NutritionFertility Boosting Quick And Easy Salmon Croquettes

Fertility Boosting Quick And Easy Salmon Croquettes

Salmon croquettes not only contain the highly prized omega 3 fatty acids, but also several herbs and grains with even more fertility boosting powers.

Fertility Boosting Quick & Easy Salmon Croquettes – makes 6 croquettes

A perfect complement to our Juicy Fertility Soup are these salmon croquettes – loaded with a host of powerful fertility boosters including omega 3, fibre and folic acid – all super nutrients for male and female fertility.


• 1 can of salmon (8 oz)
• ¼ cup sweet onion, finely grated
• 2 tbsp minced basil or parsley
• ¼ to ½ tsp ground black pepper (or to taste)
• 2 large eggs, well beaten
• 1 to 1½ cups ground whole wheat cracker crumbs
or whole wheat bread crumbs
• ¼ cup ground flax seeds.
• 3 tbsp olive oil


1. Drain the salmon and place in bowl, serving liquid separately. Using a fork, separate or flake the fish. Mix in the grated onion, chopped basil or parsley and pepper; add two beaten eggs and blend until fish is moistened.

2. Add ½ cup of ground cracker crumbs or bread crumbs and ¼ cup of ground flax seed. Using your hands mix the crumbs into the salmon mixture until the consistency is thick enough to form patties. If too dry add reserved salmon liquid, two tablespoons at a time; if too wet add more crumbs. Place in the refrigerator 10 minutes, to chill and set the mixture.

3. Remove from refrigerator and roll mixture into balls, then flatten into patties. Coat each pattie with bread crumbs.

4. In a skillet heat the olive oil until it sizzles; lower heat and add patties. When the edges of the patties start to turn brown, gently flip and brown two to three minutes.

5. Serve warm with ketchup or tartar sauce made by blending two tablespoons of low-fat mayonnaise with 1 teaspoon of dill relish. Or top with grated cheese and onion mixture for a tangy taste.

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