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LiveStories brings fertility stories to life, giving you the opportunity to talk to, ask questions and listen to people who have experienced IVF, firsthand.

Upcoming Events

We think LiveStories works best when you experience the event live but also realise that there are times when this is not possible. Each session therefore will be recorded and will be made available to all those that sign up allowing it to be reviewed at leisure. Number of seats is limited.

Past Events

You can watch and learn also from past events.

LiveStories 2

Let’s meet Sydney Brake

Sydney Brake is an IVF mom, adoptive mom, and endometriosis warrior. She was diagnosed with endometriosis at the age of 19 after several years of debilitating periods. After 5 years of trying to get pregnant, she underwent 3 failed IUI’s followed by IVF that resulted in the birth of her daughter. A few years later, after 2 failed embryo transfers, Sydney and her husband turned to adoption to grow their family and adopted a baby boy.

Now, she’s pursuing IVF for baby number three in Saudi Arabia where she currently resides. Sydney is the author of “Affording IVF” where she shares how to save thousands on fertility treatments.

She is an advocate for pursuing IVF abroad and helps others on their fertility tourism journey.

The book is available at Amazon:
Affording IVF: The Complete Guide to Understanding Treatment Cost and How to Save Thousands on IVF 

LiveStories 4

Let’s meet Julia de Jong

Meet Julia de Jong live and listen to her story of nearly 10 years of trying, an emotional rollercoaster, 1 miscarriage, 1 IVF cyle, and the little miracle…

LiveStories 6

Meet Oana Gharbi

During this live event, Oana Gharbi shared her fertility story, tips and hints and answered patients questions live. Meet Oana and get to know how she went through 6 IUI cycles, 7 IVF cycles and 15 embryos transferred…

LiveStories 8
Andreia Trigo

LiveStories events are moderated by Andreia Trigo.

Andreia Trigo, RN BSc MSc is a multi-awarded fertility nurse consultant, lecturer, researcher and TEDx speaker. Andreia’s mission is to improve accessibility to fertility care and support worldwide at minimal cost to populations. Combining her medical experience and her own infertility journey, Andreia founded the Enhanced Fertility Programme App.

‘It’s good to talk’ is phrase often used in relation to IVF treatment and the same could be said of, ‘it’s good to listen’. LiveStories enables you to do both, in real time.

About LiveStories

We are inviting patients who have undergone their own IVF journeys to talk to others who are considering theirs. The events are designed to provide participants with an unbiased insight into what to expect from getting a diagnosis, through to identifying a clinic and undergoing treatment. We don’t want the events to merely showcase the successes; we know that assisted reproduction treatment does not always work, so we are prepared to share the negatives as well. In short, we will want the patients to say it as it really is, warts and all.

LiveStories offers an independent take on all things IVF related. It is not financed by treatment providers nor has it has been set up to promote any product or service.

We want to create a service that is characterised by honesty but are also very aware that discussions can invariably involve a degree of sensitivity. For that reason, we offer all participants the option of anonymity if that makes them feel more comfortable.

LiveStories FAQ

Can I retain my anonymity if I attend the event?

Yes, you can choose to be anonymous. You can choose a user name to conceal your identity when you sign up. We will only use your email address for the registration process, follow-ups, reminders and to sign into the event. We may also use your email address to send information regarding new activities and projects related to infertility.

Will I be able to ask questions during the live event?

Yes, the second part of each event is in the form of a Q&A session. All questions can be asked via “Ask question” function in writing.

Is the number of seats limited?

Yes, due to high interest and to ensure the best patients’ experience, the number of seats is limited.

Can I watch the event if I signed up but couldn’t attend?

Yes, the events are recorded, and you will be notified once they are published.

What are the technical requirements to join the event?

We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or any Chromium-based browser if possible like Brave, Opera, or Edge. If you’re using an iOS device, you can download the Crowdcast app for the best mobile experience. Attendees using Android must use a recommended browser.


LiveStories highlights and shares patient experiences. It is not intended to replace or offer specific medical information relating to diagnosis or treatment. LiveStories is not responsible for information communicated at the events and merely acts as a conduit for patients to share their own unique fertility journeys. Participants are always advised to consult their medical practitioner when seeking clarification about particular treatments or conditions. LiveStories 10

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