Egg donation IVF explained

Egg Donation IVF Guide

IVF treatment using donor eggs (egg donation) has become one of the most sought after IVF treatments worldwide. Egg donation (IVF with donor eggs) treatment involves fertilizing fresh or previously frozen eggs (oocytes) which have been provided by a donor with sperm provided by a person who is known to the patient (such as a […]

Is Egg Freezing The New Fertility Insurance Policy?

Is Egg Freezing The New Fertility Insurance policy?

Key Points Egg Freezing can extend the biological clock Freezing eggs does not affect their ability to create a healthy pregnancy Freezing 10-20 eggs before you are 35 gives you a 70-90% chance of success using those eggs In the UK, it is only possible to store eggs for a maximum of 10 years after […]

Ovulation Symptoms – a Complete Guide

Ovulation Symptoms - How Do You Know When You're Most Fertile?

This post will help you understand ovulation and ovulation symptoms that occur during your menstrual cycle. At the beginning of your cycle follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is produced by the pituitary gland in your brain. Each follicle contains one immature egg. Ovulation occurs when an egg is released from one of your ovaries. Ovulation typically […]

Free Egg Donation treatment UR Vistahermosa offer another free IVF cycle

Free Egg Donation treatment UR Vistahermosa offer another free IVF cycle

We welcome back Spanish fertility clinic UR Vistahermosa who are once again offering another couple the opportunity to receive free egg donation treatment. With over 35 years experience in helping and success rates well above average for Spain they are particularly skilled at successfully treating complex issues. The facility in Alicante offers state of the […]

16 reasons to have egg donation in Spain

Why Egg donation and why Spain?

Egg donation treatment in Spain is has grown in the last few years at an amazing rate. With more couples and single women choosing to have their treatment at one of the many fertility clinics we asked our new fertility journey partners, Fiv Marbella outline why egg donation has become the treatment of choice for […]

Egg donation abroad – best IVF clinics ratings

Best IVF Clinics Ranking 2017

IVF with donor eggs can be eye-wateringly expensive in some countries that is why so many fertility patients rely on the best IVF clinics ratings to be able to get the value egg donation treatment for their hard-earned money. However, with the modern advances in medical science, and the ever-increasing number of clinics offering IVF, […]

Free Egg Donation Treatment with UR Vistahermosa Spain

UR Vistahermosa Spain

The UR Vistahermosa clinic in Alicante is one of the most advanced units in Europe. A track record spanning over 30 years is underpinned by cherished values of training, education and research which have pushed the unit to the forefront of the use of innovative, assisted reproductive treatments.

Donor Egg IVF Choosing for Success

Success With Donor Egg IVF

Craig Reisser from Oregon Reproductive Medicine offers his expert advice for intended parents on what to consider to have the best chance for success and a healthy baby on their first attempt IVF with donor eggs. A healthy baby. It’s what every intended parent wants. Being successful on the first attempt is what every IVF […]

From A Patient Perspective This Month – The Future Of Fertility

From A Patient Perspective

There’s a great line from a song by the band Pulp which has been playing in my head all week – “Let’s all meet up in the year 2000, won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown.” Nowadays the Millennium seems a distant memory. I am definitely fully grown and can hardly believe it’s already 2015. It makes me wonder what would happen if we fast-forwarded to the future and met up in 2050 instead. What would the world of fertility look like then?