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IVF treatment availability at Gynem

IVF at Gynem Fertility Clinic Prague - restrictions
Woman maximum age48
Single womanNot allowed
Same sex female couplesNot allowed
HIV (female)Allowed
HIV (male)Allowed
HCV / HBV (female)Not allowed
HCV / HBV (male)Not allowed

About Gynem

Gynem Fertility Clinic was founded in 2009 and is located in Prague. The clinic has a very unique charm about it, owing to the fact that it was founded by a father and son duo, both of whom are doctors, Dr. Milan Mrázek and Dr. Martin Mrázek.

The clinic was purpose-built specifically for treatment of infertility and has been designed with that express purpose in mind. On the outside, you will be greeted by a very modern building with a very clean exterior. Inside the colours of choice are light colours such as grey and white, which will give you a sense of calm and ease. The clinic has 1 laboratory, 1 theatre, and their recovery room is able to accommodate 6 patients, with full privacy guaranteed.

The equipment and facilities inside the clinic are all state-of-the-art and they use only the latest in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). Thanks to the equipment and techniques that they use, they are able to avoid any possible complications that may arise during your treatment, and treat you to the fullest extent of their capabilities.

Warm welcome at Gynem

When undergoing treatment with Gynem they will see you as someone to be treated with warmth, and respect, and offer you support in any way they can. As part of this you will be assigned a personal coordinator who will assist you in everything from booking flights, as well as hotels and transport between the airport and clinic. This coordinator will be there for you every step of the way and will be able to answer all of your questions and assuage any fears you may have. A personal touch such as this shows they have your safety and comfort in mind.

As further proof of the personal touch, one of the founders of the clinic Dr. Martin Mrázek also founded a medical tourism company a year after the clinic, in 2010. This company is called Medical Travel and their goal is to provide you with access to high-quality and affordable health care, and because some of their coordinators work double duty in both teams, as they operate in the same building, there is a chance that Medical Travel will be helping you with your journey. You won’t ever need to worry about language being a barrier as staff at Gynem and Medical Travel specialise in dealing with international patients, so speak multiple languages such as:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Serbian
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Czech, although this one goes without saying.

As part of IVF treatment patients can sometimes require donor eggs, sperm or embryos. When this is the case you will want to be sure that the donations you receive are only the very best, to give you the highest chances of success. The requirements for donors can be quite strict, but with Gynem they are a little stricter than most. The age limit for donors is a little lower, with their maximum donor age being 33, instead of the more common 35. This way the eggs will be younger and the women more fertile, giving a higher chance of success that the eggs will result in a successful pregnancy.

As well as the lower maximum age the clinic also performs thorough testing on the donors, to ensure they are fit and healthy. Their thoroughness includes:

  • Genetic and disease testing. They perform comprehensive tests of the donors to ensure that there are no genetic issues that will cause developmental problems, as well as making sure they have no infectious diseases that will also have a negative impact.
  • Family history. Looking at a person’s family history and any illnesses or diseases their family has endured lets them build a picture of any issues that could affect the eggs during the development process. Ensuring there is no family history of illness allows you to be safe in the knowledge that the eggs will be very healthy.

When choosing the donor they look at matching the donors with you as closely as possible, so that when your baby is born and growing up they will look like you, as though you used your own eggs.

Experience and Medical Staff at Gynem

The Director of the clinic is Dr. Milan Mrázek, who runs it with his son Dr. Martin Mrázek. Dr. Milan Mrázek has an absolute wealth of experience, having been an Obstetrics and Gynaecology specialist for over 37 years, while he has worked specifically in assisted reproduction for over 24 years. With his wealth of experience, he knows what he is doing when it comes to making your dreams of parenthood come true.

