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Hot Women Are More Fertile!

Fertile Women

Scientists at the University of Sheffield have discovered that hot flushes experienced by a woman may be linked to the most fertile part of her monthly cycle.
Boffins discovered that body temperate rises by approximately 0.2 degrees Celsius just after ovulation. This is thought to be due to raised levels of fertility hormones, including progesterone.
The research links in with claims by producers of basal thermometers that their equipment is one of the most effective signifiers of fertility, with mobile phone technology potentially making the science even more exact, with apps linked to sensors worn on the skin to monitor a woman’s temperature throughout the day.
“These may help to get a more accurate idea of when fertility is peaking,” says Dr Allan Pacey, a fertility expert at the university.
“We feel as though we’re making good progress in what we know about basal temperature, and the way we can measure it, but ultimately you can’t predict when you’re going to be most fertile from temperature – only that it’s already happening.”
Pacey also stresses that a peak in temperature doesn’t disguise the reality that here is a ‘golden’ 24-hour window from ovulation when the egg is viable.
“Realistically, you may not end up taking a temperature reading until 12 hours into that window – or you could miss it altogether. Regular sex is still a more reliable method.”

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