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Greece is a very popular location for IVF treatment. Not only is it a beautiful country that is a popular holiday destination in its own right, but IVF treatment here is affordable and of a very high standard.

People visit Greece from all over the world for IVF treatment, and it is particularly popular for IVF abroad with patients from the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, the US and Australia.

IVF clinics are located throughout Greece, and the most popular places to receive treatment are Athens, Thessaloniki and Crete. There are about 40 IVF clinics in Greece. About 12 of these focus on international patients, most of which are located in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Greece enjoys good success rates for both IVF using own eggs and IVF using egg donation. Egg donors are anonymous, the clinics and doctors are highly experienced, and support for international patients is excellent. It’s also common for medical staff to speak English and German.

When arranging in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment through private doctors, Greece stands out in a unique way. While many doctors are affiliated with various hospital units where they perform surgeries, embryo transfers, and egg retrievals, they actually provide support and care to patients in their own private offices, separate from the IVF clinical settings.

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This practice is very common in Greece, particularly in the city of Athens. While it may seem unconventional, these IVF units provide patients with a highly positive experience and possess excellent IVF laboratories. Most IVF clinics in the country perform between 2,000 and 3,000 IVF cycles annually.

Legal aspects of IUI treatment in Greece: what you need to know about

In Greece, IUI (intrauterine insemination) is allowed for heterosexual couples and AID (artificial insemination with a donor) is allowed for couples with male infertility and for single women. If you are planning solo motherhood via IUI in Greece, according to Greek law, you are obligated to sign a notarial deed in the presence of a notary and an official translator, including a statement that you are undergoing IUI treatment on your own to have a child. Most clinics in Greece can assist you with the necessary paperwork. The clinics accept female patients up to the age of 54, however, in order to undergo IUI, a woman has to have a mild form of infertility and healthy ovarian reserve. Donor sperm used in IUI treatment in Greece comes from strictly anonymous donors.

IVF treatment in Greece: legal aspects

There are some legal aspects to keep in mind if you are considering getting IVF treatment in Greece, and one of the most important aspects involves the age of the patient. The maximum age for females in Greece is 54, but there is no age limit for males.

Heterosexual couples and single women can receive IVF treatment in Greece. However, female and male couples are unable to receive treatment.

The practice of IVF to choose gender is allowed, but only where it is used to prevent the transmission of a serious genetic disease.

HIV-positive patients can receive treatment in Greece, but this depends on the clinic so you will have to ask. The same is true for HCV/HBV positive patients.

The maximum number of embryos that can be transferred using a patient’s own eggs depends on the patient’s age. For patients under the age of 35, the limit is two embryos. For patients over the age of 40, or those aged 35 and older who have experienced two previous failed embryo transfers, the limit is three embryos.

IVF in Greece treatment availability
IVF treatments in Greece

IVF in Greece – fertility treatments

Greece has a unique approach to fertility treatments that allows patients to receive comprehensive care and support:

  • The maximum woman age for IVF is 54
  • There is no limit on male partner’s age
  • Heterosexual couples are welcome
  • IVF is available for single woman
  • IVF is not available for female couples
  • IVF is not available for male couples
  • Gender selection is allowed only to prevent the transmission of serious genetic diseases
  • HIV-positive patients are supported in many clinics
  • HCV/HBV positive patients are supported in many clinics
  • The maximum number of embryos to transfer for IVF with own eggs is age dependent: two if under the age of 35, three if over the age of 40, or the age of 35 if two transfers failed previously
  • The maximum number of embryos to transfer for egg donation IVF is two

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Egg donation in Greece

There are many egg donors available in Greece. Typically, the donors are Greek, Latino, Indian, Arab, and Caucasian in origin. However, some clinics may offer donors from additional backgrounds as well. There are no waiting lists, and both fresh and frozen oocytes are available.

The age of egg donors is between 18 and 25, and donors are strictly anonymous. Only basic information is shared by the clinic, depending on their decision. Neither the recipient couple nor the child can find out the identity of the donor. There is no mixed system with anonymous and non-anonymous donations.

There is no maximum number of donations by a single donor, but the maximum number of children born from the same egg donor is 10.

Donors are matched to recipients based on basic visual characteristics including race, hair colour, eye colour and skin colour, ensuring the greatest similarity to the recipients.

There are also several donor qualification tests that are required by law:

  • Blood type and Rhesus
  • Hepatitis B & C
  • HIV 1 & 2
  • Syphilis
  • Haemoglobin electrophoresis
  • Sickle cell trait testing
  • Cystic fibrosis (CF) mutation
  • Fragile X testing
  • Conventional karyotype

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Sperm donation in Greece

Many sperm donors are available in Greece, and all donor races are available. And there are no waiting lists, and most IVF clinics in the country have their own sperm banks.