Dr. Milan Mrázek Ph.D. MBA
Dr. Milan Mrázek

The clinic has a total of 6 doctors and 6 embryologists. One of the embryologists, Dr. Tomás Rieger, has over 10 years of experience working in an embryology laboratory and is ESHRE certified (European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology). The rest of the staff at the clinic includes nurses, international coordinators and more. As we said above the international coordinators work specifically with patients from outside of the Czech Republic and speak multiple languages. You can feel safe and confident with the staff, knowing you will be able to communicate and trust in their skills and abilities.

Team at Gynem Fertility Clinic

IVF Costs at Gynem

The costs for treatment at Gynem Fertility Clinic that you will see below are just the standard costs for specific treatments. As you may require a more personalised treatment plan the final costs may vary, but you will discuss this with your doctor. The one thing you will notice about the prices is that they are quite competitive when compared with other clinics. The first medical consultation with the clinic will be free.

The most basic treatment IUI (intrauterine insemination) is available at the price of 550 Euros; and intrauterine insemination with donor sperm costs 950 Euros. IVF treatment with own eggs starts from 2,700 Euros, although if you require IVF with egg donation it will cost between 4,800 and 5,700 Euros. If you require embryo donation this starts from 1,900 Euros, with sperm donation costing from 2,950 and donor sperm being from 250 Euros. The clinic is also able to offer surrogacy as a viable option, thanks to the surrogacy laws in the Czech Republic, and this will cost 1,500 Euros.

Basic IVF packages cost at Gynem Fertility Clinic Prague
Intrauterine insemination (IUI)€550
Artificial insemination with donor (AID)€950
IVF with own eggs€2,700
Egg donation IVF€4,800 - €5,700
Embryo donation€1,900 - €3,100
Egg freezing€1,600
Sperm donationfrom €2,950

Additional treatment such as embryo monitoring will cost 500 Euros, whereas blastocyst culture will be included with your treatment. You will also have the option for additional embryo testing called PGT-A/PGS genetic testing, which tests the embryos prior to implantation to see if there are any genetic defects or abnormalities that could affect development. This test will cost 300 Euros for 1 embryo.

IVF add ons and other costs

Other IVF techniques costs at Gynem Fertility Clinic Prague
Medical consultation (doctor)free
Donor spermfrom €250
Sperm freezing€350
Embryo Monitoring (e.g. Embryoscope)€500
Blastocyst cultureincluded in the program price
PGT-A / PGS genetic embryo testing€300/embryo
Embryo freezing and storage for 1 year€500
FET - Frozen Embryo Transfer€900

One option that many young couples like to go for is the freezing of sperm and eggs, because they don’t want a child right now but may want one in the future. The cost of sperm freezing starts from 350 Euros, and egg freezing is 1,600 Euros. For those undergoing treatment using embryos, you are able to freeze any embryos that are unused in your treatment, if you wish to undergo treatment again in the future. Vitrification of your remaining embryos and 1 year of storage will cost 500 Euros. If you wish to have the frozen embryos implanted you will undergo FET (frozen embryo transfer), which will cost 900 Euros, therefore affordable.

IVF lab at Gynem

IVF Success Rates at Gynem

The success rates for Gynem Fertility Clinic are slightly above average. Every year they perform an average of 300 IVF cycles using a patient’s own eggs and an average of 400 IVF cycles using donor eggs. All of the rates below are from 2020 and based on clinical pregnancy.

The success rates are:

  • IVF using donor eggs – 63%
  • IVF using own eggs – 45%.

If we break down the success rates for IVF using a patient’s own eggs into age groups, the rates are as follows:

  • women under 35 – 45%
  • women aged 35-40 – 35%
  • women over 40 – 25%

Looking at the success rates for frozen donor eggs and fresh donor eggs we can see that fresh donor eggs saw a slightly higher success rate:

  • Fresh donor eggs – 63%
  • Frozen donor eggs – 52%

Treatment is also available using frozen embryos or donor embryos, of which the success rates are:

  • Frozen embryos – 56%
  • Donor embryos – 52%

As you can see the clinic achieves slightly above average success rates when compared with other clinics in Europe.

