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Ukraine is a popular IVF destination in Europe, and one of the reasons for this is that it is very affordable while the level of treatment is excellent. People travel to Ukraine from many countries for IVF treatment, but it is especially popular with patients from the UK, Germany and other eastern countries.

There are many experienced clinics and doctors in Ukraine, and many of the clinics provide treatment for international patients. The medical staff also speak different languages like English and German. Patients looking for fertility treatment abroad in eastern countries – very often chose Ukraine or IVF in Russia or IVF in Latvia.

There are about 40 IVF clinics in Ukraine, and about 10 of these focus on international patients. Most of them are located in popular cities like Kyiv and Lviv.

Ukraine has good IVF success rates for treatment using both your own eggs and egg donation. With egg donation, there is a mixed system of anonymous and non-anonymous donation. Many clinics in the country provide pictures of the donors along with other detailed information.

IVF treatments are not only affordable in the country, but there are many other benefits too. Accommodation, food and transport are all affordable compared to most other European countries.

Some patients are concerned about the ongoing problems with Russia, but there is no concern for patients travelling to Kyiv or Lviv because they are very safe. There are also lots of egg donors available, and there is no maximum age for IVF recipients by law so clinics can decide, providing older patients with the option to receive IVF treatment.

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IVF Treatment in Ukraine: Legal Aspects

As with other popular IVF destinations, there are some important legal aspects to consider before receiving treatment in Ukraine. One interesting aspect of receiving IVF treatment in the country is that there is no legal age limit set by law for the recipient. This means the clinics decide based on each case.

Patients who are unable to receive treatment in other countries because of their age may be able to receive treatment in Ukraine, and there is also no age limit for male patients.

Heterosexual couples and single women are able to receive IVF treatment in Ukraine. However, female couples and male couples are unable to receive treatment.

Gender selection is not permitted unless for the purpose of preventing serious genetic diseases from being transmitted. Be aware that in the genetic embryo test results, some clinics may reveal the embryo’s sex.

There is no legal restriction on HIV-positive patients receiving treatment, and it is up to the clinic. This is the same for HCV-positive and HBP-positive patients.

When transferring embryos using either the patient’s own eggs or donated eggs, there is a maximum number of two. If using donated eggs, the maximum number may be increased to three for medical reasons if consent is provided by the patient.

IVF in Ukraine treatment availability
IVF treatments in Ukraine

IVF in Ukraine – fertility treatments

  • There is no limit for woman age – it’s not specified by legislation, decided by each clinic individually
  • There is no limit for male partner’s age 
  • Heterosexual couples can receive an IVF treatment
  • IVF is available for single woman
  • IVF is not available for female couples
  • IVF is not available for male couples
  • Sex selection is not allowed unless to prevent the transmission of serious genetic diseases, however some clinics may reveal a sex of an embryo in genetic embryo tests results
  • Many clinics support HIV positive patients
  • Many clinics support HCV/HBV positive patients
  • The maximum number of embryos to transfer is 2 for IVF own eggs and 3 for IVF with donor eggs if there are medical indications

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Egg Donation in Ukraine

IVF treatment using egg donation is very popular in Ukraine. There are many donors available, most of which are Caucasian, but some clinics can provide donors from other ethnicities. The legal age of donors must be between 18 and 36, and there are no waiting lists and both fresh and frozen oocytes are available. The maximum number of donations that can be made by an egg donor is eight.

Ukraine has a mixed system of anonymous and non-anonymous donors. While some donors remain anonymous and only basic information is shared, other donors may not be anonymous. Check with the clinic in question to find out more.

Sometimes you can find out the skills, history, hobbies and education level of the donor. Other times you may be able to see a picture of the donor as a baby or even a picture of the adult donor. It depends on the clinic. However, the baby cannot know the identity of the donor.

Donors are matched with recipients based on visual characteristics including race, skin colour, hair colour and eye colour. This ensures they are as similar as possible.

There are also certain donor qualification tests required by law:

  • TORCH infections Ig G/M (Cytomegalovirus, Toxoplasmosis, Rubella, Chlamydia, Herpes 1 and 2)
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • HIV
  • T. Pallidum
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Karyotyping
  • Psychological interview

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Sperm Donation in Ukraine

There are many sperm donors available in Ukraine of several ethnicities, and there are no waiting lists. In addition, many IVF clinics in Ukraine have their own sperm banks. If the patient cannot find a suitable donor, they can also use external sperm banks.

