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Choosing a fertility clinic in another country can be a daunting task. With an ever increasing number of fertility clinics abroad, each offering an array of IVF treatments, offers and success rates it is no surprise that many couples get frustrated and confused.

This is exactly the reason we created the fertility clinics abroad section at Fertility Road. We have put together a list of the best IVF clinics abroad and have used the same approach for each, enabling you to compare, contrast and choose the right clinic for your particular needs.

We have listed the most popular fertility treatment abroad – destinations by country and provided some background information on each.

Fertility Road provides you with unbiased, independent assessment of the best IVF clinics and aims to make your fertility journey that much easier.

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Fertility clinics in popular destinations

IVF treatment in Spain has been offered to travelling patients for over forty years. It is no surprise that today it is one of the major destinations for those seeking IVF treatment abroad…

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The Czech Republic is regarded as an advanced economy and is increasingly becoming a very popular destination for patients seeking fertility / IVF treatment…

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IVF treatment and egg donation is Greece is considered very competitive in terms of price and clinics are based in the major cities and the larger islands…

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IVF treatment in North Cyprus and the legislation governing IVF is considered liberal with a diverse range of options available to patients…

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Fertility clinics in Portugal offer diverse IVF treatments provided by multilingual teams and the clinics are equipped with the very latest technologies and scientific tools.

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IVF clinics in Latvia offer services in English and its relaxed fertility laws mean that it has become a very popular destination for fertility patients from the UK, Germany and France in particular…

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The cost of IVF in Turkey can be half of that in the UK and this is what makes Turkey a perfect IVF destination to consider if you are looking for treatment with your own gametes.

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