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New purpose built Fertility Pharmacy launches in the UK

New fertility pharmacy service that has launched from Gawsworth, near Macclesfield which aims to simplify the IVF process for patients.

As well as demystifying the current complex procurement method of buying IVF meds, it will also facilitate home injection coaching by nurses for women going through treatment who might be struggling with the self-injecting aspect.

The Fertility Pharmacy, a new fertility home care enterprise, which will deliver medication alongside in-the-home nurse support services across the globe, has launched from its new purpose-built in-house dispensary in Gawsworth, Cheshire.

Established by the team behind Medica Forte, The Fertility Pharmacy will work as a partner to fertility centres, or directly with patients, to deliver IVF drugs as part of assisted reproduction cycles.

It’s mission – to improve the patient experience throughout the fertility journey – will see the pharmacy offer a suite of additional services including injection coaching and intralipid infusions in the home, together with nursing support to offer a completely patient-centred experience.

Clinical director, Kelly Saynor RN NIP, said: “In the UK last year, almost 85,000* IVF and donor insemination cycles took place across 134* registered clinics and this number is only set to grow. It’s imperative that the patients undergoing assisted reproduction receive a service that gives them the very best chance of success and this includes the ability to purchase and administer their medication in a simple and stress-free fashion.

“Currently, there’s a huge disconnect in the level of service that patients get – IVF protocols are extremely complex with a vast number of drugs required over weeks or sometimes months – we’re not talking about simply picking up a packet of aspirin. This can be totally overwhelming for patients. We feel it’s high time the industry has a one-stop pharmaceutical partner, that can work holistically with both clinics and patients to offer a trusted and steadying-hand from the moment a treatment plan is initiated.”

Wendey Munro, Director of Clinical Marketing, added: “The Fertility Pharmacy does so much more than simply deliver medication – we offer a range of additional services such as intralipid infusions, injection coaching in the home and advice at every single point along the cycle. Assisted reproduction can be challenging and we want to make it that little bit easier.”

The Fertility Pharmacy will be attending The Fertility Forum at Hilton London Olympia on 1 November 2019, and The Fertility Show at London’s Olympia from 1-3 November 2019.

More information about The Fertility Pharmacy can be found on their website 

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Editorial Team
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