Team at Gynem

Gynem – Location

Located only 15 minutes from the city centre, Gynem Fertility Clinic is in Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is a beautiful European city that has been the inspiration for many Disney films, as well as many historical shows that have used the beautiful architecture for inspiration. With lots of things to see and do, including museums, historical sites and more, you will always be entertained by the city, no matter which part you are in.

The city is very easily accessible from all of Europe, as there are multiple ways to get there, and once you are there you will find travel around the city comfortable as well, thanks to its trams and subway system. You will be able to combine your treatment with a wonderful holiday in one of the most beautiful European cities.

Gynem Fertility Clinic Prague - FAQ
What is the average cost of IVF with your own eggs at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

The average cost for IVF treatment using a patient’s own eggs at Gynem Fertility Clinic is between 4,000 and 5,000 Euros. When broken down into what is included in the treatment we have standard IVF treatment, using a patient’s own eggs, costing 2,700 Euros, and this is performed by utilising the ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) fertilisation method. The standard IVF treatment also includes: transport from the airport for your first visit to the clinic, pre-treatment tests, STD testing, ultrasound scans, sperm collection and analysis, and more. You will also be able to receive a 20% discount on your third cycle of treatment, should that be necessary.

There are also popular laboratory methods that patients like to include in their treatment. One of these is sperm selection, which costs 450 Euros, and this is where the sperm is carefully selected to increase the chances of conception and reduce the chances of any complications.

Another is EmbryoGlue, which costs 250 Euros. EmbryoGlue enhances implantation by offering the embryo high amounts of hyaluronic acid and albumin, which are essential for providing hormones, metals and vitamins to enhance growth, as well as promoting the generation of new blood vessels. This treatment method is essential for the health and development of the blastocyst after the transfer has been made. Due to its high viscosity, EmbryoGlue also facilitates retainment of the embryo in the uterus.

If you have any embryos left once your treatment has been performed then you can opt for embryo freezing, which will freeze the remaining embryos for later use, the cost of which is 500 to 700 Euros depending on the number of embryos that will be frozen.

The costs for the medication used during the treatment will be around 800 to 1500 Euros, depending on what medication, and how much, is required.

What are the costs of popular IVF add-ons at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

The cost for popular IVF add-ons at Gynem Fertility Clinic can vary depending on what treatment method is used, and what the laboratory recommends is performed.

When it comes to sperm selection the method that is used is dependent on which method the laboratory says is best for the patient. There are four sperm selection methods costing 450 Euros that are available at the clinic: PICSI, IMSI, MACS, and MSS Fertile Chip. They also have SpermMobil, which costs 150 Euros.

There are two laboratory methods that are performed on the day of the transfer of the embryo, and these will both cost 250 Euros. These methods are Assisted Hatching and EmbryoGlue. These two methods are used to ensure embryo implantation and embryo development go as smoothly as possible. Embryo freezing for 500 to 700 Euros is also a popular add-on for patients.

Another option is time lapse monitoring using an Embryoscope, which costs 500 Euros. The Embryoscope is an advanced time-lapse system that allows the clinic to monitor the development of the embryos from day one until the day of the transfer, thanks to this they are able to choose which embryo to transfer based on which embryo is the healthiest, with a much greater degree of accuracy than without the Embryoscope.

The Spindle Observation System, which costs 350 Euros, allows the specialists to closely monitor the oocytes during the fertilisation process of ICSI. In turn this means that only the eggs that have the highest chances of fertilisation will be fertilised, offering a greater chance of success.

What is the average cost of the egg donation cycle at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

When it comes to the average cost for the egg donation cycle with Gynem Fertility Clinic two packages are available to choose from, the Basic Package and the Comfort Package. The Comfort Package will contain everything that is in the Basic Package, as well as some extra benefits that will be detailed below.

