinics can therefore seem like a daunting task.

If you are considering fertility treatment in the UK, you’ll inevitably turn to Google to research clinic options. But with a mind-boggling amount of information out there, how do you make this potentially life-changing decision?

Here, we do the hard work for you, with a succinct summary of some of the most important considerations you should make before beginning your IVF journey in the UK, plus a list of some of the most respected clinics.

IVF clinics in the UK

According to the World Health Organization, infertility impacts one in six people globally, and in the UK the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) reported that 55,000 women had around 76,000 fresh and frozen embryo transfer IVF cycles in 2021, an increase of 2,000 individuals since 2019.

In 2022/23, 107 clinics were licensed by the HFEA to provide fertility treatment in the UK, and the largest number of these was based in London (35 clinics), followed by the North West and South East (10 clinics each), and West Midlands (nine clinics). Northern Ireland had the fewest treatment clinics at just three.

The HFEA is the UK’s regulatory body responsible for overseeing fertility clinics and ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards, and provides comprehensive information on IVF clinic success rates, which is publicly accessible. So this is a good place to start any preliminary research.

On the HFEA website, navigate to their “Choose a Clinic” section, where an alphabetised list is provided, as well as a search tool to find fertility clinics in your area or clinics that match your criteria (such as the type of treatments offered and funding options).

How to choose the best IVF clinic in the UK

It’s important to remember that, while the UK has many highly respected clinics offering some of the world’s best clinicians and cutting edge treatments, there really is no such thing as “the best IVF clinic”. There is only the best IVF clinic for you.

Undergoing fertility treatment is a highly personal and individual journey, and what works for one person may not work for another. And, of course, most clinics won’t be able to help everyone; while IVF has revolutionised babymaking and given hope to those with a diagnosis of infertility, it’s not a magic bullet.

It may be tempting to rely solely on individual clinics’ success rates when making your decision – after all, the goal here is to take home a baby, so this is surely the most important factor? However, when you really look at it, there are pretty small differences in rates of live births and any differences are usually down to the types of patients treated (their age and individual infertility diagnosis, for example), not necessarily the expertise of the doctors treating them.
That’s not to say that you shouldn’t look at success rates, only that you should do so with a critical eye.

Popular IVF clinics in the UK

To take the legwork out of your search, we have put together a list of the most popular clinics in the UK – ones that are often chosen by patients and that have had good feedback. Our list takes into account Google Business ratings and HFEA reviews, to help you in your quest to find the best IVF clinic in the UK.

