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Expert 5 Detox – Simply Healing

Introducing our detox experts Simply Healing.

Simply Healing is the brainchild of owner and manager Vivien Kay, and is an exclusive retreat that boasts a long history of successfully helping couples in their quest for a child.

We are delighted to be welcoming them as our detox partner for Fertility Journeys 2014. All of their fertility treatments are tailored to prepare your body for all kinds of conception – natural, IVF, ICSI or hormone stimulant programmes.

Simply Healing’s Fertility Enhancement Plan offers you the very best in juice combinations and stimulating body treatments that will aid your chances of conceiving, but their number one priority is to help you de-stress, relax your mind, and enhance yourself both mentally and physically. This includes sacral massage, hypnotherapy and more.

Simply Healing work with the young, the old, the infertile and the infirmed, aiming and succeeding at clearing the body of old toxins, chemicals, negative thoughts, to leave clients feeling positive, lighter and healthier.

All the treatments are aimed at boosting fertility, including those that have been proven time and time again to aid conception and prepare you for the processes your body is about to undertake.
The Fertility Enhancement Plan works alongside fantastic detox packages, which by themselves can be life-changing, enabling you to place your full attention on your health and wellbeing.

Simply Healing prides itself on sourcing the very best local fruits and vegetables to create unique juice combinations, which can help your body rid itself of the toxins that create bloating, IBS, constipation, headaches and lack of energy, as well as helping to promote weight loss.

Detoxing your body is the responsibility of their caring team of fully qualified holistic therapists, whose years of knowledge create a first class experience for all clients.

And everything takes place in gorgeous, rural surroundings, because Simply Healing benefits from an exclusive residential setting, in the peaceful West Sussex countryside, just one hour from London.

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