The Basic Package for egg donation will cost 4,800 Euros and can guarantee you one good embryo as long as the conditions are met, although this only allows access to frozen eggs for the treatment. The Comfort package will cost 5,700 Euros and can guarantee 2 blastocyst stage embryos, but you will also have access to fresh eggs as well as frozen. On average the total costs will be around 7,000 Euros, once add-ons and medication are included.

The benefits of these packages are:

  • Complete Donor Selection. With this your donors will be very carefully selected so that they match the traits that you have chosen as the most desirable. All donors are medically screened and all costs involved in choosing the donor, and medication for them, is included in the package.
  • ICSI. This is a proven and effective treatment that involves injecting sperm directly into the eggs and is seen as the gold-standard of IVF treatment.
  • Third Cycle Discount. If you require a third cycle of treatment using Basic package, then you will receive a 30% discount as long as the conditions are met.
  • Pre-Treatment Tests. Any and all pre-treatment tests that you and your partner will require, including STD testing, will be included in the package at no additional cost.
  • Semen Analysis. The cause of infertility is affected by both male and female issues, so the sperm of the male will be thoroughly tested to determine if there are any issues with the sperm, such as low count or motility problems.
  • Every Stage Covered. If you require any ultrasounds or checkups at any stage of your treatment these will be included in the cost of the package.
    Consultation. Consultation with your specialist, whether in person or online, is included in the package.

If you choose the Comfort Package you will receive additional benefits such as:

  • Donor exclusivity. Donors have an average of 10 eggs harvested and it is guaranteed that all of these eggs will be reserved only for you.
  • Free Third Cycle. If you require a third cycle of treatment with the clinic then it will be absolutely free when you choose the Comfort Package for your treatment as long as the conditions are met.
  • Egg Donation Guarantee. If only one blastocyst stage embryo was yielded, you do not achieve pregnancy and the conditions are met, then a second blastocyst stage embryo will be provided free of charge. If no blastocyst is achieved and conditions are met, then you will undergo another cycle for free. There will be eggs available for your treatment at all times, whether they are fresh or frozen.
What kind of egg donor ethnicities are available at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

Whilst Gynem Fertility Clinic does have a large pool of donors to choose from, the ethnicities of their donors is the same, with all donors being Caucasian and of Czech origin. Due to legal reasons you will be unable to see photos of donors but you will be able to select characteristics and traits from a list to help you figure out your perfect donor. Once you have selected your donor you will be told about their level of education, interests, hobbies, and what line of work they are in.

What is the cost of PGT-A and how should it be calculated with IVF programs at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

The cost for PGT-A, Preimplantation Genetic Testing, with Gynem Fertility Clinic is 1800 Euros and has compulsory laboratory methods that are performed as well, of which will be detailed below.

The reason for this testing is to ensure that the embryo has the correct number of chromosomes, as if there are an abnormal number of chromosomes present in the embryo then this can lead to miscarriage, failed implantation, or birth defects. The PGT-A test is designed to ensure the health of your embryos, of you, and of your future child, and is a very reliable test. The test is also considered to be quite safe, as it is performed on a blastocyst-stage embryo, which allows the specialists to take a sample from the outer layer.

Included in the overall cost of the PGT-A test is:

  • Biopsy. This is performed by taking a biopsy of seven cells, all of which are taken from an embryo in the blastocyst stage that was cultivated over a period of five days. This costs 500 Euros.
  • Embryoscope. Monitoring an embryo using an Embryoscope is the best option to study the development and health of the embryo, thanks to its advanced time-lapse system. The cost for the Embryoscope is 500 Euros.
  • Vitrification. Once the above procedures have been performed it is time for the embryos to be frozen for future use, in a procedure called vitrification. They will be ready to be used and implanted once the test results of the biopsy have returned. This procedure costs 500 to 700 Euros.
  • Per Embryo Cost. The cost per embryo is 300 Euros, so if you have one embryo tested the total will come to 1,800 Euros.

The cost of all of the above will be a separate cost and will be added on top of your standard IVF package, which costs 2700 Euros, should that be the package you choose.

