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The New Fertility Relaxation

The new fertility ‘relaxacise’

You make time for eating right, exercise and taking your vitamins for health. Now it’s time to make a new habit involving relaxing the body for health and ultimately your fertility, Susan Cooke tells us more.

Scientists continue to learn more and more about a powerful connection between the brain and body, and the importance of finding ways to lower our heart rate for even a small amount of time each day. Just like we exercise our bodies and increase our heart rate to improve circulation, reduce stress and lose weight, we need to exercise our minds and use relaxation to lower our heart-rate to also improve circulation, reduce stress and lose weight. This might even been called “Relaxacise!” in the future.

For those trying to conceive, Relaxacise can be something you can do each day just for you – and you deserve it!

First IVF magazine
15 articles about IVF and Donor Conception by top IVF experts worldwide!

We know that stress is one of those all pervasive elements that affects our reproductive health. And when we find ourselves with the unfortunate negative result month after month,?we feel less and less in control of our bodies, our lives and our future and stress increases and compounds the problem.

For many, stress can cause our bodies to become out-of-balance from a hormonal perspective and this can cause issues with our monthly cycle, ovulation or any other numerous problems that could plague our fertility.

Relaxacise can be something you can do each day just for you – and you deserve it! We know that stress ?is one of those all pervasive elements that affects our reproductive health

What are we to do? How do we “Relaxacise”? We actually have a great deal to learn from Monks who practice Buddhism. They are masters at relaxation and meditation and can literally regulate their own body temperature, among other amazing physical feats. Monks have been well known to be in freezing temperatures with only their robe on their bodies and have steam rising from their skin. They are masters in their use of their brains. They also have evidence of significantly greater brain activity, called gamma wave activity, in areas associated with learning and happiness, according to a recent study. Gamma waves involve mental processes including attention, memory, learning, and conscious perception.

The good news is we do not need to become a monk to begin this wonderful restorative and healing process. We are also not suggesting to become a couch potato or shirking your responsibilities. What we are suggesting is that you need to exercise your brain, dedicating time, energy and focus to calm the body, which can positively impact our endocrine system that handles our hormones and reproductive capability.

For those who don’t like to break a sweat with exercise, you will love integrating this healthy process into your daily routine. It’s about peace. It’s about deep relaxation. It’s about using the most powerful organ in your body to help your body find balance and make its way back to health: your brain.

Circle + Bloom’s fertility mind-body audio programs make it easy to take 15 minutes each day to Relaxacise. The programs have been created based on the scientific research around the mind-body connection and are endorsed by numerous medical doctors, including Dr. Bernie Siegel. They are unique because they track to the daily changes your body goes through during your reproductive cycle, they also have a program designed to be specifically used during an IVF/IUI cycle.

We asked Joanne Verkuilen, Founder of Circle + Bloom to give us a few suggestions on how to get started with Relaxacise, here are her recommendations:

  1. Just like with exercise, schedule your Relaxacise into your daily routine. Commit between 10 – 20 minutes per day. If you need to, start with only 5 minutes and then work up to 10 or more as you desire.
  2. Find a quiet place and consider having relaxing music playing softly. This should be your time, when you will not be disturbed. Either sit with your back straight, recline or lie down. But make sure to position your body the same way each time. You will find that you will enter into deep relaxation quicker if you condition your body and its response by using the same posture each time.
  3. Start your session with deep breathing exercises. While you deep breath, make sure to expand your abdomen cavity as far as it will go, and try to hold it there, and then take just as long to slowly exhale. Try to concentrate on your breathing during this time to quiet your thoughts as much as possible.
  4. Progressively move through your body parts with relaxation in mind. Using your mind– with your eye’s closed – go through each body part, either starting with your feet, or head and work your way throughout your entire body saying the words “relax” or “heal” or “become quiet and heavy” – or whatever words that make sense to you.

Above all, make sure that this time is enjoyable for you. It might feel like a chore at first, but speaking from experience, this time for yourself can open up a whole new world inside yourself.

And then sit back and reap the positive benefits within your physical body as well as your feelings of control, overall well- being, and your life!
More information can be found on the Circle Bloom website

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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