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IVF Treatment Availability at Reproclinic

IVF at Reproclinic - restrictions
Woman maximum age50
Single womanAllowed
Same sex female couplesAllowed
HIV (female)Allowed
HIV (male)Allowed
HCV / HBV (female)Allowed
HCV / HBV (male)Allowed

About Reproclinic

Reproclinic was founded in 2018 and is located in Barcelona, one of the most famous cities in the world, famous for its football team, culture, and nightlife. Barcelona is a city in which you can combine your infertility treatment with the holiday of a lifetime and experience sights and experiences you have never seen before.

The clinic itself has a very modern and sleek design, relying on curved architecture, to give it a more modern look, as well as light colours and decor that is easy on the eye. As soon as you step into the clinic you will be amazed at how clean and fresh the whole place looks, as though it was built and furnished right before you arrived. If privacy is ever a concern of yours, then fear not, as the clinic ensures your privacy at all times, and due to some sensitive issues regarding donor anonymity, donors even have a separate entrance, so if you’re simply looking to donate, then they have you covered.

Reproclinic is committed to helping you achieve your dream of parenthood, and they see this through by using the most up-to-date technologies and techniques that have been designed, to increase your chances. One such technique is the Witness System, which ensures that all samples are tracked and monitored at all times, to guarantee the safety of the samples. Their labs are highly monitored and controlled, for optimal performance, and all storage that is on-site is state-of-the-art.


When it comes to your treatment, your treatment plan will be tailor-made for your circumstances, once they have discovered the reason for your infertility issues. With a tailor-made plan they can deal with the root cause and come up with a plan designed to have the highest chances of success. The clinic will even work with your regular doctor, so that some aspects of your treatment can be performed with them, this way you won’t have to visit the clinic regularly. This is done because they deal with a lot of patients from outside of Spain, so they understand how difficult it can be for you to go back and forth if you live out of the country.

On top of the personalised treatment plan, you will have access to their specialised VIP service, which has been designed to ensure that you only ever deal with the same specialist and doctor, one who will also speak your language, and will be able to communicate everything effectively, so you will always understand. It is not only the doctor who will work with you, but you will also be assigned a personal assistant, who will be there to assist you every step of the way, from answering any questions you may have, and to assuage any fears that creep in. This personal assistant will also help you in booking your trip, and hotel, because sometimes booking this can be a bit of a hassle, and it is something they are used to doing. You will also be picked up from the airport in Barcelona, and taken to your hotel or the clinic. This has all been designed with your comfort in mind, as knowing there is help with all of the above will be a huge burden off your shoulders, and you can feel a sense of ease.

It is not only your body that will undergo treatment with the clinic, as they also have fertility coaching on offer. The mind is the most important part of our body and it can have a huge impact on our health, so having good mental health is very important, and going in with a positive mindset can really help. At the clinic both you and your partner, if you choose to undergo the process with one, will have access to paid psychological support, so that you can help your mind get into a better space before, and during, your treatment. The sessions with psychologists are available in a selection of languages, e.g. English, French, or Italian. Please inquire with the clinic regarding the conditions.

Reproclinic doesn’t stop there either, as it offers nutritional support, acupuncture and reflexology. What we eat determines whether or not our insides are healthy and so eating the right food, in the right amounts, is very important. When it comes to achieving a successful pregnancy and giving birth, a healthy body can have the greatest impact on its success. When it comes to your body, relaxation is also very important, as being stressed can tax your body in a lot of ways, acupuncture and reflexology can help your body, and mind, relax in ways that it never has before.

Reproclinic not only serves men and women who are looking to start a family, but women who are trying to start a family by themselves, and women who are in a relationship with another woman, because there’s no limit on who can start a family.

Experience and Medical Staff at Reproclinic

Dr. Anna Voskuilen, MD, is a highly skilled specialist in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Medicine at Reproclinic. With seven years of experience, she brings expertise and compassion to her patients. Fluent in Spanish, English, Italian, and Dutch, Dr. Voskuilen ensures clear communication and personalized care for a diverse range of patients. Her dedication to women’s health and reproductive wellness makes her a valued member of the clinic team.

Dr. Anna Voskuilen, Reproclinic
Dr. Anna Voskuilen

The clinic has 6 doctors, 3 embryologists (where 2 of them are ESHRE accredited), 2 psychologists and a lot more staff who are there to attend to your needs. All of the staff are highly qualified and experienced, such as Marta Asensio, who is the Lab Director and has 21 years of experience. With such highly qualified and experienced staff at the clinic, you will know that they know exactly what to do in the world of reproductive medicine.