The legal age of all sperm donors is between 18 and 40, and sperm donors are anonymous. There is no set limit to the maximum number of donations a donor can make or a maximum number of children that can be born from the same donor.

IVF Costs in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most affordable countries to receive IVF treatment in Europe.

  • A basic IVF package cost for IVF treatment with own eggs in Ukraine is between €2,500 and €3,500.
  • IVF with donor eggs – basic packages range from €4,600 and €5,500
  • Embryo donation in Ukraine is reasonable priced at the level of €1,500 and €2,200
  • Egg freezing (oocytes cryopreservation) costs between €2,100 and €2,500.
IVF costs in Ukraine – basic packages
IVF with own eggs in Ukraine€2,500 – €3,200
IVF with donor eggs in Ukraine€4,600 – €5,500
Embryo donation in Ukraine€1,500 – €2,200
Egg freezing (oocytes cryopreservation) in Ukraine€2,100 – €2,500
Source: Average IVF costs in Ukraine – Basic Packages – IVF Abroad Patient’s Guide 2022

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Egg Donation Costs in Ukraine

The average price range of an egg donation cycle in Ukraine is between €4,600 and €5,500. This makes Ukraine a very affordable option.

However, remember that the final cost of treatment will depend on various factors like the number of oocytes that are used from a donor, whether the treatment is guaranteed and other add-on techniques. The cost also varies on the clinic and the location where treatment is provided.

Another factor to consider is that some clinics may provide an “external service”. This is where the patient ships their partner’s sperm, and these are used to fertilise the oocytes from the donor. The embryos are then vitrified and shipped back. This is a more expensive option because embryo shipment costs are high, but it may help patients to save time because they do not have to travel.

Embryo Donation Costs in Ukraine

The costs of embryo donation in Ukraine range from €1,500 to €2,200. This makes Ukraine one of the most affordable destinations for embryo donation.

The availability is also very good, and embryos are mainly of Caucasian ethnicity. There is strict anonymity for embryos, and the couple and child cannot find out the donor identity in any circumstances. There is also no mixed system of anonymous and non-anonymous donations for embryo donation.

Double Donation in Ukraine

Double donation is available in Ukraine. Double donation is where both the oocytes and sperm are donated. The cost of this treatment is similar to the cost of egg donation programmes, but with the addition of the sperm donor cost, which is between €200 and €350 on average.

Other IVF Costs in Ukraine

The total cost of treatment may be affected by the additional costs of add-ons and other services in Ukraine. Medical consultations, for example, cost between €75 and €150. This makes them more affordable than in many other countries, and the doctors are very experienced.

Other additional costs include:

  • Sperm freezing: €200 – €350
  • Donor sperm: €200 – €350
  • Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri etc.): €400 – €500
  • Blastocyst culture: €200 – €400 (included in basic packages in most of the clinics)
  • PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing: €1,400 – €1,600
  • Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage for 1 year: €400 – €550
  • FET – Frozen Embryo Transfer: €1,000 – €1,650
IVF costs in Ukraine – other costs and add-ons
Medical consultation (doctor)€75- €150
Sperm freezing€200 – €350
Donor sperm€200 – €350
Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri etc.)€400 – €500
Blastocyst culture€200 – €400
included in basic packages in most of the clinics
PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing*€1,400 – €1,600
Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage for 1 year€400 – €550
FET – Frozen Embryo Transfer€1,000 – €1,650
Source: Average IVF costs in Ukraine – IVF Abroad Patient’s Guide 2022
*PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing: include embryo biopsy and embryo diagnosis – up to 4 embryos using NGS technique

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IVF Success Rates in Ukraine with Own Eggs

Many patients like to find out the success rates of IVF treatment when choosing a destination. According to the data provided in the ESHRE EIM report for 2017, Ukraine’s IVF success rates for treatment using own eggs are:

  • 25.4% for women aged under 34
  • 22.7% for women aged between 35 and 39
  • 14.1% for women aged 40 and over

You can see how this compares to other popular destinations for IVF treatment in Europe in the table below.

