What Happens To Your Body After Failed IVF?

Coping With IVF Failure

Improvements in assisted reproductive technology are continuously nudging up IVF success rates and these improvements are being replicated in treatments centres around the world. Whilst success rates are rising, the numbers of patients accessing IVF treatments are also increasing. A successful ivf cycle may not be achieved first time which means that in real terms […]

Tips For Working Out And Eating Healthy Where You Can

Tips For Working Out And Eating Healthy Where You Can

When you are trying to have a baby, things can be frustrating. It’s not easy to see everyone else having the thing that you want most, which is why you might be advised to make some lifestyle changes to boost your chances. Unfortunately, it’s just the way that it is that some people have it […]

The Path To And Through Infertility Counselling

The Path To And Through Infertility Counselling

I have just attended a fantastic two day Foundation Course for Infertility Counselling CPCAB Accredited (Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body).  This was run by the British Infertility Counselling Association (BICA). BICA is a registered charity and the only professional infertility counselling Association recognised by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and the British […]

Failed IVF – How Would You Cope With?

Failed IVF

It is often not easy for us to face up to and deal with negative emotions. One’s emotional state is made worse when the subconscious mind (which stores all memories and experiences – remembering everything that has happened) comes into play without the conscious mind being aware.

Ten Things That Will Test Your Sanity In The Two Week Wait

The Two Week Wait

Infertility throws so many challenges our way, and none more sanity-threatening than the dreaded two week wait. Rachel is an author of 336 Hours a humorous and poignant diary about one woman’s quest to be a mother available on the Amazon. From my own experiences across years of fertility treatments, and the experiences of all […]

Omega-3 Helps To Decrease Blood Pressure And Can Aid The Battle Against Depression

Omega-3 Helps To Decrease Blood Pressure And Can Aid The Battle Against Depression

Omega-3, the fatty acid found in fish, helps to decrease blood pressure and can aid the battle against depression, a study has found. Dr. James Brown, a professor from Aston University, explored the correlation between marine oils and a range of health benefits, in particular heart health. The scientific report revealed fish oil has a […]

New Year, New You…. Time To Change Your Mindset

New Year, New You…. Time To Change Your Mindset

The start of a new year can be a big challenge when you’re on a fertility journey. Not only is it right in the middle of the most family and children centred celebrations of the year, but it’s traditionally also a time to look back over the last year and look forward to the next. […]

Does postnatal depression affect your future fertility?

Does postnatal depression affect your future fertility?

A new study has shown that postnatal depression may affect a woman’s future fertility, highlighting the need for more awareness and support for new mothers. The birth of a child ought to be a time of great happiness for a new mother, especially if the path to motherhood has been a particularly long and difficult […]

Trying to cope while trying to conceive

trying to conceive

For many couples, trying to conceive can quickly escalate from a fun, flirty project to an emotionally intense and overwhelming medical undertaking in record timing. I know this firsthand: my husband Brad and I spent years trying to conceive and it was the toughest time in our relationship. What started as something light-hearted and beautiful […]

Can journaling offer you therapeutic healing and emotional insight?

Can journaling offer you therapeutic healing and emotional insight?

Keeping a journal is both therapeutic and pragmatic; it provides a space to express difficult emotions and, at times, to reason with the part of us that feels overwhelmed. This can lead to new ideas and possible solutions. It helps us to access our ‘wise mind’ by bringing balance to our emotional and rational self […]

Can Mindfulness and Yoga Help You Cope With Fertility Stress?

Can Mindfulness And Yoga Help You Cope With Fertility Stress

Are you struggling with infertility and finding it all too much and stressed out? Did you know that practicing yoga and mindfulness meditation can help you relax, and cope with fertility stress? The stress and anxiety of infertility and fertility treatments, can be overwhelming and fertility stress will accumulate over time. Especially if your fertility […]

Step Toward A Mind Body Balance

Mind Body Balance

How to take a Mind Body approach to your fertility health and overcome fertility-related stress. Hospital visits, calendar watching, ongoing test results and scheduled sex can make trying for a baby a stressful experience for the one in six couples currently experiencing fertility problems. It can be difficult to decide whether you should take into […]

