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Once you have emotionally accepted a diagnosis of infertility it is wise to take some time out to carefully consider your next steps. You will have to consider what options you have, the treatments available, their success rates, their cost or possibly whether to consider an alternative path which does not involve treatment at all. Whatever […]

COVID-19 Vaccination And Your fertility

COVID-19 Vaccination And Your fertility

I am all about informed choices and firmly believe that whatever choice you make you should feel comfortable with it. To do that you need all the information and facts available to enable an informed decision. As a scientist and fellow human I am feeling a little uncomfortable with the lack of factual information relating […]

Australia becomes The First Country To Lift Coronavirus ban on IVF Treatment

Australian becomes the first country to lift coronavirus ban on IVF and low-risk elective surgery

Australia is set to become the first country to “gradually” restart IVF treatment after Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed that COVID-19 restrictions on IVF treatment and other elective surgery would begin to ease this week. With the spread of Coronavirus slowing, Australia is trying to slowly end their lockdown and restart the economy. Elective surgeries […]

Trying to cope while trying to conceive

trying to conceive

For many couples, trying to conceive can quickly escalate from a fun, flirty project to an emotionally intense and overwhelming medical undertaking in record timing. I know this firsthand: my husband Brad and I spent years trying to conceive and it was the toughest time in our relationship. What started as something light-hearted and beautiful […]

A new survey confirms a lack of fertility support at work

A new survey confirms a lack of fertility support at work

A new poll released in the recent fertility awareness week suggests that the majority of HR professionals still require (and want) access to education to better understand fertility related issues. In the poll of 4,000 UK employees, a quarter had experienced fertility problems, with 51 per cent of those having to take time off work […]

UK Surrogacy is on the Rise

UK Surrogacy Is On The Rise

By Sarah Jones, Trustee, Surrogacy UK Since the first surrogacy laws were created 30 years ago, surrogacy has grown considerably. The UK Governments independent fertility regulator, the HFEA, reports that the number of IVF treatments being undertaken by UK surrogates has nearly tripled in the last 10 years. Where are all the surrogates and how […]

Male Infertility is a Much More Common Problem Than Many People Realise

Male Infertility Is A Much More Common Problem Than Many People Realise

Infertility is usually thought of largely as a female issue. When a couple are struggling to conceive, or ‘trying’ to have a baby, it is nearly always the woman who is asked if she is having problems, or the assumption is made by outsiders that she is. Of course, this is not always the case […]

Fertility Thinking – Taking Care Of Your Mind Health

Fertility Thinking

Managing infertility problems can challenge even the most optimistic of minds! When faced with fertility difficulties, dreams of a hoped for child can transform into feelings of pressure with each passing month. It is the uncertainty of how long it will take and what you will need to ensure physically, psychologically and financially that leads […]

The Emotional Strain of Trying To Get Pregnant

The Emotional Strain of Trying To Get Pregnant

When I talk to my clients about how they are feeling, the immense emotional strain of trying to get pregnant is often a big topic of conversation. Sometimes it’s hard to cope when you feel that something may be wrong with you. Perhaps you don’t feel normal and are angry that you are finding something […]

Fertility Forum – Bringing professionals and public together

Fertility Forum

If you’ve ever had questions about your fertility or your treatment options, you’ll know how difficult it can be to get definite answers about what makes a difference. Is freezing your eggs a good idea if you’re worried about leaving it too late to try to get pregnant? How much difference could changing your diet […]

The Fertility Foundation Hope Ball at the Café de Paris in London

Tone & Jessica Hepburn

The Fertility Foundation’s Hope Ball at the Café de Paris in London was an amazing success helping them raise awareness and funds to help people pay for IVF Treatment. In the coming months they will be making announcements about the grant application programme as well the launch of their Fertility Road Show events. The sumptuous […]

Rainbow Babies: Tips To Move Through The Joys, Fears And Tears Of Pregnancy After Loss

Rainbow Babies

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Everyone around you is excited except, perhaps, for you. Last time this happened and/or the time before that and/or the time before that, the pregnancy didn’t continue. You may have had a miscarriage, a stillbirth or a neonatal loss. You may have felt isolation, grief, anger. In fact, you may have thought […]

Dream of having a family? Visit Family Dreams – A NEW online community

Dream of Having A Family

Cryos International’s new community is for people who wish to start a family but need help from a sperm donor to make the dream of a family come true The new online community is a private group on Facebook hosted by the world’s largest sperm bank, Cryos International. In the group you can share your […]

Starting Your Surrogacy Journey… 8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Organised

Starting Your Surrogacy Journey... 8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Organised

Craig Reisser, a parent via egg donation and surrogacy in the USA, shares some advice for intended parents who are looking for guidance on how to start their surrogacy journeys. When my partner and I decided that we were ready to become parents through egg donation and surrogacy in the USA we didn’t really know […]

Fertility Network UK support services

Fertility Network uk

Facing fertility problems can be one of the most deeply isolating experiences imaginable. Everywhere you look others are pregnant or enjoying their children: on television, in advertisements, on your street, in front of you at the supermarket, on social media, at work, at play, within your family – your siblings and your best friend too. […]

So your embryos didn’t make it to transfer… what?

Blastocyst Transfer

Yep, that really sucks, doesn’t it? Especially after everything you have had to endure over the last few weeks. Why is it always one step forward, two steps back? You are starting your IVF cycle and are pumped, motivated, excited and feeling really positive. It is a lot to put your self through, especially if […]