Fertility Journeys ProjectIVF Spain Announce Their Fertility Journeys For 2018 And Offer Two Couples...

IVF Spain Announce Their Fertility Journeys For 2018 And Offer Two Couples Free Fertility Treatment

For the 5th consecutive year, IVF Spain will be taking part in the Fertility Journeys project in collaboration with Fertility Road Magazine. At IVF Spain we welcome this type of initiatives and we love to have the chance to be a part of it year after year.

IVF Spain is an international fertility clinic that provides tailor-made solutions for all of their patients with the help of personalised care and the use of the latest technologies in ART.

We have carefully selected very experienced fertility and scientific experts and our state of the art clinic is equipped with the most advanced technologies in assisted reproduction. IVF Spain has 3 laboratories with cutting-edge equipment that give us total autonomy for testing without the need to outsource, which allows for a higher level of sample safety, result reliability and timeliness.

Together our team of specialists and doctors has allowed us to achieve a very high level of success rates even in the most complex cases.

We successfully treat patients that suffer from multiple issues ranging from the most common to the most difficult to manage, such as repeated miscarriage, implantation failure, and genetic or immunological problems. In many cases we are the last hope for patients to build a family and our patients travel from all over Europe to fulfil their dream to become parents.

Our latest data reveals success rates of 54-70% in treatments with their own eggs, and 60-90% in egg donation treatments, this places us amongst the best ranked internationally fertility clinics.

With a long history in the field of assisted reproduction, IVF Spain are aware that individualisation is key to offer patients the best option to conceive and fulfil their dream of starting or extending their family. We pay special attention to every aspect that are most beneficial to the achievement of that dream. Adopting the most specific and personalised fertility strategies in each case, because each patient is different and unique.

As well as being technological leaders and a patient care reference, we also distinguish ourselves for our humanitarian side. As our primarily goal is to achieve a healthy pregnancy for all of our patients. The entire IVF Spain team is fully committed to guiding the patients through their patient journey, by keeping a fluent and open communication, meeting the patients expectations by careful planning and personal attention. This helps to avoid any added stress to such an intense and emotional process.

In 2012, IVF Spain created the IVF Spain Foundation. The foundation is based on the following 3 cornerstones: 1 Social work by supporting the creation of families. 2 R & D in new technologies in reproductive medicine and 3 Training and teaching of future fertility experts.

Taking this into consideration, we partnered with Fertility Road Magazine on their very first Fertility Journeys Project, which provides a fantastic opportunity to offer first class fertility treatments to patients that would not be able to afford it otherwise. We are strongly committed to this project as we believe that money should not be an obstacle to start or extend a family and we are looking forward to repeat the success in 2018.

The vast majority of previous participants are now happy parents of healthy children and we are very pleased to be able to offer you too the chance to join us on this possible life changing journey.

This year, our IVF Spain Foundation is very pleased to offer 2 couples the opportunity to undergo an anonymous egg donation treatment at IVF Spain.

All the applications we go through each year describe really close, emotive and moving stories; which makes the task to choose the winners all the more difficult, since we genuinely would like to help all of the participants.


IVF Spain are offering two couples a free fertility treatment in 2018.

The first couple (or single female patient) will be offered:

• 1 night at a 4-star-hotel
• Initial medical consultation (2 hours)
• Serology tests
• Advanced sperm test
• ER-Map
• Exclusive egg donation treatment (including donor sperm if needed)

The second couple (or single female patient) will have:

• 1 night at a 4-star-hotel
• Initial medical consultation (2 hours)
• Serology tests
• Advanced sperm test
• ER-Map
• 50%discount on an Exclusive egg donation treatment (including donor sperm if needed)

Terms and Conditions:

In return the Fertility Journeys Project patients agree to share their story through videos and interviews made by the IVF Spain team and Fertility Road.

We strongly believe that this is helps raise awareness of fertility problems and outlining the positive outcomes.

Please provide us with information about your age, the number of previous cycles you have underwent, the reasons behind your decision to consider a fertility treatment and a current photo.

After the deadline, we will contact all those who have applied to set up a Skype call and find out more information about your circumstances.

We will announce our decision a month after the deadline so that the couple may start their fertility treatment at IVF Spain the very day of their first consultation with us, before the 10th of June.

We look forward to hearing from you, welcoming you and helping you realise your dreams in 2018.

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