The age of donors is between 18 and 40, and there is strict anonymity. There is no maximum number of donations that a single donor can make, but the maximum number of children born from the same donor is 10.

Affordable IVF costs in Greece: breakdown of treatment expenses

It’s important to know the general costs of IVF treatment when choosing a destination. Different clinics will charge different amounts, and IVF costs abroad will vary depending on where you go. The cost of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment in Greece is generally more affordable compared to many other European countries:

  • IUI is the cheapest and most basic treatment. The price starts from €500-600. For IUI with donor sperm, you will pay from €900 to €1,000.
  • In general, for basic IVF package costs in Greece, IVF treatment using your own eggs in Greece ranges from €2,500 to €3,500.
  • Egg donation IVF in the Greece on average range from €4,200 to €6,000
  • Donor embryos in Greece range from €3,500 to €6,000
  • The cost of egg freezing (social freezing) is between €2,500 and €3,000.
IVF costs in Greece – basic packages
IVF with own eggs in Greece€2,500 – €3,500
IVF with donor eggs in Greece€4,200 – €6,000
Embryo donation in Greece€3,500 – €6,000
Egg freezing (oocytes cryopreservation) in Greece€2,500 – €3,000
Source: Average IVF costs in Greece – Basic Packages – IVF Abroad Patient’s Guide 2022

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Egg donation costs in Greece

If you choose to receive IVF treatment via egg donation, the average cost of an egg donation cycle in Greece is between €4,200 and €6,000.

However, the cost can depend on several factors. These include the number of oocytes from a donor used for fertilisation, whether other “add-on” techniques are included, and whether the treatment is guaranteed (e.g. you’re guaranteed a certain number of embryos on day 3 or day 5).

Again, the cost will vary depending on the clinic and the location of the treatment.

Embryo donation costs in Greece

If you are choosing to undergo IVF treatment via embryo donation, the average cost of treatment in Greece is between €3,500 and €6,000. This makes it one of the most expensive places in Europe to get treatment.

Availability is very good in Greece, and clinics offer embryos of many different ethnicities.

Double donation in Greece

Double donation is also possible if you undergo IVF treatment in Greece. This is where oocytes from a donor and sperm are used. The cost is similar to egg donation costs, but you have to add on the cost of the sperm donor on top, and this usually costs between €250 and €500.

Other IVF costs in Greece

There are various other costs involved when you receive IVF treatment in Greece, which comprises different add-ons and other services. The main other IVF costs involved include:

  • Medical consultation: €100 – €250
  • Sperm freezing: €300 – €350
  • Donor sperm: €250 – €500
  • Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri etc.): €350 – €500
  • Blastocyst culture: €400 – €500 (included in basic packages in most of the clinics)
  • PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing: €1,500 – €2,000
  • Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage for 1 year: €400 – €800
  • FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer): €950 – €1,400
IVF costs in Greece – other costs and add-ons
Medical consultation (doctor)€100 – €250
Sperm freezing€300 – €350
Donor sperm€250 – €500
Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri etc.)€350 – €500
Blastocyst culture€400- €500
included in basic packages in most of the clinics
PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing*€1,500 – €2,000
Vitrification of (remaining) embryos and storage for 1 year€400- €800
FET – Frozen Embryo Transfer€950 – €1,400
Source: Average IVF costs in Greece – IVF Abroad Patient’s Guide 2022
*PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing: include embryo biopsy and embryo diagnosis – up to 4 embryos using NGS technique

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IVF success rates in Greece with own eggs

It’s important to know the general success rates when making your decision on where to receive treatment. On average, Greece has good success rates.

According to the ESHRE EIM report for 2017:

  • The success rate for women aged under 34 is 30.4%.
  • The success rate for women aged between 35 and 39 is 22.8%.
  • The success rate for women aged 40 and over is 9.7%.

You can see how this compares to other popular European destinations in the table below:

IVF with own eggs in popular countries in Europe*<3435-39≥40
Czech Republic29.721.68.9
North Cyprus**no datano datano data

Source: ART in Europe, 2017: results generated from European registries by ESHRE*
Supplementary Table SX Aspirations, pregnancy and delivery rates by age distribution (years) of women treated with ICSI in 2017.
Pregnancies per embryo transfer.
**North Cyprus is the self–proclaimed state recognised only by Turkey and is not providing and data to ESHRE EIM Consortium.

However, be aware that comparing results across different countries and clinics can often be confusing. The fact is that patient characteristics and treatments vary, and most clinics statistically achieve similar results.

IVF success rates in Greece with donor eggs

IVF success rates tend to be higher when using donor eggs compared to using your own eggs, which is the same wherever you receive treatment.

