Alternative Parenting Show 2014

Alternative Parenting Show 2014

On Saturday 20 September 2014, the Grand Connaught Rooms in London’s Covent Garden will host this years Alternative Parenting Show: providing a one-stop shop for anyone thinking about starting a family of their own. But what makes this show different from any other? As with all fertility and parenting shows, the aim is to out you into contact with experts who will explain the various routes to parenthood. However, the Alternative Parenting Show offers unique and up beat tempo that makes you feel like you’re at the beginning of an exciting journey.

The event runs from 9.30am to 5pm and currently has over 40 different exhibitors, with more being added every day.

The headline sponsors for the show are the London Women’s Clinic, which has been helping couples conceive since 1985. The team specialise in alternative parenting, providing services to single women, as well as same-sex and heterosexual couples. Emma Smith from the London Women’s Clinic says: “The London Women’s Clinic is proud to be the Headline Sponsors of the Alternative Parenting Show. We continue to have a long standing commitment towards helping people who are interested in starting a family.”

With surrogacy playing a big part in alternative parenting, the Fertility Center of Las Vegas offer information on starting your family with a surrogate in the USA. Their expertise in this area makes them an ideal surrogacy partner.

Legal rights are an increasingly complex part of alternative parenting, but luckily Legal Partner Dawson Cornwall are on hand to answer any questions that can arise from starting a family in any way.
The show has exhibitors from so many different sectors that it’s become an invaluable source of information for want-to-be parents.

Jason and Simon visited the show in 2012 and are now the proud daddies of twin girls born in May 2014. Jason told us, ‘We have been together for nearly ten years and have always wanted a family but we just didn’t know start. We came along to the Alternative Parenting Show where we spoke to so many inspiring people and found out so much information. We went away feeling empowered and that we really had found the information we needed into making our dream of a family a reality. Now look at us! Eighteen months later and we have our beautiful girls. We’ve never been so happy.’

Families come about in so many different ways. Adoption and fostering are becoming more and more popular – with same-sex couples helping less fortunate children to enjoy a stable family life. Sarah and Jennifer adopted two children late last year: ‘The initial process was hard but we understood why it was necessary. We’ve been really lucky and have adopted two fantastic children from the same birth mother. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs but this has been the best thing we’ve ever done. The kids are fab and we are loving being a family.’

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Alternative Parenting Show

Seminars at the Alternative Parenting Show include:

The Surrogacy Journey
Las Vegas Fertility Centre
Surrogacy can be a complicated and costly journey. The United States offers a great option for intended parents wishing to embark on this route to parenthood. This talk will give an overview of the tools you will need to choose the best team to guide you in this journey. The talk will also touch upon ways to decrease costs associated with the journey whilst maximising the chance of success.

How old is too old to have a baby?
Bridge Centre
The chance of natural conception declines with age. By the age of 40, only two out of five women who want a baby will have one. At the Bridge Centre, there are a number of ways that women over 40 can be helped to have a successful pregnancy. Its experts, Mr Michael Summers, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, and Karen Sage, Genetic Counsellor, will explain the various fertility treatments available at the clinic.

Should I be denied a baby because I’m single?
London Women’s Clinic
The number of women looking to have a baby on their own has been steadily increasing over the last few years. All of the treatment options available at the London Women’s Clinic as well as how to choose the right sperm donor will be discussed in this seminar. The clinic’s fertility support coordinator, Anya Sizer will talk you through some key techniques to support you through treatment.

A Few Good Men: Why choosing a British sperm donor is the right decision
London Sperm Bank
There is an incredible amount of choice available around the world for women requiring a sperm donor. “Here at the London Sperm Bank we choose the top 5% of men across the country to join our sperm donor catalogue. Not only do they need to have an excellent sperm count but they are also rigorously screened. Our sperm donors come from a diversity of different cultures and backgrounds that reflect our society. This seminar will give you the opportunity to understand our stringent recruitment process and meet some of the sperm donors we call our Few Good Men.”

“Dad or Donor?”
Legal Issues surrounding known and unknown sperm donation and co-parenting.
The decision to use sperm donated from either a known donor or an unknown donor is a very personal decision. The decision can also have implications as to who are the child’s legal parents. This session will also cover co-parenting arrangements and will be hosted by fertility and family law experts Dawson Cornwell and a guest speaker from the London Women’s Clinic.

International Surrogacy: Law and Practice
Surrogacy is an increasingly popular and accessible means to become parents for those have trouble reproducing naturally. It is often the case that UK based intended parents go overseas, where there is a greater availability of surrogates and less stringent regulation surrounding surrogacy arrangements. It is crucial to understand the laws and processes to ensure that your baby can be brought home and so that you are recognised as the child’s legal parents as a matter of UK law. Surrogacy experts Dawson Cornwell will host a panel of experts on the laws and practices, both in the UK and overseas on the laws and practices of international surrogacy arrangements.

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