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Harry Gardiner

WaveWall was born from our own personal concern on discovering the latest science about mobile radiation and male infertility.

Do mobile phones emit EMF radiation?

Every electronic device, including mobile phones, use electromagnetic fields, which are often abbreviated to EMF.  EMF encompasses a broad selection of radiation types in the...

The future of male fertility

Male fertility levels have been in a steady decline since the 1970s and this has led to some apocalyptic headlines. The news reports paint a...

Male Fertility: more than just genetics

Some things in life aren't within our control. That can be hard to accept but it's something you learn quickly when struggling to conceive...

Will the 5G rollout affect Male Infertility?

The 5G rollout will bring 100 times more mobile phone network power and massively increase.

Why Are Sperm Counts Dropping Across The World?

The statistics on male infertility make for scary reading. One in five otherwise healthy young men between the ages of 18 and 25 have...

How Male Infertility Is An Increasingly Modern Problem

In 1973 the UK entered the European Union, Pink Floyd released Dark Side of the Moon and the Watergate scandal picked up steam. Since...

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