One thing to note that we mentioned above was that you will always deal with someone who speaks your language, as the clinic is multilingual. The languages they speak are:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German.


IVF Costs at Reproclinic

Basic IVF packages cost at Reproclinic
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)€1,195
Artificial insemination with donor (AID)€1,595
IVF with own eggs€4,550
Egg donation IVFfrom €4,250
Embryo donation€3,100
Egg freezing€2,595 - €4,253
Sperm donationfrom €4,960 (own egg IVF + donor sperm from €410)
ROPA€5,610 (donor sperm inlcuded)

The initial consultation with a Patient Coordinator is free of charge. The first consultation (either online or in-person) with the doctor will cost 80 Euros. This fee is refunded once treatment commences. There are many different types of treatment to go through so we will go through the prices. If you qualify for the most basic treatment IUI, intrauterine insemination, with your partner’s sperm, this will cost you EUR 1,195. If there is a need to use donor sperm, you will undergo so-called AID (artificial insemination with donor) at the cost of EUR 1,595. Standard IVF with own gametes costs 4,550 Euros. If there is a need to use donor eggs, the price starts from 4,250 Euros depending on the program offered. Reproclinic offers the following programs with donor eggs:

  • IVF-Egg Donation 4 eggs: €4,950 – 4 mature eggs guaranteed
  • IVF-Egg Donation 8 eggs: €6,150 – 8 mature eggs guaranteed
  • IVF-Egg Donation 10 eggs: €7,725 – 10 mature eggs guaranteed
  • IVF-Egg Donation 15 eggs: €10,300 – 15 mature eggs guaranteed
  • IVF-Egg Donation RC1: €5,200 – 1 blastocyst guarantee
  • IVF-Egg Donation RC2: €6,150 – 2 blastocyst guarantee
  • IVF-Egg Donation RC3: €7,725- 3 blastocyst guarantee
  • IVF-Egg Donation RC5: €9,200 – 5 blastocyst guarantee.

For those couples who are not able to provide their own gametes, there is embryo donation treatment available at the cost of 3,100 Euros.

Single ladies or women in same-sex relationships can benefit from ROPA (Reciprocal IVF) for 5,610 Euros. Then, a donor sperm sample cost starts from 410 Euros.

If you want to have the PGT-A/PGS genetic embryo testing done, the costs are as follows:

  • Phase I: In Vitro Fecundation Laboratory procedures for Aneuploidy Screening: 1,100 Euros
  • Phase II: Aneuploidy Screening: EUR350/embryo
  • Phase III: Thawing of normal embryos and embryo transfer: 1,100 Euros

Fertility Preservation Options

Reproclinic is also able to freeze your eggs, sperm, and embryos if you wish to get pregnant at a later date.

Fertility Preservation (5 years of storage included)

  • First Cycle: €2,595
  • Second Cycle: €2,130 (includes 5 years of storage from the first cycle)
  • Two Consecutive Cycles: €4,253 (includes 5 years of storage from the first cycle)

Oocyte Storage

  • Annual Maintenance: €465/year

Embryo Freezing Options

  • 1-4 Embryos (1-Year Maintenance): €970
  • Additional Embryo Freeze (1-Year Maintenance): €130 per embryo
  • Extra Vitrification of Oocytes (IVF and ROPA, package per 5 oocytes): €450
  • Annual Embryo Maintenance: €465/year

Then when you are ready for another cycle, you can have Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) for 1,850 Euros.

IVF Add-ons and Other Costs

Other IVF techniques costs at Reproclinic
Medical consultation (doctor)€50
Donor spermfrom €410
Sperm freezing€250
Embryo Monitoring (e.g. Embryoscope)N/A
Blastocyst cultureincluded in the program price
PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing€1,100 (+aneuploidy screening: EUR350/embryo)
Embryo freezing and storage for 1 year€970
FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer€1,850


IVF Success Rates at Reproclinic

Reproclinic sees success rates that are above average when compared with clinics in Europe, showing that they are a good place to go, in order to receive your infertility treatment. The success rates are based on achieving clinical pregnancy per embryo transfer when performing IVF cycles, of which they perform an average of 202 cycles per year using the patient’s own eggs, and 280 cycles per year with egg donation. In 2022, their overall clinical pregnancy success rate per embryo transfer using donor eggs was 55% and the overall clinical pregnancy success rate per embryo transfer using own eggs was 34%. When we break the IVF with own eggs success rates down into age groups it is as follows:

  • women under 35 – 50%
  • women aged 35-40 – 39%
  • women over 40 – 14%.

