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Fertility Monitoring With DuoFertility

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With this year’s Fertility Journeys now under way, we’re delighted to report that DuoFertility are extending the date for applicants until the first week in April. We’ve had a tremendous response from the first wave of the project, but to anyone hesitating, this is now your last chance to be a part of Fertility Journeys, and notably, one of our individuals who will enjoy all the expertise, support and scientific know-how of DuoFertility for the year, for free.

The DuoFertility service is a convenient, reliable, and affordable conception planning tool for couples who are trying to conceive and want to maximise their chances of natural conception. With DuoFertility, you will receive up to six days’ notice of ovulation so you can confidently plan for natural conception. To accurately pinpoint ovulation, DuoFertility tracks tiny changes in the body’s physiology. Unlike other products on the market, DuoFertility continuously monitors key parameters while letting you get on with your life. Yet, DuoFertility does more than provide accurate measurements; our expert fertility advisors provide individualised coaching and support, and we can interface our service seamlessly with your clinician. In clinical studies,

DuoFertility has been shown to confirm ovulation as accurately as ultrasound scan, so you can be confident the information you receive about the best time to conceive is reliable. We know privacy is important to you, so data collected by DuoFertility can be seen only by you and those you authorise, such as a spouse or physician.


We’re passionate about helping couples achieve natural conception and are proud to partner with Fertility Road in the Fertility Journeys product for 2015.

What’s on offer are three programme places for individuals/couples, each of whom will receive the entire DuoFertility service free of charge.

We know it can be difficult to share details of any fertility journey, but are delighted to welcome three individuals/couples who are willing to see their stories unfold through the world’s largest and most respected fertility magazine. And at the heart of this fantastic project is support, because while

DuoFertility provides clinically validated data, we also offer a range of emotional support options for couples trying to conceive, as well as for those who wish to precisely plan their conception.

We know natural family planning is important to many, yet most of us don’t have the information we need to maximise our chances.

DuoFertility provides that information and allows for precise natural pregnancy planning

So what exactly is it? Well, DuoFertility includes a discreet, coin-sized patch sensor worn under the arm. A hand- held device receives the data and analyses it. The data is uploaded, along with information you enter – such as menstruation timing or ovulation pain – to a team of expert analysts who pinpoint optimal timing for conception. This information is sent back to the hand-held device, which displays the best days for conception. An app is available for data entry and viewing and our expert analysts provide individual fertility coaching.

We thank all the couples interested in working with DuoFertility and look forward to seeing your stories unfold.

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Fertility Monitoring With DuoFertility
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Fertility Monitoring With DuoFertility

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