7 Best Fertility Apps for 2024

The article delves into the apps for family planning. In the accompanying image, a woman is seen pointing towards a screen.

The development and proliferation of modern day fertility apps which are designed to track menstrual cycles was one of the most eagerly anticipated innovations by women trying to achieve pregnancy by synchronizing intercourse with ovulation to identify the most fertile days.

The interest in, and sale of fertility apps and products such as home testing kits has no doubt been stoked enormously by the Covid-19 pandemic. In a world where our ability to visit our physician is reduced or halted altogether by travel restrictions or virus outbreaks, many have welcomed home based and do it yourself devices, technologies and apps that empower and enable those experiencing fertility issues to take a more proactive role in their fertility journey.

As the technology improves and becomes more accurate, it is inevitable that infertility apps will become an increasingly important innovation for those trying to conceive.

Best ovulation app

So, if they are so important, what makes the best apps for getting pregnant?

Well, the short answer is, it depends on what the user is looking for. Apps can be used by women to avoid pregnancy as well as promoting conception. They may be used to help women coordinate activity with menstruation, particularly important for those women who experience severe pms symptoms such as mood swings or be used to monitor fertility health.

The best ovulation app will be the one which ticks all your requirements and is an easy to use app.

The good news is that there are more and more being developed. The advanced ovulation calculator which both facilitates and creates fertile window predictions is coming of age.

Whether you’re looking for support with natural birth control, or you are trying to get pregnant, there are several fertility apps on the market that can help.

In this article we introduce the forerunners of the modern day fertility app and outline their basic functionality; the pros and cons of these ovulation apps should be measured against your specific needs.

We’ve put together the 7 best ovulation apps to help you on your journey.

Best ovulation apps comparison

Fertility AppReviewsRatingExample review
Clue Period, Ovulation Tracker307.2K4.8This app is literally the best period tracker I’ve ever had. I started using it just over a year ago(ish), and it’s truly been helpful. I added in my past periods from another app and that helped a lot with it being able to always be spot on for my days.

One thing I would recommend, is having a “Notes” section for days. I feel like that would be nice because I can remember why I didn’t take my BC (birth control) at a certain time and I can work on being more on time with it. It’d also be nice to keep track of other things in there, such as “my cramps were this bad today because xyz.” And instead of using just the cramps button, I can make a note of how bad or mild they were on which days so I can expect it for next time. I also feel as if it would be easier when talking to an OB/GYN about my periods because my cramps can sometimes be too horrible to the point I can’t even get up and out of bed (the top reason why I’m even taking it - and how irregular my cycle was before).

A couple months ago I got the subscription to Clue, and it’s even better than I imagined! I enjoy getting the articles for what I feel on my period; certain emotions, why my cramps can be killer, etc. I’d definitely recommend this app to all my fellow friends.
Natural Cycles8K4.8So far I love this app! But...
I have been using this app so far for close to a couple of weeks after doing extensive research on using it as a birth control method and going over the different studies around it and I am so excited to finally be learning about and taking charge of my reproductive health! Its so helpful and I feel more and more confident as the days go by. However! As i have been reading and learning more about the FAM method I have been made aware of a couple short comings that I would hope to see addressed. One is that this app does not take your cervical fluid into account or even track it. I understand not focusing on including it into the algorithm but I feel that the app at least showing it in comparison on the graph to your temperature throughout the month could provide a lot of insight as your cervical fluid provides real time insight on your fertility and is not based on past predictions. There also is not an option to put in the position of your cervix which is another pillar of indication of your fertility that if shown beside the basal temperature could help women know again personally in real time their bodies signs of fertility. Not that the app has to take it into account for its predictive method I know its accuracy is very good as is. Just saying to have both those other factors more visually mapped out would be a step up in this apps utility.
Kindara Fertility & Ovulation Tracker7.9K4.7I obviously knew the basics about menstruation, ovulation, and the like before I downloaded this app, but I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know! I am engaged and getting married in May, so I really wanted to get a better understanding of how I could best prevent pregnancy naturally and develop my habits before my fiancé and I go in to this blindly. Kindara offers organized and concise articles on just about everything I needed for a usable introduction to FAM. When I don’t remember what my BBT shift is telling me or what all the acronyms even mean, I can find out in their articles (and even click on the acronyms to see what they stand for). Though my fiancé doesn’t read the articles himself, I’m sure they are concise yet detailed enough for men to understand, too. [At least I can explain the information to him myself, so that’s better than it was before! Lol.

I did have some suggestions that I sent to the developers through the app’s “request a feature” option. Lauren responded almost immediately and was so enthusiastic about my suggestions. Even if they don’t necessarily implement all of my ideas, I’ll still be happy to support the app because it’s already great like it is, and their staff is so amazing!
Glow Period, Fertility Tracker62.6K4.7Great but not 100% Accurate
I have been using this app for years now. I keep track of my period because it’s so irregular. It’s great to record your period cycles and your moods and current symptoms but not to calculate when your ovulating and it’s not accurate in calculating your next period either. You can’t base yourself 100% on an app. There has been times it does predict my next periods and other times it’s way off, because not every woman is the same of course. Be really careful in not trusting when it predicts your days of ovulation, it tells you that it’s high risk in getting pregnant and to be careful if your going to have sex if your avoiding pregnancy. I have tested these predictions and it’s completely off. I have taken ovulation tests just to see if it’s accurate and it’s not. I have taken my ovulation tests and it says I’m ovulating on days the app it says that I’m not and it’s low risk to get pregnant and it says I’m ovulating when clearly the test I’m not. Definitely not 100% and you should never trust an app to to tell you what your body is doing or not. If avoiding pregnancy don’t use this app for that. Use other methods. It’s great for other things just not for other important stuff.
Fertility Friend Ovulation5.5K4.8It has helped us tremendously
I began using this app in 2014 after we had failed to get pregnant despite TTC for a whole year. Through charting and tracking, I was able to conceive our son within 6 months of using this app. So when we began TTC again this year, I knew which app to use to track and chart. I had been using this app since our first child to track my cycles, but once again it helped organize all of the data I was collecting into one simple to use app. This time, it took us only 3 months to conceive. The VIP plan is well worth it and you can put a hold on your remaining VIP days if you get pregnant and save them for later when you’re ready to try again
Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker4.7K4.7Keeps me positive. Along with many other women I suffer with PCOS so I downloaded this app to help me track my periods as this year they have been all over the place. I’ve never really had proper cycles so this app has made tracking them SO easy!! I often get down at the thought I may not get regnant due to my PCOS but this app has so many positive messages that it has really helped me to keep going and has lifted me up on days I’ve felt a bit pants.