IVF clinicCityNo of Google reviewsAverage review scoreAverage HFEA RatingExample review
The EvewellLondon (Harley Street clinic)934.14/5 based on 4 ratings
“Throughout my 3 year IVF journey, the Evewell team left no stone unturned and I felt held and looked after every step of the way. I’m now expecting a baby boy and I know without The Evewell I wouldn’t be here. Special thanks to the nursing team especially Hannah and all the lovely ladies on the front desk who know me by name now! Lovely Emma the embryologist who I spoke to many times and she explained everything so clearly and helped make informed choices together. Dr Davis, Dr Joyti, Dr Ahmed and Dr Montse were all fantastic and always had the right words to say which during a difficult process is invaluable. I’m lost without them now but I have other embryos stored so we will be back for number 2! Thanks again.”
Sara Evans
ARGCLondon603.53/5 based on 16 ratings“This time last year I picked up the phone and made an appointment with the ARGC. I am now 39 weeks and waiting for the big day! I cannot thank Dr Ahuja, Dr Taranissi and of course all the other doctors who saw me in the last year for the miracle treatments. The nurses are nothing short of fantastic. They are so knowledgeable and well organised that without them the treatment would not be possible. I have never felt so safe in the hands of medical professionals – I completely trusted them – and everything happened very fast!
Speaking with friends who have been elsewhere, I can identify the differences. At the ARGC you are monitored daily and once you become pregnant they don't stop looking after you. I felt cared for up until the end. They were fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone who has been struggling with fertility, especially if you have any underlying autoimmune disorders. Choosing the ARGC was worth every single penny! Thank you so so much!”
Irene Kaimakamis
Lister Fertility ClinicLondon (Chelsea Bridge Road clinic)943.74/5 based on 19 ratings“Fantastic experience: a lovely, warm, caring and professional team I would recommend to anyone seeking fertility advice. We had treatment here for a year and a half, and got very close with the caring nurses and drs. They made the whole experience lighter to carry, offering encouraging smiles and positivity along the way. We’re expecting a little girl now and couldn’t be more excited and grateful. Would especially like to thank Dr Thum and Liz the sonographer.”
Anna Madsen
London Women’s Clinic London (St Thomas Street clinic)1134.34/5 based on 13 ratings“The nurses, doctors and administrative staff at London Women’s Clinic, London Bridge, were kind, warm and importantly, honest. Our IVF journey was long and challenging, but it was made bearable by the empathy and support demonstrated by the team at the clinic. Fortunately, our journey had a happy ending and we now have a beautiful daughter. We will be forever grateful to all the staff we encountered along the way at the clinic.”
Ruth Howard
Harley Street Fertility ClinicLondon1373.84.5/5 based on 35 ratings“After years of trying and two failed IVF cycles with a different clinic in London I am now 14 weeks pregnant with a little girl. This would not have been possible without Dr Hall and Dr Venkat at Harley Street Fertility clinic. Unlike the other clinic, Dr Hall and Dr Venkat looked at improving my low ovarian reserve and egg quality with medication and supplements prior to the planned IVF. My husband was also advised to take supplements for three months prior to the cycle. We were due to have our cycle in June, but to my astonishment I found out I was already pregnant.”
Lisa Hare
Herts and Essex Fertility CentreWaltham Cross, Hertfordshire424.15/5 based on 390 ratings“Professional, caring and great communication. We had a great experience at this clinic. Previously being treated elsewhere it was such a breath of fresh air. We were treated as more than just a number and felt the whole team was caring and compassionate. And now the proud parents to our beautiful baby girl. Thank you so much.”
Niki Stevens
IVF LondonLondon444.75/5 based on 62 ratings“Myself and my partner were at another clinic beforehand, we always felt like a number. This clinic made us feel like people again, the nurses, receptionists, embryologists all knew us by name, they greeted us all the time and made us feel like family, there were times my partner couldn’t come with me for scans and procedures but the nurses (especially Katie and jade) always made sure they were there to hold my hand. We had a truly amazing and life changing experience. Most of the time it didn’t feel like we were going for treatment but seeing our old friends and having a catch up, we now have them to thank for our amazing daughter after such a rocky journey, I would recommend this clinic to anyone who would like this journey to feel like an amazing personal one. A special thanks to Marigona, Varsha, Katie, Jade, Sarah w, Alpesh, for all being there for us throughout every part of this! And for Sareena, the lady who truly done the impossible (given the fact it was male factor) and pressed the all important button.”
Samantha Jane
CREATE FertilityLondon (Wimbledon clinic)984.45/5 based on 25 ratings

“I can't thank this clinic enough. Every single member of staff from receptionists to doctors that I encountered were fantastic. They are super friendly and supportive. The clinic itself is very clean and has a welcoming feel. It is easily accessible from the overground and underground.
The staff are all very professional, but most importantly, human. They are kind, they explain everything and make you feel like no question is a stupid question.
I would highly recommend it to anyone.
Thank you very much for everything!!”
Nektaria Antoni
TFP FertilityOxford clinic1003.94/5 based on 44 ratings“We cannot thank the team at Oxford fertility enough. We had a long journey to parenthood but stuck with TFP Oxford throughout as we received such good care. After 5 rounds of IVF, I’m sat here feeding my 7 week old baby boy whilst writing this review. Highly recommend.”
Tom and Fleur

