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What are the IVF Risk and Advantage of Blastocyst Transfer?


Did ??u kn?w th?t th? day ?f th? embryo transfer hinges u??n ??ur chance ?f a successful IVF? Risk i? involved with blastocyst transfer, but th?r? ?r? ?l?? ??rt?in advantages ??u ?h?uld kn?w about.

Wh?t i? blastocyst transfer?

On th? fifth day ?ft?r fertilization, th? embryos w?uld h?v? reached th? blastocyst stage – th? stage ?f cell division wh?r? th? embryo h?? “hatched” fr?m th? zona pellucida, ?r shell. At thi? point, th? embryo ?h?uld b? r??d? t? implant it??lf ?nt? th? uterine lining. Studies show th?t blastocyst embryo transfers ?r? m?r? lik?l? t? result in pregnancy but lik? ?n?thing else, thi? option ?l?? h?? it? disadvantages.

Risks ?f IVF blastocyst transfer

Alth?ugh blastocyst embryo transfer increases ??ur chance ?f g?tting pregnant, it ?l?? increases th? risk ?f multiple births. Studies h?v? shown th?t th? chances ?f giving birth t? twins fr?m tw? blastocyst embryos ?r? higher th?n fr?m tw? day-3 embryos. Y?u ??n ?lw??? choose t? h?v? a single embryo transferred but remember th?t th?r?’? a 50% chance th?t it will n?t implant.
On? ?th?r disadvantage ?f thi? procedure i? th?t it works und?r th? assumption th?t m?n? embryos will survive f?r fiv? days. Th? reality i? th?t ?? m?n? ?? half ?f ??ur embryos might die out. F?r ??m? women, n?t a single embryo w?? ?bl? t? make it t? th? blastocyst stage, resulting in th? cancellation ?f th? cycle.
Th? l??t disadvantage ?f th? procedure h?? t? d? with cryopreserving th? remaining embryos. Blastocysts ??nn?t survive th? freezing ?nd thawing process ?? w?ll ?? day-3 embryos do, ?nd ??u might ?nd u? losing m??t ?r ?ll ?f th? embryos in th? process.

Advantages ?f blastocyst transfer

Alth?ugh ??u ??n choose t? h?v? th? embryos transferred ?n th? third day ?ft?r fertilization, a blastocyst transfer h?? m?n? ?bvi?u? advantages. Th? fir?t i? th?t it makes it easy t? weed ?ut th? healthy embryos fr?m th? abnormal ?n?? with?ut spending f?r expensive screening procedures. Studies show th?t embryos th?t d? n?t reach th? blastocyst stage ?r? m?r? lik?l? t? h?v? abnormal chromosome numbers, whi?h means th?? w?uld h?v? eventually miscarried. Doctors observed th?t ?? mu?h ?? 40% ?f embryos fail t? make it t? th? blastocyst stage. Thus, waiting f?r th? embryos t? reach th? blastocyst stage decreases th? number ?f abnormal embryos, leaving ??u with th? ?n?? th?t ?r? m??t lik?l? t? develop int? a healthy baby.
Th? fact th?t th? embryo h?? ?lr??d? “hatched” ?ut ?f it? shell ?l?? giv?? it ?n improved implantation rate. In fact, blastocyst embryos h?v? a 50-50 chance ?f implantation. Thi? means ??u will ?nl? n??d t? h?v? ?n? ?r tw? blastocysts transferred, leaving ??u with a f?w “back up” embryos ju?t in case thi? cycle fails. Spare blastocyst embryos m?? b? cryopreserved until th?? ?r? needed in th? future.

Candidates f?r blastocyst transfer

S? ?h?uld ??u g?t a blastocyst transfer? If ??u ?r? younger th?n 35 with healthy embryos, it might work f?r you. A study shows th?t women younger th?n 35 wh? h?d a single blastocyst transferred h?d a 63% chance f?r a live birth compared t? th??? wh? h?d tw? blastocysts transferred. Y?u might ?l?? benefit fr?m a blastocyst transfer if ??u h?d n? success with day thr?? transfers. Finally, if ??u w?nt t? avoid th? complications ?f multiple pregnancies, a single blastocyst transfer i? highly recommended. G? ?v?r th? options carefully with ??ur doctor t? determine whi?h i? b??t f?r you.

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