Sarah Banks

Trying for a baby can be a wonderful and exciting time. But for a number of couples (approximately one in seven) it can be an exhausting, heartbreaking and stressful time, full of ups and downs and feelings of hopelessness, failure and grief.

Things We Wish We Could Tell Our Fertility Clinic (But Daren’t In Case They Won’t Treat Us)

To us, our fertility doctors and nurses are heroes, and for the lucky ones that have had successful treatment they have made a huge...

Coping After Failed IVF Cycle

Coping after a failed transfer is like grieving for a loss. A loss of hope, a loss of a precious embryo and the loss of future life that you had planned out in your mind.

The importance of infertility support groups

Research has shown that women struggling with infertility experience the same level of depression as women with Cancer, HIV and heart disease, and a...

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