The clinic also performs embryo donation and the success rate for this was 73% in 2022. The clinical pregnancy success rate for frozen embryos was 60%. As you can see the clinic achieves results that can only be described as excellent, and they are sure to be the right clinic for you.

Reproclinic 4

Why Reproclinic is a top choice for patients seeking IVF

This Barcelona fertility clinic is quite close to the famous market of Sant Antoni. Due to it being in beautiful Barcelona, you will have lots of sights to see, and lots of things to do during your trip to the city, for your treatment. You will be able to get anywhere thanks to the transport facilities available all around you, a sightseeing tour is just a quick journey away.

At Reproclinic, the team of highly experienced specialists understands that every patient’s fertility journey is unique and provides personalized solutions tailored to each individual’s needs. Their state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that patients have access to the most advanced fertility treatments available. For international patients seeking treatments abroad, Reproclinic is the top choice for IVF treatment.

Reproclinic - FAQ
What is the average cost of IVF with your own eggs at Reproclinic?

The average cost of IVF with your own eggs at Reproclinic is 3,900 Euros, and this includes ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm Injection), as well as a prolonged embryo culture. What this price covers is all of the procedures and treatments that you will need in order to fully undergo IVF with ICSI. As part of this you will also have unlimited consultations with the team (patient coordinators) at the clinic, in your own language, so that if you ever have any questions, queries or concerns you will be able to have someone to talk to about this.

Part of this treatment includes:

  • This is a special treatment procedure where a single sperm cell is injected into an egg in order to help facilitate fertilisation. One of the reasons that this can be performed is due to your partner’s sperm having issues getting to the egg in order to fertilise it, so injecting the sperm directly can solve this problem.
  • In order to see if the sperm is an issue then a spermiogram will be performed. This is a test that has been designed in order to test the sperm to see if the sperm has low motility, low sperm count, or any other problems that affect the quality of the sperm.
  • Prolonged embryo cultivation. This involves allowing the embryos to develop for a little bit longer, in order to have a more developed embryo that can increase the chances of successful implantation.
  • Fertility coaching. Coming to terms with infertility can be a difficult process for some people, and having to undergo IVF in order to have a child can stir up some bad feelings. A fertility coach can help talk you through any issues you are having to come to terms with as a result of the treatment you require, and can help you a great deal.



What are the costs of popular IVF add-ons at Reproclinic?

The costs of popular IVF add-ons with Reproclinic can vary depending on what add-ons you require or ask for. There are many to choose from and not all will suit your treatment plan, so if you would like to know about any add-ons the clinic has you can discuss this with your doctor at length, and they can run through all of your additional options.

Some of the more popular add-ons with the clinic are:

  • Assisted Hatching for 450 Euros. Assisted hatching is a procedure whereby a small crack is created in the zona pellucida of the embryo. This can help the embryo achieve successful implantation inside the uterus and increase your chances of pregnancy.
  • ERA for 1,145 Euros. ERA stands for Endometrial Receptivity Analysis and is a test that has been designed in order to determine when the endometrium is more receptive to embryo implantation. By determining the best time the embryo can be perfectly cultivated and implanted at a time when your chances of success are greater.
  • ALICE for 750 Euros. The Analysis of Infectious Chronic Endometritis test looks at the health of your endometrium by studying the pathogenic bacteria, and helps determine whether or not your endometrium is healthy enough for implantation.
  • EMMA for 950 Euros. The Endometrial Microbiome Metagenomic Analysis test looks at the microbiome balance of the endometrium in order to determine whether or not there are any abnormalities present that can have an impact on embryo implantation.

If you wish to have any of the above included in your treatment then you can talk with your doctor who can determine which will be best for you, in order to increase your chances of pregnancy.

What is the average cost of the egg donation cycle at Reproclinic?

The average cost of egg donation at Reproclinic is 6,780 Euros. Egg donation with the clinic is available in five different packages and the cost of which depends on which package you choose to have. All five packages offer the same procedures and treatments, with the difference being how many blastocyst embryos you are guaranteed and whether or not you will be offered a new IVF cycle if no embryos are obtained in your first round of treatment, if you do have one of the packages that offer the latter you will have a new round for free.

