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Legacy Partners with The Operation Baby Foundation in Support of Military Couples With Infertility

Legacy Partners With The Operation Baby Foundation In Support Of Military Couples With Infertility

Legacy, the premier digital fertility clinic for men, today announced a new partnership with The Operation Baby Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports military couples and families worldwide diagnosed with medical infertility and enables them to achieve their dream of becoming parents. The partnership names Legacy the Digital Fertility Clinic of choice for Operation Baby, and allows their community discounted access to Legacy’s at-home sperm testing and cryopreservation services.

Founded in 2018 by Khaled Kteily out of the Harvard Innovation Labs, Legacy is a Y-Combinator and Bain Capital Ventures backed biotech startup. Since winning TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2018, Legacy has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and Forbes. The Legacy team is a Harvard-backed group of men and women who understand fatherhood—and how much it matters. The team brings international experience in male fertility, health care policy, and business with a world-class advisory board.

And Legacy’s commitment to military service members is inspired, in large part, by Secretary Ash Carter’s “Force of the Future Program” which recognized the importance of enhanced fertility benefits, to include sperm and egg freezing. The program was designed to offer troops both “peace of mind” and “greater flexibility” should they look to start families in the future. The Legacy team, which includes John Crowley as Head of Military Affairs, is working to ensure that DNA cryopreservation is made available to every deploying service member.

“We believe Operation Baby serves a critical role for military families who, due to the high-risk nature of their work, struggle with infertility at a rate that far exceeds the general population,” said Khaled Kteily, CEO of Legacy. “It’s important to us that military couples diagnosed with medical infertility achieve their dream of becoming parents, can preserve their ability to start a family and are supported during their unique journeys to fatherhood.”

Operation Baby is a veteran founded nonprofit organization with the mission of helping military couples diagnosed with medical infertility achieve their dream of becoming parents. The foundation was established in 2020 by co-founders Emma and Nick Perkins, whose shared vision is to ensure that no service member has to abandon the hope of having children due to financial constraints.

Emma and Nick Perkins are both military veterans who met while stationed in Savannah, Georgia. They were married in 2017 and quickly began trying to grow their family. Unfortunately, after experiencing multiple miscarriages, Emma was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that severely reduces her chances of pregnancy. With limited options, they decided to pursue fertility treatment, and have since suffered through seven failed IVF cycles.

“Infertility is never easy, but an early diagnosis can open the door for future care and treatment,” said Emma Perkins, co-founder and CEO of Operation Baby. “We’re grateful for Legacy’s efforts to help military couples plan ahead by increasing access to semen analysis and affordable cryopreservation solutions.” Emma is a former Army officer and Veteran of The Global War on Terror, including multiple tours in Afghanistan.

The military’s healthcare system offers limited fertility treatment options for couples diagnosed with medical infertility. IVF, surrogacy or adoption are often the only solutions for service members who are unable to get pregnant naturally. Unfortunately, government benefits do not cover these costs and as a result these service members must often spend tens of thousands of dollars to grow their families.

The majority of active duty service members earn less than $50K per year and unable to afford these options.

Whether beneficiaries opt for expensive medical fertility treatment, need help navigating the complex labyrinth of the adoption process, or want to explore surrogacy or other methods, Operation Baby is there to support these families—they believe the strength of our Armed Forces depends on it.

Emma’s husband and co-founder, Nick Perkins, is also a Veteran. Nick graduated from West Point and later became a Green Beret. “As a Special Forces officer, I’ve witnessed first hand the unique challenges that many soldiers face when trying to build their families. Operation Baby is proud to partner with a forward-leaning company like Legacy, who is leading the conversation about male fertility,” said Nick in a statement.

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