Any medications required during this procedure will come at an additional cost, as they are not included, and the cost of this is 800 to 1500 Euros depending on what is required.

What is the cost of donor sperm from the bank at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

If you require donor sperm while undergoing an IVF or egg donation treatment with Gynem Fertility Clinic then you will have to pay 250 Euros for the sperm.

Donor sperm is required when the cause of infertility has been shown to be on the male side of the equation, due to low sperm count, motility issues or abnormal sperm due to a variety of reasons. This will all be discovered when the male undergoes testing of his sperm to discover the reasons, then you will be informed if you require donor sperm or not.

Whilst the clinic does not have their own sperm bank they have access to a sperm bank in the Czech Republic called SpermBank International, which is located in the city of Olomouc. The sperm bank has in stock the sperm of 50 active donors of varying phenotypes, ensuring a wide selection of characteristics that can be chosen from. The donors all undergo medical screening, which includes STD testing, to ensure that their sperm is healthy and fertile, in accordance with Act 296/2008.

When it comes to safety the sperm bank follows EU regulations and safety procedures and holds several certificates regarding this. They also ensure that when the sperm is delivered to the clinic it is done so in a safe and controlled manner, so that the quality of the sperm is never compromised and will be ready for use in IVF treatment.

What is the average cost of embryo donation at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

On average the cost of treatment using embryo donation with Gynem Fertility Clinic is about 2150 Euros, which includes one embryo in the blastocyst-stage. The cost for the embryo itself is 1900 Euros and one laboratory method, called EmbryoGlue, is used the day of the transfer. EmbryoGlue costs 250 Euros.

EmbryoGlue is a medium that enhances implantation and allows the embryo to not only develop in a healthier way but also promotes the generation of new blood vessels once implantation has been successful. It is able to do this thanks to the EmbryoGlue containing Albumin, which is a protein that is found in the female reproductive system that provides vitamins, metals and hormones to the embryo to help it develop, and Hyaluronic Acid, which is found in the fallopian tubes. Thanks to this your embryo will have a greater chance of success and the viscosity of the EmbryoGlue helps the embryo remain in the uterus.

There are medications that are not included in the overall price that may be required, and if they are required they will cost from 150 to 200 Euros.

If you want to also have sperm selection then this will come at no extra cost as the most effective method is generally included in the price. Whilst there are different techniques available for sperm selection, the one used in most cases will be IMSI, which stands for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection. This procedure uses a high-powered microscope to look at the sperm and see how long the vacuoles are, in order to better select the sperm with smaller vacuoles, as these are better for embryonic development.

What is the average cost of egg freezing at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

The average cost of egg freezing with Gynem Fertility Clinic is 1,600 Euros. Egg freezing is a treatment for women, who are not ready yet to have a baby and desire to keep their eggs safely preserved until the day they are. In some cases, egg freezing is recommended due to a medical condition that could threaten the fertility. Any medication that you may require during this process is not included in the cost and will cost an additional 800 to 1500 Euros.

The cost of egg freezing has been wrapped up in a package and includes the whole process, for your convenience. The egg freezing package includes:

  • STD testing. This helps the clinic ensure that there are no STDs that can have an impact on the eggs and reduce their health and/or fertility.
  • Retrieval. This is the stage where your eggs will be retrieved in order to be frozen, you will have an anaesthetic so that you don’t feel any pain.
  • Vitrification. You will be able to freeze up to two straws or pods that contain a maximum of three oocytes.
  • Monitoring. During the entire process, you will be monitored and have an ultrasound performed, as well as consulting with your doctors, who will walk you through the entire process.
  • Storage. You will be able to store your eggs for one year under this plan.

If you wish to have your eggs frozen for more than one year then you will be required to pay an additional 200 Euros per year of storage. You are also able to have more than six eggs frozen, and in that case, for each straw or pod that contains a maximum of three oocytes, you will be required to pay an additional 100 Euros.