Aria Fertility ClinicLondon574.84.5/5 based on 10 ratings“There isn’t enough space to express in words the gratitude and appreciation we have for the team at Aria. They are a small team of friendly and approachable experts at the top of their game whose ethos is to be very patient focussed. From the outset they offered a very warm and caring approach, everyone from the consultants, nurses, embryologists and clinic managers were very supportive which continued across all of our treatment. They always had time for all of our questions about the process and they were fully transparent about the success rates and potential outcomes. We felt fully supported across the whole journey, we never felt like a cog in a machine which I’ve heard can happen with other bigger clinics. Being over 40 came with various fertility challenges, and we are delighted to share that we welcomed our little baby boy this summer and we couldn’t have done it without Aria.”
Debs Croshaw
CareNorthampton clinic243.94/5 based on 4 ratings“We came here through 2018 and had eggs retrieved in 2019. The doctors and nurses we came into contact with were brilliant, firm but fair and always up front with where we stood in the process.
My partner had our twins in September 2019 and coming up to their first birthday it's just made me think back to how scary those early IVF appointments were but always how we felt confident that Care were giving the best chance to have our boys here today. We can't thank you enough and 5 stars just seems too low 😅”
Paul Carrig

Bourn HallNorwich clinic223.74.5/5 based on 19 ratings“My partner and I underwent a round of ICSI last year due to being unable to conceive naturally. I found it a very emotional process and everyone at Bourn from our doctor, to the midwives, to the ladies on reception were wonderfully supportive. We were really lucky and our first round was successful, fast forward to December 5th and I gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 8lbs 1oz! He is the love our lives and would not have been possible without the amazing team at Bourn – thank you for helping our dream come true ❤️”
Jade Lambert
King’s FertilityLondon454.04.5/5 based on 15 ratings“I have been under the care of Kings Fertility for about a year now and all the team from the doctors, nurses and admin have been absolutely amazing. They treat you with care, compassion and empathy which is exactly what is needed when going through fertility treatment. I have quite an extensive medical history and they have been amazing during every step of my journey. Explaining every process in detail. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I will be continuing my journey and hope to have a successful outcome. Highly recommend King’s!”
Lia Grafanakis
NewLife Fertility CentreSurrey644.74/5 based on 7 ratings

“I cannot express how amazing the team at NewLife are. From the moment we walked in I knew I was in safe and confident hands. Every part of this journey has been incredibly hard on us emotionally but physically every need was met and exceeded our expectations. Everyone at NewLife have been so supportive and they genuinely treat you like family. A special thank you to Dr Khaled who is just such a brilliant and kind doctor I can’t thank you enough. Also to Elizabeth and Simone, I don’t think I could have made it through without your support, you are both amazing at your jobs, thank you for supporting me so incredibly well. And a massive thank you to everyone else behind the scenes, thank you so much for all your help. We can’t wait to come back for a sibling!”
Hayley Muncey
CRGHLondon3084.34.5/5 based on 44 ratings“We moved to CRGH after having unsuccessful treatment at a different clinic. After reading reviews we decided to book a consultation with Dr Saab. He was knowledgeable and professional from the start and really made us feel like he could help and wanted us to succeed. All questions were answered promptly and we felt reassured we were in good hands. During our cycle all the staff we met were professional and I was monitored very closely and my treatment reviewed and adjusted along the way to achieve the best result. Our first transfer with CRGH was a success and I am currently sitting with our 6 day old little girl! Something we never believed would happen after 4 years of infertility and losses along the way.
We are extremely grateful to Dr Saab and CRGH for making our dream come true. Thank you.”
Ruby Hawes
IVI LondonLondon1224.04/5 based on 20 ratings“Our experience with IVI was excellent. Our doctor, Dr. Lukaszewski, was a huge support throughout our journey, and always there whenever we needed him. His ability to keep things calm and clear was a real blessing for us. We honestly can't recommend him enough! The rest of the team at IVI was also fantastic. They were super friendly and helpful. We're just over 7 weeks pregnant now and couldn't be more excited. We are v grateful to Dr. Lukaszewski and the IVI team for making this happen!”
Zita WestLondon324.43/5 based on 9 ratings“They make miracles happen. Thank you to Dr. Simone Rofena and all the experienced and professional nurses for their resilience, and finding prompt solutions to problems encountered. Decisions are taken actively depending on the outcome of the previous step, to maximise the possibility of success – my newborn miracle is proof of this!”
Mireille Muscat
abc FertilityLondon (150 Cheapside clinic)1514.35/5 based on 25 ratings“Excellent experience from start to finish. Very informative process with knowledgeable and considerate staff at a very reasonable cost. I am currently 6 1/2 months pregnant with our rainbow baby after 1 round of IVF and only 1 viable blastocyst available for transfer. Wishing anyone about to start their journey lots of love and luck!”
Lauren Murray
Manchester FertilityManchester1004.14.5/5 based on 11 ratings“After a long fertility journey which seemed hopeless due to my BMI we almost gave up hope of having our own family until Manchester fertility was recommended by a friend. The service from start to finish was brilliant, very person centred and friendly. They were very considerate with appointments given we lived so far away for travel etc and the online contact was brilliant for us. A fertility journey that we had been on for years, once Manchester fertility became involved finally gave us hope and positive news within a matter of months! And now we have our perfect little miracle baby. Would recommend this service to anyone needing help to start their family and will be forever grateful.”
Samantha Burns
Concept FertilityLondon514.54.5 / 5 based on 5 ratings“Me and my fiancée are forever thankful to Concept for our twin girls. We felt so supported by everyone in every online appointment, in-person appointment and in every contact made with someone of the team. We had some stressful months but the team made everything so much better.
I personally say: If you are looking for a fertility clinic where you want to feel heard and supported, go to Concept Fertility Clinic. We had to travel 2 hours after work to go to appointments and the treatment itself and it was all worth it”
Andreia Vicente

