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Egg Donation With IVF Spain

Introducing Fertility Journeys 2015

We were delighted to welcome IVF Spain back in as one of our Fertility Journeys partners for 2015. The Alicante-based clinic are offering to repeat the incredible egg donation programme they first introduced last year with Fertility Road readers Emma and Craig.

The date for applications has now passed, so we took the opportunity to catch up with Inge Kormelink, IVF Spain’s Head of International Development.

How does IVF Spain feel about being involved as one of our partners for Fertility Journeys 2015?

We are thrilled that IVF Spain has been selected for the Fertility Journeys project once again. We think this is an excellent way for readers to find out more about fertility treatments and, in our case, present a story about patients who are going abroad to receive fertility treatment. It is a great idea and we are delighted to be involved in this unique Fertility Road project.

Will it be difficult to select a couple?

We have been overwhelmed with requests and we have been really touched reading the personal stories of each and every one of the applicants. We know that there are so many out there struggling to become parents and we would love to help all who have had the courage to come forward. This week we will finish the selection process, so probably when this article is published we will have chosen the lucky couple. But just as it was for the 2014 Fertility Journeys project, it is going to be a very difficult decision to make.

What is the proposed schedule?

It is a two-step procedure; the intended parents will have to travel to Spain twice. The first step is the medical consultation with one of our gynaecologists, and the second step is for the actual fertilisation and embryo transfer.

During the medical consultation the doctor will explore all options and make his diagnosis. All necessary tests will be performed in order to be able to provide the patients with a complete treatment plan.

The couple will stay at a nice hotel which is just a stone’s throw away from our clinic and very close to the beach. In March the average temperature is about 18 degrees so while over here they can enjoy some really nice sunshine here on the coast!

We always see that our patients really appreciate the nice, relaxed atmosphere; we will do everything to make them feel comfortable. They can also enjoy a session of Reiki as we strongly believe in the positive effects of the complete mind/body approach.

Why are there so many British patients seeking treatment in Spain?

Many couples seeking IVF treatment in the UK are beginning to become despondent as waiting lists grow longer and longer. One country that seems to have conquered that problem is Spain, with plenty of donors, less legislation, and much shorter waiting lists. And in some cases, there are no waiting lists at all.

Spanish fertility clinics are able to offer much more flexible options to patients, but still within a legislated framework that is able to produce the best success rates in Europe. What sets IVF Spain apart from other clinics?

In any country the success rate of a fertility treatment has everything to do with the grade of professionalism and experience of the IVF medical team who work there. At IVF Spain we offer our patients an expert medical team who work with cutting-edge technology and who are constantly searching for and researching new treatment methods.

We are very proud to share with Fertility Road readers the fact that we are a clinic that can advertise one of the highest success rates in the industry.

But it’s more than just that – we understand that all patients are unique and we take the time to explore all options in order to provide the best solution to achieve a healthy baby. That means taking into account all aspects of a couple’s individual situation. And this is an exciting time because standards are constantly improving through new technologies in reproductive medicine, all in the benefit of the patient, and to provide the best patient experience. We look after our patients and do our utmost to help make their dream a reality.

Can you explain a little bit more about the use of the latest technologies in IVF Spain?

We were the first clinic in Spain to introduce Eeva (Early Embryo Viability Assessment Test) and we have detected increasing success rates by analysing embryos in a non-invasive way, choosing the most viable ones for transfer. On top of that we offer genetic screening tests, such as preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which evaluates the embryos on a genetic level and detects single gene diseases. The healthy embryos can then be chosen for transfer in order to avoid hereditary diseases. And PGS (preimplantational genetic screening) is now being more and more used in egg donation cycles with recurrent miscarriages.

Lastly and very importantly, we treat our patients as people and not as numbers. Everyone who comes here has their own personal history and we are constantly taking this into account throughout the treatment journey. Our clinic offers a spa-like experience and we have many options for additional treatments to not only increase success rates, but also heighten the general wellbeing of the patient, whether that be Reiki, acupuncture or something else. At IVF Spain, we care for our patients.

We are looking forward to welcoming the selected Fertility Road reader(s) and will do our utmost to help them create a family.
In the next issue we’ll be revealing the couple selected to work with IVF Spain for 2015.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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