IVF with own eggs in popular countries in Europe*<3435-39≥40
Czech Republic29.721.68.9
North Cyprus**no datano datano data

Source: ART in Europe, 2017: results generated from European registries by ESHRE*
Supplementary Table SX Aspirations, pregnancy and delivery rates by age distribution (years) of women treated with ICSI in 2017.
Pregnancies per embryo transfer.
**North Cyprus is the self–proclaimed state recognised only by Turkey and is not providing and data to ESHRE EIM Consortium.

Please be aware that it can be difficult to accurately compare results across different countries and clinics. Treatments vary as do patient characteristics, so keep in mind that most clinics will statistically achieve similar results.

IVF Success Rates in Ukraine with Donor Eggs

According to data again taken from the ESHRE EIM report for 2017, the IVF success rates for treatment with donor eggs in Ukraine is:

  • 61.6% for fresh embryo transfer
  • 62.2% for thawed embryo transfer

You can see how this compares with other destinations in the table below.

Egg donation success rates in popular countries in Europe*Pregnancies per fresh ET (%)Pregnancies per thawed ET (%)

Czech Republic42.223.1
North Cyprus**no datano data

Source: ART in Europe, 2017: results generated from European registries by ESHRE*
Supplementary Table SVIII Pregnancies and deliveries after ED (fresh and frozen cycles) in 2017. In Egg Donation cycles, the age of the recipient women had no influence on outcomes. Pregnancies per embryo transfer (fresh and frozen)
**North Cyprus is the self–proclaimed state recognised only by Turkey and is not providing and data to ESHRE EIM Consortium.

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Data from IVF clinics in Ukraine is provided to the Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine (UARM). You can find a list of IVF clinics in the country here.

It’s important to remember that Ukraine is not in the European Union, so EU legal arrangements do not apply in the country. This means EU IVF treatment regulations do not apply here either.

However, Ukraine remains a popular destination for IVF treatment. The legal aspects of treatment are very well-established, and IVF clinics must also be accredited by the Ministry of Health in the country.

Travel to Ukraine

Ukraine is a huge country that is less explored than many of Europe’s other destinations. It’s a great place to receive IVF treatment, and it is a country of tradition, culture and amazing experiences. Here’s what you need to know about visiting Ukraine.

Travelling to Ukraine

The main travel hub in Ukraine is Boryspil International Airport. This is the largest and busiest airport in Kyiv, and it handles most of the country’s air traffic including most international flights. You will probably find it easiest to fly here. However, Odessa International Airport is another potential option.

Entry Requirements

Many nationalities do not need a visa to visit Ukraine. For example, USA nationals do not need a visa for trips of up to 90 days, and all that is required is a valid passport. But you may be asked to show proof of sufficient funds and travel insurance for your stay.

The same is true for citizens of Britain, Australia and Canada.

Travelling Around Ukraine

The best way to get around Ukraine is usually by train. This is a large country and it has a good rain network that covers most areas. Trains are convenient and affordable, and intercity trains are the fastest. You can choose the class you want to travel in, and it’s usually best to book in advance for longer trips.

There are buses throughout Ukraine, including long-distance buses. Book ahead to be sure, but you can probably buy a ticket on arrival for shorter journeys.

You can also travel by Marshrutkas. These are minibuses that are used for shorter trips. They are not very comfortable, but they are affordable.

Getting around cities like Kyiv and Kharkiv is easy because they have good metro systems as well as buses and trams.

Places to Visit in Ukraine

Ukraine is a huge country and there is a lot to see here during your stay if you want to make a holiday out of your trip. The first stop for most people is Kyiv, a beautiful city with highlights like St. Sophia’s Cathedral, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Mezhyhirya, the old Presidential Palace.

The Historic Centre in Lviv is another UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can enjoy wandering around the cobbled streets and taking in the sites.

Kamenets Podolsky Castle is a popular attraction, and you should not miss the opportunity to visit the Odessa Opera and Ballet.

You may want to travel further, perhaps to Western Ukraine or even explore the Carpathians. One interesting tourist attraction is Chernobyl. It’s very safe to visit, but you must go as part of an authorised tour, and it is an easy day trip from Kyiv.

Plan Your Trip to Ukraine

Ukraine is not often at the top of the list for tourists when choosing a European destination for a holiday. But it is a popular destination for IVF treatment, and there is plenty to see and do during your time here. Travel to and around Ukraine is very easy, so make the most of your trip and enjoy seeing more of the country during your stay.

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