In addition to the clinics listed in the table, there is a new kid on the block in the IVF world – the first “virtual” clinic, offering a fresh approach to fertility care.

Healthtech startup Apricity launched in 2018 in the UK and aims to make your journey to parenthood easier by avoiding clinic visits. You’ll undergo as much of your care at home as possible, from virtual consultations to at-home fertility tests delivered to your door, all with the support of the Apricity care team and a personalised app.

With Apricity, most patients only need to visit a fertility clinic between one and three times per cycle, rather than up to 10 times with a more traditional clinic, which makes this a particularly appealing option for those who live far from a specialist clinic or with demanding jobs or other commitments.

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How to find the UK’s best IVF clinics

Our list of top UK IVF clinics is a great starting point, but there are many factors that you should take into consideration before putting your future fertility (and potentially your credit card) in the hands of a clinic. Here are some of the most important ones:

IVF success rates

As mentioned, do look at success rates critically. Seek out the rates for live births, not just pregnancy. And as well as requesting these from the clinic, check the stats on the HFEA website, which has very strict rules about how clinics report these and publishes data that can be compared like-for-like.

They also publish success rates on “live births per embryo transferred”, and it differentiates between clinics whose success rates are “above the national average”, “consistent with the national average” and “below the national average” – a useful classification system, to help cut through what can be a rather overwhelming series of numbers.

“We have an ethos of treating everybody,” says Dr Nicopoullos, a subspecialist in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery and a Consultant Gynaecologist at the Lister Fertility Clinic (part of HCA Healthcare UK).

“We use our own data to help people understand what the chances of success are. Based on that, if you’re 43, with a 10 per cent chance, it’s my job to tell you that and then help you try to have a baby. Of course, you may or may not choose to do IVF for a 10 per cent chance – some may try egg or sperm donation. But it’s important you receive reliable data. Some clinics will not treat people with a low chance of success, so they can make their success rates look better than they truly are.”

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Reputation and IVF clinic’s reviews

Research the clinic’s reputation by reading reviews and testimonials from patients who have undergone IVF treatment there. Check out Google reviews and online forums such as Mumsnet (which has a dedicated infertility and IVF forum) and Fertility Friends: search for the name of your clinic and you’re sure to find thoughts, reviews and anecdotes from former and current patients.