The all packages offer:

  • Consultation. Your first consultation and the study of your case to determine what the cause of your infertility issues are, so that they can determine the best cause of treatment. You will also have two medical consultations in your own language as well as access to patient coordinators who will be available to answer any questions or queries you may have.
  • Testing. Your partner will undergo sperm testing to determine if their sperm is the cause of the infertility, and you will undergo blood tests, scans and evaluation for the same purpose. You will also undergo a pap smear to check the health of your cervix in relation to certain infections or diseases.
  • Preparation. Once the treatment has been decided upon you will undergo hormonal stimulation in order to prepare your uterus for the embryos that are to be implanted, and you will be monitored to ensure implantation happens at the right time. At the same time the eggs and sperm will be prepared for the fertilisation process so that the timing matches up with your body being ready.
  • ICSI. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection involves a sperm cell being injected into the embryo in order to fertilise it.
    Culture and transfer. The embryos will be cultivated for the right amount of days in order for them to develop into blastocyst embryos, and once they have reached this stage they will be implanted.

As well as the above the packages include egg donor selection, egg matching, a backup donor guarantee, an HCG pregnancy test and your first ultrasound scan post pregnancy.

The five packages are called 4 Oocytes for 4,250 Euros, RC1 costing 4,600 Euros, RC2 for 6,950 Euros, RC3 costing 8,150 Euros and RC5 which costs 9,950 Euros. 4 oocytes is the only package that doesn’t guarantee blastocyst embryos, whilst the other packages offer the amount signified by their number, so RC1 guarantees one embryo, RC2 guarantees two and so on. All RC packages also offer a new package free of charge if no embryos are obtained in the first cycle, and are subject to the terms and conditions set by the clinic.

What kind of egg donor ethnicities are available at Reproclinic?

There are multiple egg donor ethnicities available at Reproclinic, with the clinic being able to get their hands on:

  • Caucasian
  • Latin
  • Asian
  • Black
  • Mixed Indian.

Thanks to having access to donors of multiple races you will be sure that should you require an egg donor they will have a high chance of matching you with a donor who is compatible with you. Due to the donation being anonymous, you won’t be able to choose the donor yourself and you won’t be able to know who they are or see what they look like, so when the clinic chooses the donor for you they do it based on certain characteristics such as blood type, race and physical characteristics, to ensure as close a match to you as possible. This is very important as it can make the process much easier when you know your child will have a high chance of looking like you, even with donor eggs.

When it comes to choosing who can be a donor there are laws in place that determine who can be a donor, and as such you can be sure that any woman who is able to be an egg donor has met the strict requirements.

As per Spanish law donors must meet these requirements:

  • Age. Donors must be between the ages of 18 and 35. Biologically speaking a woman’s eggs are the most healthy and fertile when they are younger than 35, with a lot of clinics even only accepting donations from those under 30, to ensure even healthier and more fertile eggs.
  • Health. The donors must be healthy of body and healthy of mind. They undergo psychological testing as well as STI testing and a general health check to ensure they are mentally capable of becoming a donor and are physically able to. STI testing is performed to ensure there are no sexually transmitted infections that can compromise their fertility.
  • Genetic health. Their chromosomes and DNA will be analysed to ensure there are no disorders or defects, as well as genetic diseases, that can pass down through their egg to the child. Thanks to the advanced techniques performed a lot of monogenic disorders can be tested for.

Whilst these are the general requirements donors must meet some clinics are more strict with the donors that they accept.

What is the cost of PGT-A and how should it be calculated with IVF programs at Reproclinic?

The cost of PGT-A testing with Reproclinic is a minimum of 2,850 Euros for all three phases and can cost more depending on how many embryos you wish to have biopsied and whether or not you wish for an additional biopsy on day six. The cost for each phase is as follows:

  • Phase one – 1,400 Euros.
  • Phase two – 350 Euros for each analysed embryo.
  • Phase three – 1,100 Euros.

In the first phase of PGT you will undergo an embryo biopsy and the biopsied tissue will be prepared, then you can have your embryos frozen and stored for three months, if you wish to have an extra biopsy on day six of embryo development then you can pay an additional 600 Euros. The second phase allows you to have additional embryos analysed at additional cost. Phase three includes preparation of your endometrium so that it is receptive to implantation, thawing of your euploid embryos, and finally the transfer of the embryos into your uterus.

Whilst PGT-A testing is optional it can be a very important procedure as it will analyse your embryos in order to see whether or not there are any genetic abnormalities or defects that can cause developmental issues with your embryo and your child in the future. The test is useful regardless of your situation but especially so when you have either suffered with implantation failure or miscarriages in the past, you are an older woman, or your male partner suffers from chromosomal sperm disorders.

