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Infertility affects many people around the world. However, some people find that they are unhappy with the IVF treatment provided in their own countries due to legal factors, costs and other issues. As a result, they seek treatment overseas. Many countries provide IVF treatment to international patients. Citizens who are unable to access the fertility care they want at home can travel to another country and seek high-quality IVF treatment overseas.

IVF Abroad Costs

IVF costs can often be high, so many people prefer to seek more affordable treatment abroad. Sometimes there are legal aspects to consider. For example, a woman may be over the legal age limit to receive treatment in one country but legally able to in another. Egg donor availability is another important issue. Sometimes the availability is limited in some countries due to legal aspects and there is far more availability in other countries.

IVF Abroad Success Rates

Success rates may be higher in certain countries for all kinds of reasons, including the quality of the clinics, doctors and the level of expertise. Sometimes patients have already undergone a few IVF cycles that have failed, and they are now seeking other experts and opinions. But choosing the right destination can be a challenge. Each country and clinic will differ in terms of treatment availability, legal aspects and costs, so choosing the right clinic within a country is not always easy.

Choosing a Country for IVF Treatment Abroad

So, how should you choose a country to receive IVF treatment? This is a big decision, and there are several factors to consider. Firstly, is the treatment that you want available in the country? Different countries provide different types of treatment, so make sure the treatment that you want is available Are there any restrictions in place in the country that will prevent you from receiving treatment? For example, many countries have a maximum age limit for women, and many countries will only provide treatment to heterosexual couples and single women.

The cost of IVF treatment is another important issue, and you will have to decide whether the cost matches your budget. Costs vary considerably from country to country. You should also consider the number of visits that you will need to make in order to complete the treatment. A country that is a long way from you may not be convenient if you need to make multiple trips.

The legal aspects of IVF treatment in the country are also important. For example, in some destinations, egg donation is strictly anonymous while in other countries non-anonymous donation is an option. There are also legal aspects regarding ICSI treatments.

In countries where egg donors are anonymous, the level of information provided about the donor can vary. Sometimes only very basic information is provided, while in other countries more detailed information is available.

What Is the Best Overseas IVF Destination for Me?

The best destination to receive IVF abroad will depend on your situation. There is no one “best” destination, and it will depend on several factors. There are four important areas to consider:

  • Your treatment expectations regarding the techniques that are used, the race of the donor and the donor availability.
  • Your budget, which is highly personal. When looking at the average cost of treatment, don’t forget to factor in accommodation and flights. Also, remember that two or three visits are usually necessary.
  • Your age is another important factor. There are woman age limits when you go for IVF abroad. If you are aged 45 or over, there are many countries and clinics that will require an additional qualification test.
  • Your marital status will also play a role. Many countries will not provide treatment to homosexual couples, and there may also be restrictions for single women.
What Is the Best Overseas IVF Destination for Me?
How to choose a country for an IVF abroad?

Top 7 Countries for IVF Abroad

No country can be said to be the best country for treatment. However, there are several countries that are very popular destinations for receiving IVF treatment. These countries provide a combination of excellent IVF treatment availability, liberal IVF laws and affordable costs compared to other European countries.

However, each country is different, and the differences in treatment options may affect which destination is right for you, At FertilityRoad, we have comprehensive IVF abroad guides for seven of the most popular countries for IVF treatment in Europe.

Top 7 IVF countries for IVF Abroad
IVF in SpainWhile not the cheapest destination, Spain is very popular for several reasons. These include its liberal IVF laws, good treatment availability, lots of clinics specialising in IVF ICSI and egg donation IVF, good availability of egg donors of different races, and the fact that it is a popular holiday destination to combine IVF treatment with a relaxing break.
IVF in Czech RepublicOne of the reasons the Czech Republic is a popular destination is because of its affordable IVF treatment. However, there is more to the Czech Republic than its prices. It is also popular because there is good availability of Caucasian donors, and all IVF treatments options are available in the country.
IVF in Greece
Greece has many excellent clinics that specialise in IVF ICSI and egg donation. Egg donor availability is very good, and there are lots of different ethnicities to choose from. Because it is a popular holiday destination, Greece is a good option for anyone who wants to combine IVF treatment with a holiday.
IVF in North Cyprus