The HFEA encourages patients, partners and donors to give feedback about their fertility clinic, too, which is then published under their ‘Choose a Fertility Clinic’ section of the website, to help others see whether a clinic is right for them.

“Whilst we can easily compare hard facts like costs, success rates and treatments offered, it’s much harder to get a sense of what it would really be like to be treated at a particular clinic,” the HFEA tells us. “Everything from how caring the staff are to how easily you can book or amend an appointment can contribute to a good (or bad) experience. Talking to others about their experience of a clinic can give you an indication of how well a clinic is meeting its patients’ needs.”

Accreditations and certifications

Check if the clinic is licensed by the HFEA and complies with their guidelines. The HFEA regularly inspect clinics to give independent assessments of their performance, too, and these reports can be found on their website.


The experience of the doctors treating you is important, so question the team about this at your first appointment. “Not all clinics are equal in terms of the level of seniority,” says Dr James Nicopoullos at the Lister Fertility Clinic. “Are they all senior consultants? Do they have all the qualifications they need to be a consultant gynaecologist?”

Emotional support

IVF can be emotionally, as well as physically, gruelling, so a clinic that is attune to this and who treats your mental health with the care and attention you deserve should also be a big factor when deciding on a clinic.

“Many women and men say that going through fertility treatment was one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do,” the HFEA tells us. “Counselling can help you to handle those feelings as well as coping with any disappointments you may suffer on the way. Although every licensed UK clinic is required to offer you counselling, how they practically deliver on that commitment can vary. Some clinics may have a counsellor available onsite so you can talk to them whenever you need to, whilst others might refer you to a counsellor who’s only available at certain times.”

Ms Jara Ben Nagi, a consultant gynaecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine and surgery at CRGH, agrees that a clinic must be able to support their patients in this way. “Having fertility treatment has its emotional lows and highs, and clinics should offer counselling to all their patients. We have a wellbeing team at CRGH and offer a counselling session as part of our treatment, which is free of charge. I also think that your nursing team is so important, because they often act as a support system for patients as they go through treatment.”

A personal experience

Infertility is a broad term for what, really, is a very individual condition – and so it’s important to find out if the clinic specialises in treating the specific infertility issues that you are dealing with. Providing individual treatment plans tailored to you can make all the difference as to whether you are successful. This is not an area of medicine where one size fits all, and what one patient responds to, another may not.

“Understanding what treatment is best for you can be a good place to start,” says Professor Geeta Nargund, Medical Director at CREATE Fertility and abc IVF. “CREATE, for example, specialises in natural and mild IVF approaches and are pioneers and experts in this field.

“Mild IVF uses less drugs to reduce the treatment burden and complications relating to stimulating drugs, with an aim of improving health outcomes for mothers and babies. It is important to know that live birth rates of mild IVF and high dose conventional IVF are equivalent, while reducing side effects and complications. At abc, we specialise in affordable IVF, with a commitment to increasing access to fertility treatment for as many people as possible across the country.

“Ultimately, whichever clinic you choose, there should be absolute transparency about your treatment plan, associated costs and success rates from the start. Your IVF journey should be personalised to you and your medical history, and you should feel reassured and listened to every step of the way.”

Personalised treatment also extends to practical issues. For example, do you need a clinic that’s open late or early or at the weekend, to accommodate your job/other responsibilities? Some clinics have broader opening hours than others.


If possible, visit the clinic to assess the facilities and the technology they use. State-of-the-art equipment and a clean, calm environment can be important considerations. While it may not be possible to actually visit the laboratory, ask about the conditions, number of staff running this and their expertise.
“Something that I’ve learned over the years, working at four different IVF clinics, is that the lab is fundamental to success,” says Mr Ed Coats, West London Medical Director at The Evewell. “Having a really good embryology team is crucial, and I think they’re often the unsung heroes.

“We offer consultations with our lab team once you get into the more complex stuff like genetic testing of embryos, which I think just goes a bit further to help patients unpick what’s actually going on,” continues Ed, who is also the founder of Total Fertility, which helps patients compare clinics across the UK more easily.

