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Single Cycle IVF in @Greece

Options included in a Basic IVF Cycle
Preparation and all consultations (visits)
Basic scans and tests
Egg retrieval and general anesthesia for the procedure
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
Basic embryo monitoring
Embryo culture till day 3th or 5th
depending on the patient's medical conditions
Fresh embryo transfer (ET) at day 5th
depending on the patient's medical conditions

Select options for your IVF treatment calculation in @Greece

Sperm freezing
Freezing partner's sperm before fertilisation might be a good strategy to make sure the sperm quality is the best at the day of fertilisation.
Donor sperm
Donor sperm from a bank can be used if the partner's sperm quality is low or if there is no partner.
AH - assisted hatching
Weakenning of the outer shell of the embryo by making a small hole in the zona pellucida using a laser.
Selecting a non-apoptotic sperm. Depending on the patient's medical conditions​
Selecting sperm using a high-magnification digital imaging microscope.
Embryo Monitoring (Embryoscope, Time Lapse, Geri etc.)
Embryo monitoring in special incubators till day 5. It allows embryos to be incubated in controlled environment. Patient may receive images or video of embryo development.
Hyaluronan-rich transfer medium used when transferring the embryo back into the uterus.
Vitrification of (remaining) embryos + 1 year storage
If there are surplus embryos not transferred, they need to vitrified and stored.
PGT-A | Preimplantation Genetis Testing
Technique used to test embryos before trasferring them into uterus towards aneuploidies.
Please note: We recommend to select FET - frozen embryo transfer within a PGT-A. Usually after biosy the embryos are frozen and than samples sent for diagnostics.
FET - frozen embryo transfer
The transfer of previously vitrified and stored embryos.
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