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IVF treatment availability at Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona

IVF at Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona - restrictions
Woman maximum age55
Single womanAllowed
Same sex female couplesAllowed
HIV (female)Allowed
HIV (male)Allowed
HCV / HBV (female)Allowed
HCV / HBV (male)Allowed

About Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona

Centro de Fertilidad in Barcelona, opened in November 2021, stands out as a patient-oriented fertility clinic. Located initially within the Sagrada Familia Clinic, the growing influx of patients necessitated an expansion, leading to a collaboration with another fertility facility to ensure the seamless provision of  services to its international patients. This clinic is not only fully accessible to patients with disabilities but also boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including specialized laboratories for andrology and IVF, a cryopreservation unit, and multiple consulting and recovery areas. The clinic achieved 185 successful IVF and egg donation cycles in 2023, highlighting its increasing popularity and trust among those seeking to expand their families through IVF.

Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona consultation room

Experience and Medical Staff at Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona

Dr. Guillerme Gauthier, the Medical Director of Centro de Fertilidad
Dr. Guillerme Gauthier, the Medical Director

At Centro de Fertilidad in Barcelona, the staff is expertly led by Dr. Guillerme Gauthier, the Medical Director, who brings over four decades of experience in fertility treatment. Dr. Gauthier, who earned his Medical and Surgical degree in 1985 and later specialized in gynecology and obstetrics, further enhanced his expertise with a Master’s degree in Assisted Reproduction obtained in 2015. Dr. Guillerme speaks English, Spanish, and French.

Dr. Michela Benigna, Centro de Fertilidad
Dr. Michela Benigna

The other doctor treating international patients is Dr. Michela Benigna, a Reproductive Medicine Specialist with an impressive 30 years of experience in gynecology and reproductive medicine. Dr. Michela speaks English, Spanish, and Italian.

The team comprises three andrology biologists, two laboratory technicians, and a highly qualified senior embryologist with six years of experience and accreditation from ASEBIR, the Spanish Association for the Study of Reproductive Biology. This composition ensures the highest standards of care and expertise in IVF procedures. Additionally, the clinic benefits from a collaborative environment by sharing laboratory staff and spaces with another fertility center, enhancing their capabilities.

Mireia Herraiz, Nurse Coordinator, Centro de Fertilidad
Mireia Herraiz, Nurse Coordinator

Mireia Herraiz serves as the Nurse Coordinator at Centro de Fertilidad, bringing a decade of experience in patient care and coordination. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she effectively communicates with patients, ensuring that their care is seamless and culturally sensitive. Her extensive background and linguistic skills make her an invaluable asset to the clinic’s patient care team.

IVF Costs at Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona

Basic IVF packages cost at Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)€800
Artificial insemination with donor (AID)€1,200
IVF with own eggs€5,000
Egg donation IVF€9,000
Embryo donation€3,200
Egg freezing€3,000
Sperm donation€5,400 (own egg IVF + donor sperm)

At Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona, the costs for basic IVF packages vary depending on the type of treatment. Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is priced at €800, making it an affordable option for those seeking assistance. Artificial insemination with donor sperm (AID) costs slightly more at €1,200.

For those opting for IVF using their own eggs, the cost is €5,000, while utilizing donor eggs in an IVF procedure is considerably higher at €9,000. The clinic also offers embryo donation at €3,200 and egg freezing services for €3,000.

If combining own egg IVF with donor sperm, the cost increases to €5,400, the same price as the ROPA method, which is an option for same-sex female couples wishing to share the biological and gestational roles in childbirth. Surrogacy services, however, are not offered at the clinic.

IVF Add-ons and Other Costs

Other IVF techniques costs at Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona
Medical consultation (doctor)free
Donor sperm€400
Sperm freezing€350
Embryo Monitoring (e.g. Embryoscope)€400
Blastocyst culturefree
PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing€1,000 for the first embryo (consecutive embryos €330 each)
Embryo freezing and storage for 1 year€200/embryo
FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer€1,800

Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona offers a range of IVF-related services at varying costs, alongside some free services to support the fertility journey. Initial medical consultations with a doctor are provided free of charge, as is the culture of embryos to the blastocyst stage. For those needing donor sperm, there is a fee of €400, while sperm freezing is available for €350. Advanced embryo monitoring techniques such as the use of an Embryoscope are priced at €400.

Genetic testing of embryos through PGT-A/PGS is €1,000 for the first embryo, with each subsequent embryo tested costing €330. The clinic also offers embryo freezing along with one year of storage for €200 per embryo. For those proceeding with a frozen embryo transfer (FET), the cost is set at €1,800.

IVF Refund Guarantee Package

Refund Package (Money back guarantee):

Egg Donation Refund Program - 19700 EUR
Refund is guaranteed if the program does not end with the desired result.
Refund amount: 70% if live birth is not achieved
No. of IVF cycles included: 3 complete cycle(s)
Program qualification is necessary. Please ask the clinic for details.

The egg donation refund program includes three cycles of egg donation, which encompasses the utilization of an Embryoscope, blastocyst culture, and a biopsy for the initial embryo. Should a live birth not be achieved by the patient, the program offers a 70% refund of the treatment expenses.

Waiting room in Centro Fertilidad in Barcelona

IVF Success Rates at Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona

In 2023, the overall egg donation clinical pregnancy success rate per embryo transfer (not cumulative) at Centro de Fertilidad was 65%. The overall IVF with own eggs clinical pregnancy success rate per embryo transfer (not cumulative) was 55%. The IVF with own eggs clinical pregnancy success rates per embryo transfer (not cumulative) per patient’s age were as follows:

  • women under 35 years old: 65%
  • women 35-40 years old: 55%
  • women over 40 years old: 35%.

The frozen embryo clinical pregnancy success rate per embryo transfer was 60%. The embryo donation clinical pregnancy success rate per embryo transfer was also 60%.

The clinic’s preferred day of transfer is Day 5. Centro de Fertilidad adheres to best practices by transferring embryos at the blastocyst stage and typically only transfer a single embryo. The multiple birth rate recorded in 2023 was only 5%. All reported success rates are rigorously audited and submitted to the SEF (Spanish Fertility Society) to ensure accuracy and transparency.

Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona – Location

Centro de Fertilidad Barcelona is located at Passeig Bonanova 39, 08022 Barcelona. To reach there from the airport, a taxi ride typically takes about 30 minutes. For public transportation, take the L3 metro line and get off at Plaza España. From there, you can catch one of the buses—V7, V9, V11, or V13—to reach the clinic. For those driving, there is convenient on-street parking available near the clinic.

The other clinic in Bilbao is located at Colón de Larreátegui Kalea 47, 48011 Bilbao, Vizcaya. From the airport, you can take the metro to Moyua or the A3274 bus. Additional bus routes servicing the area include A2322, A2153, A3223, A3411, A2314, and A3414. For visitors driving, on-street parking is also available near this clinic. While the clinic does not standardly offer airport pick-up, arrangements can be made upon request.

Nader Karrobi, Patient Care, Centro de Fertilidad
Nader Karrobi, Coordinator of the International Department

Before booking accommodations in either Barcelona or Bilbao, it’s advisable to consult with the clinic’s International Department. Nader Karrobi can advise you on local accommodations, suggest hotels to avoid, and recommend reliable places to stay.

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