“And before you start an IVF cycle, challenge clinics on what their live birth rates are per embryo transfer in your age group; what percentage of their eggs fertilise; what percentage of their embryos reach blastocyst stage. Also, most clinics don’t transfer day three embryos anymore, so if they transfer on day five it’s an indication of a clinic that is very confident in their ability to culture embryos to day five. These sorts of questions will give you a reflection of how good the lab is.”


When you’re going through IVF, it can feel like you’re on a treadmill – that every day is a series of blood tests, scans, procedures and injections. If you’re working while undertaking treatment, it’s often an even more gruelling regime, so picking a clinic that is close to your office may be crucial. Equally, if you’re at home during the day you may want a clinic nearer to your house.

“It’s very important to consider the location of your clinic,” says Ms Jara Ben Nagi at CRGH. “During the stimulation phase of IVF, the clinic becomes almost a second home to patients because they’ll be coming in for scans and blood tests every other day, and most patients have to hold down jobs too. So if you have a clinic that is close to either your home or work, that makes everything so much easier.”

Cost and financial options

While it would be ideal to select a clinic solely on the factors mentioned, money inevitably comes into play when undergoing IVF treatment. To avoid any nasty surprises later, make sure you understand the full cost of IVF procedures and any additional fees involved.

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Some clinics may provide package deals or financing options to make treatment more affordable. If you have private medical insurance, you may want to check whether any of your treatment can be covered by this, too.

Some clinics also offer “baby or your money back” schemes, but be sure to read the fine print.

Legal and ethical considerations

Ensure the clinic adheres to legal and ethical standards in reproductive medicine. For example, you should clarify the clinic’s policies on issues such as the number of embryos to be transferred and what happens to unused embryos.

Helpful resources

Before settling on an IVF clinic in the UK, it’s helpful to use at least a few sources of information – after all, this is one of the biggest decisions you’re likely to make. There are plenty of resources out there to help and here is our list to get you started.

As mentioned, the HFEA is the independent regulatory body responsible for overseeing fertility clinics. Established in 1991, it’s the first statutory body of its type in the world and aims to ensure that everyone receives high quality care.

As well as licensing, monitoring and inspecting facilities in the UK, their huge collection of data is invaluable for anyone trying to choose a fertility clinic in the UK; on their website, there’s a search tool to find your nearest clinic, an outline of the services each clinic offers and their live birth rates, and more general information on fertility treatments, freezing and storage options. If you’re feeling confused by the data, they also provide a handy guide on how to understand live birth rates.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) makes recommendations about who should have access to IVF treatment on the NHS in England and Wales, so when beginning your fertility journey it is worth reading their guidelines to check exactly what you qualify for. For example, there are restrictions based on age, lifestyle factors (such as your BMI) and not having any children already, from both your current and any previous relationships.

After reading the NICE guidelines, do have a look at the NHS website, too. They confirm who is eligible, provide guides on what happens during IVF and the risks, and outline your chances of success based on your age.

Forums and Facebook groups

To meet others going through infertility and searching for the best IVF clinics in the UK, check out the forums on sites such as Mumsnet, MadeForMums and Netmums. Compare notes on fertility treatment costs, IVF success rates, and how to choose a clinic. Facebook groups like Infertility Support UK (which has more than 4,000 members) and fertility community websites like HealthUnlocked on Fertility Network UK also have discussions about clinics, while podcasts like Big Fat Negative are invaluable, providing interviews with many top medical experts.

Patient’s voice

Sometimes, however much research you do, the most reassuring source of information is first-hand testimonials from patients who have been in your shoes. So if you’re feeling blinded by science (and numbers!), take a look below at these patients’ accounts about choosing the best IVF clinic for them.

Patient 1:

“Our fertility journey went on for five years, in which time my husband and I went to three different IVF clinics – one in Greece and two in London. The first, in Greece, was recommended to us by a friend and, after some research to check Google reviews and success rates, we flew over there for treatment.

“I didn’t have a great experience, as I felt that they gave me a far higher dosage of drugs than I needed, and was quite ill during and after the stimulation process. We created a huge amount of embryos, but none of them implanted.