What is the cost of donor sperm from the bank at Reproclinic?

The cost of donor sperm with Reproclinic is 410 Euros and this is the cost for sperm from a Caucasian donor. Whilst other donors may be available, depending on their availability in the sperm bank, there may be other costs if the sperm proves difficult to acquire, as they may need to use sperm banks from further away, which can result in transport costs and a slight delay in receiving the sperm.

Much like with egg donation, sperm donation in Spain is anonymous and so you will be unable to choose the donor yourself, know who they are or see what they look like. This is because Spanish law dictates that donation is altruistic and anonymous. However, the law also states that the donor must be matched as closely with you as possible, so the clinic will use specific characteristics such as genetic and physical in order to choose a donor who matches you.

Sperm donors must meet certain requirements in order to be qualified to donate sperm, as they must be sure that the sperm is of a certain quality, in order to give would-be parents the best chance possible.
These requirements are:

  • Age. Donors can be anywhere from the ages of 18 and 50, as sperm is viable in older men as well as younger, although there are many clinics that prefer the maximum age to be 35, so will select donors as young as possible in order to ensure the highest health and fertility.
  • Health. It is not only physical health that is important when it comes to being a donor, but psychological health as well, as the donor must be mentally capable of understanding what donating means, this testing also includes a full family medical history.
  • Semen analysis. Analysing the quality of the semen is perhaps the most important aspect, as the clinics must be sure that the sperm is capable of fertilising an egg before using it in treatment.
    Blood test. This will look at their DNA as well as look for any chromosomal issues that can affect the sperm and development of the child.

With these requirements you can be sure that the donated sperm that you receive is healthy, and fertile.

What is the average cost of the ROPA (IVF for same-sex female couples) cycle at Reproclinic?

The average cost of ROPA treatment with Reproclinic is 5,250 Euros and this includes Caucasian sperm, ICSI and prolonged embryo culture. ROPA is reciprocal IVF and is an IVF treatment option for same-sex female couples and is performed where one of the couple donates her eggs and the other member of the couple becomes the recipient of the eggs in order to carry the pregnancy. This way both members of the couple can feel like they are a part of the process and that the baby will truly be their own.

The cost of the treatment process includes:

  • You will have your first consultation and the doctor will study your case and come up with your treatment plan. You will also have two further medical consultations and unlimited consultations with patient coordinators and the medical team, who will be able to answer any, and all, questions that you may have.
  • Scans and tests. All of the necessary scans will be performed and they will be evaluated, and you will also undergo a pap smear to determine the health of your cervix. Blood tests will be performed on both the egg donor and the person who is to receive the eggs.
  • Egg and sperm preparation. The eggs will be retrieved, and both the eggs and sperm will be prepared in order to begin the fertilisation process. During the retrieval process there will be anaesthesia used and this will be covered by the cost.
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection will be the method used in order to fertilise the eggs using the sperm, and this is performed by taking a single sperm cell and injecting it directly into the egg for direct fertilisation.
  • Prolonged embryo culture. Allowing the embryos to develop for longer can yield embryos that are more prone to successful implantation and can lead to a higher chance of success.
  • Pregnancy test and scan. Once a period of roughly two weeks has passed you will have a HCG pregnancy test, and if the treatment was successful you will be able to have your first post-pregnancy scan with the clinic.

All of this and more is included in the cost of treatment, for a full list of what is included you can speak with the doctor in your first consultation or ask the clinic for more information.

What is the average cost of embryo donation at Reproclinic?

The average cost of embryo donation with Reproclinic is 2,990 Euros. Embryo donation is a treatment whereby a patient receives donated embryos in order to have their own children. The embryos are donated by patients who have already undergone treatment and feel they may not use any embryos that are remaining from their treatment, so donate their embryos for future use by other would-be parents. An embryo is an egg that has been fertilised and as such is a good option for couples who both have infertility issues.

Included in the cost of your embryo donation treatment is:

  • Firstly you and your partner, if you have one, will need to be evaluated to ensure that you are able to undergo embryo donation, they will also perform scans and look at your medical reports.
  • Embryo selection. They will evaluate the embryos to ensure they are good for you.
  • Embryo transfer. Once you and the embryos are ready you will undergo embryo transfer to place the embryos inside your uterus.
  • HCG pregnancy test. You will undergo a pregnancy test once enough time has passed, usually, this is around two weeks after embryo transfer. A two-week wait is recommended as before then any test could be a false positive. This will be performed at the clinic to ensure the results are correct.
  • First scan. If your test comes back positive then you will undergo a scan at the clinic to be sure that the test was correct.