Greece has excellent success rates compared to other popular destinations. Again, using information from the ESHRE EIM report from 2017:

  • The success rate in Greece using fresh embryo transfer is 54.7%.
  • The success rate using thawed embryo transfer is 50.1%.

You can see how this compares to other popular destinations in the table below:

Egg donation success rates in popular countries in Europe*Pregnancies per fresh ET (%)Pregnancies per thawed ET (%)

Czech Republic42.223.1
North Cyprus**no datano data

Source: ART in Europe, 2017: results generated from European registries by ESHRE*
Supplementary Table SVIII Pregnancies and deliveries after ED (fresh and frozen cycles) in 2017. In Egg Donation cycles, the age of the recipient women had no influence on outcomes. Pregnancies per embryo transfer (fresh and frozen)
**North Cyprus is the self–proclaimed state recognised only by Turkey and is not providing and data to ESHRE EIM Consortium.

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In Greece, EAIYA (The Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction) is the national organisation that supports IVF clinics in the country. The role of the authority is to provide suggestions, collect data and keep records of all cases relating to assisted reproduction. It also makes sure that clinics are functioning properly.

The Greek authorities provide no national success data for IVF treatment. However, certified IVF clinics in Greece are listed on their website, which you can find here.

Traveling to Greece for IVF treatment: logistics and tips

If you are planning to travel to Greece for IVF treatment, it’s a good idea to know some more about the country including how to get there, what it’s like to travel around, and things to see and do in case you want to make an extended holiday of your time there. We cover everything you need to know in this guide to Greece.

Safety and security in Greece: what patients should be aware of

Greece is a very safe country to visit. Tourism is a major industry for Greece, and people visit from all over the world every year. Petty theft can be a problem in crowded areas, especially during the height of the tourist season, but no more than in many other countries.

Just make sure you take precautions with your money, and leave your passport and money in the hotel safe. Also, there have been political demonstrations that can turn violent in recent years, so make sure you avoid any large gatherings.

Planning your IVF trip

Greece welcomes millions of visitors every year, especially during the summer months. Most people fly into one of its many international airports. Athens International Airport is the major travel hub, while other major airports include Heraklion International and Rhodes International. Many budget airlines fly to Greece from all over Europe, and there are long-haul flights from the USA, Australia and Canada.

An average return fare to Athens is $200 from London, $600 from New York and $1,500 from Sydney, but this depends on the time of year, airline and other factors.

Entry requirements

Greece is in the Schengen area, so any EU nationals travelling from a country within this area can arrive and leave as they please. If you are travelling from outside the EU, you must show you have funds for the stay (about €50 per day) and be able to show return or onward travel tickets. You must also have medical insurance for the stay if you need a visa.

UK travellers must have a valid passport, but no visa is required. Travellers from the USA must have a passport that is valid for three months or more beyond travel dates, and no visa is required for stays up to 90 days. The same applies to travellers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Travelling around Greece

Getting around Greece is easy, and a popular option is to rent a car and travel by road. The country has a good road network, and there are lots of motorways between major cities. However, there are several toll roads, so keep cash on you. You should also make sure you carry a warning triangle and fire extinguisher, and you can find out more about the legal requirements when you rent a car.

The rail network covers the large towns and cities, and it is a convenient and affordable way to travel around the country. It also includes high-speed trains, but it’s a good idea to reserve ahead.

Places to visit in Greece

As such a popular tourist destination, it’s no surprise that Greece has lots to see and do. Relaxing on the beaches is one of the top activities, but there are lots of historical attractions as well.

Athens is the capital city and has lots of world-famous sites to visit including Hadrian’s Arch, the Temple of Zeus, the Acropolis and the Parthenon.

Thessaloniki is the next largest city behind Athens, and it is less crowded and a good place to explore on foot. One thing to see here is the White Tower.

Or you might want to explore the Greek Islands. There are over 6,000 in total, many of which are uninhabited. Crete is the largest and you could easily spend your entire holiday on the island.

Why Greece is a top choice for international patients seeking affordable IVF

Greece is a top destination for IVF treatment, not only because it is affordable and you can receive a high level of care. It is easy to reach, quite affordable and easy to travel around. It is packed with beautiful beaches, tavernas and historic attractions, and it’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking IVF treatment.

Seeking IVF treatment in Greece provides patients with a distinct advantage. With no waiting lists for egg donors, a wide range of donor profiles, and competitive pricing, Greece has become a popular international hub for affordable yet premium-quality fertility treatments. Alongside the medical expertise, Greece also offers fertility tourists the opportunity to visit a beautiful Mediterranean destination during their treatment journey.

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