“The final clinic, CREATE, was where we had success; they practised mild IVF, aiming to collect fewer eggs of a greater quality. We ended up with three embryos, one of which became my daughter.

“If I was to advise someone on how to choose a clinic, it would be to go with one that deals with your problem and where treatment is tailored to your needs. If you know you have a particular problem, like sperm issues, egg quality or implantation, you may find a clinic that specialises in that area.

“I was numb to clinics’ success rates by the time we picked the last place, because I had never been one of the lucky ones. So I say ignore the statistics, because your fertility diagnosis and journey is completely individual to you.”

Patient 2:

“In 2019 we were advised by the NHS that we would need to go down the IVF route. I started looking up IVF clinics and Googling, ‘How do you choose a clinic?’. I came across the HFEA website and used that to look up clinics and success rates, but found all the info a bit mind-boggling!

“There were a lot of factors to consider, but we realised we needed a convenient location above everything else, and so we ended up choosing King’s Fertility because, although the price was slightly cheaper than others, the location, close to my office, made all the difference.”

Patient 3:

“I went to see a gynaecologist at Lister Fertility Clinic to investigate possible endometriosis, just because she was one of the gynaecologists our insurance covered and she had early availability. It turned out I did have endometriosis and she recommended a gynaecologist there to carry out my surgery.

“I had been trying for a baby and mentioned this during my consultation with the surgeon, so he suggested finding out my odds of a successful pregnancy through IVF with one of the Lister IVF doctors.

“I thought that they were reputable and although I did look at some reviews before going into the IVF process, there were a lot of extreme ones – for some people, IVF had worked and they said it was amazing, and for others it hadn’t and, of course, they said it was terrible. In the end, it was more about the personality of the doctor that decided it. He had a lovely bedside manner and I felt he was a good fit for us.”

Patient 4:

“I went to a fertility clinic with the aim of freezing my eggs and I was after one that offered a comprehensive package, which included all the necessary fertility assessments beforehand.

“Through Googling I came across the London Women’s Clinic – they offered what they called an ‘MOT package’, which was the most comprehensive and cost effective way of doing what I wanted to do. I found that lots of clinics quoted separate costs for consultations, blood tests and scans, but here everything was provided with no hidden costs.

“They also happened to have a free 90-minute seminar coming up in a few days’ time, where you could go along and find out more about fertility treatment. And if you attended, you qualified for a hefty discount on their fertility MOTs.

“I warmed to the consultant who I subsequently saw, so I went ahead with the treatment. The clinic location, at London Bridge, suited me perfectly in terms of where I live and work, too.

“But mostly my decision was based on cost, and I found them to be very helpful on that front at every step of the process. For example, when I was given the stimulation drugs, they told me they had their own pharmacy provider but I was absolutely at liberty to source those drugs elsewhere. Similarly, my blood tests could be done at the clinic but I could also go to an NHS hospital or my GP.”

Patient 5:

“I did loads of research before choosing our fertility clinic. I always research everything in detail – that’s just the kind of person I am! We went for The Evewell, and although they were a very new clinic and only had a couple of years’ worth of statistics on the HFEA website, the stats they did have were brilliant.

“We weren’t that influenced by cost because IVF seemed to be expensive wherever you went, and whichever clinic you choose my hunch is that the ‘list price’ isn’t what you’ll end up paying. The prices they advertise are just for the most basic, minimal, uncomplicated, unbespoke situation possible. So I just accepted from the outset that it was going to be expensive.

“We did qualify for NHS treatment, but we decided to go privately to speed up the process – the idea that you could get started immediately, rather than waiting for months was worth paying for.”

Picture of Kirsty Nutkins
Kirsty Nutkins
Kirsty Nutkins is a freelance journalist and copywriter with extensive experience writing for national publications, including The Sunday Times, The Telegraph and Country & Town House, as well as high-profile luxury brands. After undergoing a gruelling fertility battle herself – in which she experienced recurrent miscarriage and multiple rounds of IVF – she also specialises in writing about fertility.

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