Once you feel you are ready to have children and wish to undergo the implantation process then you can have your eggs thawed and fertilized with the ICSI fertilization method (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection). The resulting embryos are allowed to develop for three to five days in a process known as embryo culture. Then the embryo transfer follows. This will cost you 1,200 Euros.


What are the average costs of intrauterine insemination and donor sperm insemination at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

The average cost of IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) at Gynem Fertility Clinic is 550 Euros. This can be done with either your partner’s sperm or donor sperm, if you do require donor sperm for this procedure then this will cost an additional 400 Euros. Any medications that are required during the procedure will come at an additional cost, and this will vary depending on the treatment plan.

Intrauterine Insemination is a procedure that is performed for treating infertility, whereby clean and healthy sperm is placed inside your uterus, in order to achieve pregnancy. The procedure is generally painless and requires no medication or painkillers, although the experience can be different for some people. It is seen as a safe procedure and only takes a few minutes for a doctor or nurse to perform, and thanks to it being safe there is a very low risk of complications.

If you do require the use of donor sperm then you will be able to choose characteristics and traits so that you are able to choose your ideal sperm donor. This way your child will be more likely to have the features that you desire, and this will help you match the donor with your partner if that’s what you wish to do. You won’t be able to see any photos of the donors due to the legalities that come with sperm donation, but you will be told a whole host of information about them, their physical features, their level of education, etc.

Who is the medical director and what is the doctor’s experience in IVF treatment at Gynem Fertility Clinic?

The head and founder of Gynem Fertility Clinic is Dr. Mrázek, who has over 26 years of experience in treating infertility through IVF and 35 years of experience in Gynaecology. Over the course of his career he has worked in many places, one being at the Institute for the Care of Mother and Child, which is located in Prague, where he began his career as a gynaecologist. He also worked for ISCARE IVF as a gynaecologist and then as the head doctor. At one point in his career Dr. Mrázek even participated in an internship in Tokyo, where he was focusing on prenatal diagnosis, embryo transfer and vitro fertilisation. His wealth of experience has enabled Dr. Mrázek to have a long career doing what he loves best, bringing new life into the world and helping people.

Backing up Dr. Mrázek at the clinic is a team with a vast wealth of experience under their belts. The head physician is Dr. Frühaufová who has 9 years of experience, and she is backed up by Dr. Zahradníková with 10 years of experience, Dr. Wasiková who has 9 years of experience, Dr. Bartošová with 11 years of experience, and Dr. Adamová who has 26 years of experience.

Apart from the doctors, the clinic has a large team of embryologists, nurses, coordinators and more, who are all working to ensure that every patient can fulfil their dreams of parenthood. With a large team like this, the clinic works tirelessly to provide IVF treatment that works.


Where is Gynem Fertility Clinic located and how easy can patients get there from the airport?

Gynem Fertility Clinic is located in Prague, a city that is in the heart of the Czech Republic and serves as the capital. Whilst the clinic is not located in the city centre it is very easily reached by use of public transport. Prague is easy to get to from all over Europe and the airport has a lot of flights to and from major cities all around Europe every day. The distance from the airport to the clinic isn’t too far either, as it is only 20 minutes away by car.

Most of the packages that the clinic has to offer will include an airport transfer that has been organised by the coordinators who work at the clinic. This airport transfer is available to pick you up from the airport and then drive you either to your hotel and then the clinic, or straight to the clinic from the airport. Thanks to this being organised by the clinic you will not have to worry about arranging the transport yourself and can have a much easier time.

If you have never visited Prague before then you will find a city bristling with opportunities and excitement, as well as beautiful architecture. If you happen to venture to Old Town Square then you will find yourself in front of the oldest clock in the world that is still in operation today, the Prague Astronomical Clock which was built in 1410, which is over 600 years ago. It is a truly beautiful clock and a true sight to behold that must be seen if you visit the city for your treatment.

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