The UK is on the verge of a truly giant leap in Surrogacy Law Reform

The UK is on the verge of a truly giant leap in Surrogacy Law Reform

Surrogacy law reform has been our passion at NGA Law and Brilliant Beginnings for more than 12 years. We were the first UK voice to call for surrogacy reform and we have contributed to many steps forward through our lobbying and litigation, including representing the first UK parents to get a parental order after international […]

Legal Thoughts on Parentage

Legal Thoughts on Parentage

The law surrounding parentage is complex and ever-changing. In days gone by the question of who were a child’s parents was simple. The woman who gave birth was the mother and her husband was the father. The social climate of the time, and the absence of any form of DNA testing, meant this scenario would […]

French bill extending IVF to lesbian couples set for rough ride in parliament

French bill extending IVF to lesbian couples set for rough ride in parliament

The French parliament was Tuesday to start debating a new draft law extending fertility treatment to lesbians and single women, with the bill facing a tough journey through the legislature in the face of bitter opposition from conservatives. President Emmanuel Macron, who acknowledged last week the political risk of the legislation, is mindful of the […]

Our world spins madly on

Our world spins madly on

Since we started to talk openly about our fertility journey back in 2015, the feedback has been generally very positive and public support has been better than we hoped.  We set out originally with a couple of basic missions, they were to help raise awareness of UK Surrogacy and to normalize Same Sex Parenting by […]

Paternal instinct… because dads know best too

Paternal Instinct

As I’m sure you’re aware being a same-sex family sometimes has its challenges, don’t get me wrong its nothing we can’t overcome or combat, because in our eyes the love we feel for our children, and the way we parent (both through theory and real-life practical lessons) is the same. It got me thinking about […]

Family Building Options for Older Couples

Surrogacy & Egg Donor Seminar 2019

Maureen O’Halloran is best known as a celebrity fashion stylist with over 30 years of experience in image & style consultancy for Irish celebrities and female politicians, including clients around Europe. Maureen is also. Qualified Breast care specialist in advising post-mastectomy clients. Now resident in London, in 2011 an Irish medical specialist removed Maureen’s womb […]

The Future of Surrogacy

International Surrogacy

Cross-border surrogacy often involves surrogate, intended parent and clinic coming together from different cultures. Navigating foreign medical systems, surrogate relationships, acquiring citizenship, and the question of legal parentage are just a few complexities of cross-border arrangements.

Mexico Bans International Commercial Surrogacy

International Surrogacy

International commercial surrogacy once again hit the headlines in December 2015, as Mexico was the latest country to say that they were going to stop the ability for international intended parents (IPs) to have a child born through surrogacy within its borders. Mexico follows hot on the heels of India, Nepal and Thailand in a […]

Pregnancy Termination and Reduction in Surrogacy

Pregnancy Termination and Surrogacy

Nancy Block RN, Vice President of International and Major Client Relations for Fertility SOURCE Companies, writes… In the last few months, I’ve noticed a trend in potential surrogates’ decisions regarding termination when completing their applications. These young women seem to prefer not to terminate a pregnancy for foetal anomalies such as Down’s Syndrome or other […]

The Future of International Surrogacy

International Surrogacy

As surrogacy becomes a more familiar route to parenthood, for both same-sex couples and infertile heterosexual intended parents, surrogacy industry expert Sam Everingham looks at what drives parents to engage overseas, assesses the Thailand shutdown in 2014, and considers future projections.

Gay Birthright Campaign Gathers Momentum

Gay Birthright UK Surrogacy

A couple frustrated by restrictive UK laws regarding gay surrogacy have commenced an internet campaign that aims to start a conversation about inequalities in the way the family unit is created for same-sex partners. Brits Rory O’Connell and Nick Mills are hoping to become parents to biological offspring through an overseas gestational surrogate, but told […]

How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency?

surrogacy agency

There are a few things you should consider prior to choosng the first Surrogacy agency. Surrogacy is the process of a woman carrying a baby for another person or persons.

Children from same sex couples do as well as other children

Same Sex Parents And Children

An analysis of multiple studies of 500 households shows that the effects on children with same-sex parents do not affect their self-esteem, gender identity, or emotional health, a Boston researcher reported. In fact, there are many articles supporting same-sex marriage and raising children. “Pediatricians need to recognize that there are variations in families and learn […]