Can journaling offer you therapeutic healing and emotional insight?

Can journaling offer you therapeutic healing and emotional insight?

Keeping a journal is both therapeutic and pragmatic; it provides a space to express difficult emotions and, at times, to reason with the part of us that feels overwhelmed. This can lead to new ideas and possible solutions. It helps us to access our ‘wise mind’ by bringing balance to our emotional and rational self […]

Mindful eating for happier and healthier eating habits

Mindful Eating For Happier And Healthier Eating Habits

So many distractions, so little time! This is often the attitude we bring to our eating, something to get over and done with while also working at the computer, comparing or contrasting ourselves to the latest Instagram pic or being pre-occupied with planning our week ahead. There are many benefits to bringing a more conscious […]

Step Toward A Mind Body Balance

Mind Body Balance

How to take a Mind Body approach to your fertility health and overcome fertility-related stress. Hospital visits, calendar watching, ongoing test results and scheduled sex can make trying for a baby a stressful experience for the one in six couples currently experiencing fertility problems. It can be difficult to decide whether you should take into […]

Fertility Thinking – Taking Care Of Your Mind Health

Fertility Thinking

Managing infertility problems can challenge even the most optimistic of minds! When faced with fertility difficulties, dreams of a hoped for child can transform into feelings of pressure with each passing month. It is the uncertainty of how long it will take and what you will need to ensure physically, psychologically and financially that leads […]