Another popular holiday destination, North Cyprus is also popular for IVF treatment for patients across Europe and beyond. There is excellent availability of all IVF treatments here, and older patients up to 55 years old can also receive treatment in the country.
IVF in Ukraine

Ukraine is a very affordable destination for IVF treatment, which is one of its most appealing factors. However, it also has excellent clinics and very good treatment availability including IVF-ICSI, donor eggs and donor embryos. There is also no legal age limit for IVF patients.
IVF in RussiaRussia has a lot of excellent clinics in major cities like Moscow as well as highly experienced doctors. In terms of IVF costs, it is also a relatively affordable destination compared to many other European destinations, which is part of its appeal.
IVF in LatviaMany people across Europe and beyond choose Latvia to receive IVF treatment for several reasons. Not only is the treatment of a very high quality with excellent IVF clinics, but there is also good availability of egg donors of various ethnicities including Caucasian and Scandinavian.
Source: IVF Abroad and popular IVF destinations, own study - 2021.

Women travel far and wide to receive affordable IVF treatment for many reasons. They don’t feel comfortable with the treatment availability, costs, success rates and even the medical approach in their home countries. The most important factor for many patients is the cost and the availability of treatment, especially for patients from countries that have limitations on certain treatments.

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How to Compare IVF Clinics Abroad

When comparing IVF clinics abroad, there are many factors to consider. Below we look at some of the most important. It’s also important that you make sure the clinic you choose responds to your questions and that it is fully transparent in terms of its medical approach and its pricing.

  • IVF Clinic Size – You may prefer a large clinic with several doctors and staff members or a smaller clinic that might offer a more personal level of treatment.
  • IVF Experience Level – The experience not only of the clinic and its IVF laboratory but also the doctors at the clinic is an important factor to consider.
  • Languages – You will want to receive treatment in a clinic where you can communicate clearly with the medical staff in your own language rather than use a translator.
  • IVF Cost – Comparing costs can be a challenge because many of the clinics will provide packages with different services included. In general, the clinics in more affordable countries will also offer a more affordable service, but always be careful when comparing costs.
  • IVF Success Rates – Comparing success rates is very difficult because there are so many different variables including your own personal situation and the treatment you receive. We recommend asking the clinic about your chances of becoming pregnant based on factors like your diagnosis, age, BMI and medical history.
  • Experience Treating Similar Patients – Consider the experience that the clinic has in dealing with patients similar to you. These “same case” patients are similar in terms of their diagnosis, age, medical history and BMI.
  • IVF Guarantees – When it comes to IVF treatment costs or outcomes, guarantees are popular. However, you will usually need to qualify for them.
  • IVF Refund, Money Back Guarantee packages – There are IVF refund all inclusive options where patients may get even 100% of IVF costs refunded if the treatment outcome (pregnancy or live birth) is not achieved. Usually there are 3 IVF cycles included in the package. You need to qualify for such programs and there might be restrictions both for female and male, so ask the clinic for details before you go.
  • Embryo Transfer – There is usually a limit on the maximum number of embryos that can be transferred as well as the preferred stage of the embryo to transfer. Check with the clinic to make sure that its policy and the law of the country match your own expectations.
  • IVF Treatment Process – Find out how the treatment process is managed. For example, will you be treated by the same doctor throughout the treatment cycle? Will the clinics respond promptly when you make contact? Will you have a main point of contact?
  • IVF Medication – Make sure you check whether the clinic will support you with the medications you need or will help you to get them in your country.
  • IVF Contracts and Documents – There will always be many documents to sign because of the responsibilities of both parties. Most clinics should provide the necessary documentation before you visit, so always carefully read through all the paperwork.

Is It Safe to Have IVF Treatment Abroad?

Receiving IVF treatment abroad is safe as long as you fully understand the legal situation of the country and choose a popular destination with a good reputation as well as a well-established IVF clinic where the medical staff speak your language.

With the exception of North Cyprus, all of the countries listed on this page have national associations of reproductive medicine. These are responsible for providing recommendations and guidance, and they sometimes provide certification for IVF clinics.

“Lots of people have safe, effective treatment abroad but it’s important you do your research. We have no powers overseas and whilst some countries will have a similar government body or laws to oversee fertility treatments, not all of them do. Ask your clinic if there’s a national regulator or what laws they are required to follow.”
Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA)

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