Once your treatment is complete you should hopefully be waiting for your new addition to arrive and expand your family.

What is the average cost of egg freezing at Reproclinic?

The average cost of egg freezing with Reproclinic is about 2,700 Euros, but the price you pay will depend on which one of the packages you choose, as each package is different.

The packages available are:

  • 1st cycle. This costs 2,500 Euros and will take you through one cycle of hormonal stimulation and egg retrieval.
  • Following cycles. This is for 2,100 Euros. If the cycle that you paid for did not yield the results that you were looking for within regards to quality or amount of eggs then you can pay for a further cycle.
  • 2 consecutive cycles. This package costs 3,550 Euros and is for if you wish to undergo two cycles of stimulation and retrieval, to give yourself a better chance of producing quality eggs that you will be happy with.

Once eggs have been retrieved then they will be vitrified and stored for five years, as the maintenance for the eggs is included in the package price. Normally the cost of maintenance is 465 Euros per year so by paying for one of the packages you will save 2,325 Euros straight away.

In order to stimulate your ovaries you will need to take hormones every day for around 15 days, but you will need to visit the clinic every three or four days during this. Once this is over the clinic will administer ovulation in order to release your eggs, once they have been retrieved they will be vitrified and stored. Once this is complete you will go back home until you decide you wish to use the eggs in order to have a child. If you have decided on egg freezing as a treatment you would like then you can talk with your doctor about everything you should expect, as they will answer all questions you have.

What are the average costs of intrauterine insemination and donor sperm insemination at Reproclinic?

The average cost of IUI with Reproclinic is 1,195 Euros. If you require AID then the cost will be 1,605 Euros as this is the cost for the artificial insemination, as well as the donor sperm that you will require, at a cost of 410 Euros. IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and AID (Artificial Insemination with Donor) are the same procedure, the only real difference being that with IUI you will be using a partner’s sperm and with AID you will be using a donor. The procedure for artificial insemination involves inserting a catheter and pushing it through the cervix, so that sperm can then be pushed through directly into the uterus, this allows for the sperm to have a better chance of fertilising an egg, so the procedure is useful when the male’s sperm has issues with getting to the uterus due to low motility or other problems.

The cost of both treatments will include:

  • You will have your medical consultation with the doctor and this will be when they decide whether or not to use your partner’s sperm or donor sperm.
  • Medical reports and tests. They will look at the medical report they have compiled, and tests performed, to determine the best time to perform the procedure, as performing it at specific moments increases the chances of success.
  • Scans and tests. All of these will be included in the cost if you have them performed at the clinic, and include; transvaginal ultrasound, pap smear to determine the health of your cervix, and sperm analysis to be sure that the sperm is of a high enough quality to fertilise your eggs.
  • For the procedure to have a better chance you may go through ovarian stimulation to facilitate the production of eggs that can be fertilised.
  • HCG test and scan. Once enough time has passed, usually a few weeks, you can have a HCG pregnancy test at the clinic to see if the procedure worked, and if your test is positive you can have your first pregnancy scan with the clinic. These two are only included in the cost if you have them performed at the clinic.

Once all of this has been done you will be at home, and if you are pregnant you will be getting ready to welcome your little one into your life.

Who is the medical director and what is the doctor’s experience in IVF treatment at Reproclinic?

The medical director of Reproclinic is Dr. Mauricio Gomez Latre, a Gynaecologist who specialises in Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, and has over 20 years of experience in treating infertility issues. He is multi-talented as he speaks three different languages: Spanish, English and Italian, meaning if you speak one of these then you will have no problems with communicating with him. Thanks to his experience he has become an expert in repeated miscarriage, ovarian stimulation, assisted reproductive techniques, egg donation, infertility and fertility testing.

Other than Dr. Mauricio Gomez Latre the clinic is home to six doctors and three embryologists who are all highly qualified and experienced when it comes to treating infertility. The clinic prides itself on patient care and to this end you will have assigned to you a patient coordinator, this coordinator will speak your language and be able to assist you with many different things, including answering any and all questions or queries you have over the course of your treatment. They will also take some of the burden of your trip off you and help you when it comes to booking your trip and hotel, so that your experience can be as stress-free as possible.

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