Fertility Thinking – Taking Care Of Your Mind Health

Fertility Thinking

Managing infertility problems can challenge even the most optimistic of minds! When faced with fertility difficulties, dreams of a hoped for child can transform into feelings of pressure with each passing month. It is the uncertainty of how long it will take and what you will need to ensure physically, psychologically and financially that leads […]

Four Ways to Nurture Yourself When Recovering from Ectopic Pregnancy Loss

Recovering from Ectopic Pregnancy Loss

Ectopic pregnancy loss is a deeply devastating experience that no woman ever wants to go through. It’s a topic that isn’t spoken about much, something that I think makes women who have had an ectopic pregnancy feel isolated and unsupported in their grief. Often, the entire ordeal unfolds so fast that you’ve hardly any time […]

Are IVF Babies More Precious?

IVF Babies

Given the complex combination of emotions that IVF treatment triggers, Kate Brian explores the possibility that babies created this way might have an extra psychological pull on a mother.

Coping After Failed IVF Cycle

Coping after failed IVF Cycle

Coping after a failed transfer is like grieving for a loss. A loss of hope, a loss of a precious embryo and the loss of future life that you had planned out in your mind.

Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations

Hi Future Mama, We are coming up on the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. and though many of you are tuning in from all over the world and may not be celebrating this holiday; it’s still a good time to take stock of the things we are thankful for. Unfortunately, it’s our innate human survival […]

The Emotional Strain of Trying To Get Pregnant

The Emotional Strain of Trying To Get Pregnant

When I talk to my clients about how they are feeling, the immense emotional strain of trying to get pregnant is often a big topic of conversation. Sometimes it’s hard to cope when you feel that something may be wrong with you. Perhaps you don’t feel normal and are angry that you are finding something […]

Three Ways to Tend to Your Inner Wellbeing When You’re Struggling to Conceive

Inner Wellbeing

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you know first hand just what an emotional rollercoaster ride facing a challenging fertility journey can be. You are constantly moving through cycles of hopefulness, anxiety, grief and disappointment. It’s so easy to become completely overwhelmed by the emotional distress that often surfaces as a consequence. One […]

Fertility Counseling: A Missing Piece of Your Treatment?

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and the European Society for Human Reproduction and Endocrinology (ESHRE), fertility counseling should be included in fertility treatment options and recommended by doctors and fertility clinics for individuals and couples considering assisted reproductive technology (ART), third-party reproduction, and other kinds of fertility treatment options. Unfortunately, few clinics […]

Is Your Social Life Affecting Your Fertility?

Is Your Social Life Affecting Your Fertility

One of my mantras is act pregnant to get pregnant. That’s because the same risk factors in pregnancy are risk factors for fertility too. My preconception care programmes show couples what to eat, which supplement programmes are right for them and how their lifestyles need to change to fuel fertility, based on testing. Yes, lifestyle. […]

Rainbow Babies: Tips To Move Through The Joys, Fears And Tears Of Pregnancy After Loss

Rainbow Babies

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! Everyone around you is excited except, perhaps, for you. Last time this happened and/or the time before that and/or the time before that, the pregnancy didn’t continue. You may have had a miscarriage, a stillbirth or a neonatal loss. You may have felt isolation, grief, anger. In fact, you may have thought […]

We Asked A Former IVF Patient What Is It Really Like To Go Through IVF?

What's it really like to go through IVF

“What Is It Really Like To Go Through IVF…?” As a former IVF patient, it’s a question I have been asked frequently. It’s a loaded question. Almost everyone knows that it can be a dark place for some, and a miracle for others. For me, there is no straightforward answer. So I decided to write […]

Here Are Some Tips To Break The Invisible Wall

The Invisible Wall

Infertility can be a struggle and for many couples an invisible wall is created without them even knowing. “Most relationships fail because we spend too much time pointing out each other’s mistakes and not enough time enjoy each other’s company.” – Unknown Struggles through infertility can tend to take over your life. The constant stress […]

20 Things You Should Never Say To Someone Struggling With Infertility!


“You may never know what someone is going through, but if you notice any signs of pain—hostility, negativity, or over-sensitivity—then odds are, you know how they feel. Respond to the pain instead of judging the signs.” Lori Deschene I have unexplained infertility and my fertility journey was very long and painful with almost 8 years […]