I recommend this app to all women, it’s so simple to use and has so many useful tips for trying to conceive. It’s a 10/10 from me!!!!!
Ovusense Fertility Tracker4624.7Amazing product, app, and company!
I am very pleased with my experience with OvuSense. I have unexplained infertility and have a history of very irregular cycles. While taking a break from medicated cycles, I decided to track my temperature with OvuSense. I have tried to measure BBT manually and with the Ava bracelet, but neither have worked for me in the past. OvuSense was the first product I saw that was marketed towards women with long/irregular cycles. My first cycle I started using it a few days after my period ended. To my surprise it still identified my ovulation date and I had a 28 day cycle! My next (current) cycle I ovulated later than the previous month. I ended up ovulating on cycle day 25 and OvuSense did not miss a beat. It successfully identified ovulation again!! This was especially exciting to me because I have never been able to confirm ovulation on my longer cycles. Honestly I wasn’t sure if I was ovulating at all. For me, this product has brought peace of mind. I put all my trust in this little guy. The updated app is user friendly and I haven’t had any issues connecting the device. Customer service has been amazing as well. 100% recommend!!
Source: Data researched by FertilityRoad.com team, Reviews, rating and example review based on Apple Store.
Updated: January, 2022.

Introducing The Fertility Apps – the best ovulation trackers:

Clue Period, Ovulation Tracker

Clue Period & Ovulation Tracker

Clue Period, Ovulation Tracker works as an ovulation calculator and creates fertile window predictions. The application can predict menstruation and support women to assess their fertile symptoms and ovulation symptoms. Clue provides over thirty different categories to monitor. Women’s bodies have many different fertile signs, and the app can help users to access information which provides an indication of their fertile health. Women can use Clue to help with hormonal birth control or assist them on their fertility journey.

Using Clue women can track their period dates and ovulation days to understand how their body works.

Clue helps effective cycle tracking and promotes good fertility health. Its algorithms can flag predicted periods, potentially alleviate some or all the symptoms associated with pms and help generate a greater understanding of cycle patterns.

Price: Clue is a free version app (In-App Purchases range between €0.99 – €39.99)
Download Clue app >>>

Natural Cycles – Contraception

Natural Cycles - ContraceptionNatural Cycles is marketed as a ‘hormone-free contraceptive app’, studies have indicated that the app is ‘93% effective under typical use.’ Users can check ovulation using a basal thermometer temperature. The app predicts ovulation and provides plenty of useful information about the user’s fertile time.

Couples can decide when they need to use protection or have unprotected sex, based on the data from the app. The Natural Cycles app has been cleared by the FDA and is endorsed by both scientific research and that of the work of many a reproductive endocrinologist. Using natural cycles, users can access many different features, including:

  • Access daily cycle updates
  • Info about the fertile phase
  • When to expect a pms symptoms and the next period
  • Science about the menstrual cycle

Natural Cycles was the first app based birth control tool to receive approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. It is designed as an alternative, natural and drug free birth control but equally acts as a general fertility awareness method therefore being of benefit to those trying to conceive as well as those who are not.

Price: A subscription is needed to use the Natural Cycles app. A free demo mode is available. Yearly plan: €64.99/year. Monthly plan: €8.99/month.
Download Natural Cycles app >>>

Kindara Fertility & Ovulation Tracker

Kindara Fertility AppKindara Fertility & Ovulation Tracker supports women to understand their reproductive health and menstrual cycle. The application helps women to monitor their fertility, using education, charts, and science. Kindara can be used as an ovulation tracking device, or to support natural birth control.

The app works by enabling women to identify their fertility window and consequently allowing them to plan sexual activity that will avoid or promote pregnancy. For couples who are trying to conceive, a daily fertility score will determine their chances of conceiving naturally.

Fertility data can also be useful information to provide to healthcare providers. Data like this can help healthcare professionals to monitor signs of infertility. Using fertility charts women can track and record medical information including their fertile signs, periods, cervical position, core body temperature, and more.

The Kindara app was first launched in 2012 and the basic version is free for the first month or so but the premium version comes at a price. Check out the website for the latest pricing options.

Price: A free demo mode is available. 1 Month Subscription €4.99, 1 Year Subscription €50.99, 1 Year Subscription (20% off) €40.99.
Download Kindara Fertility app >>>

Glow Fertility

Glow Period, Fertility TrackerGlow Fertility have been producing apps aimed at improving women’s reproductive health and education since 2013. The data science company now has four apps in its stable including a post birth app designed to keep baby happy and parents supported.

Glow fertility apps tick a lot of boxes; they are easy to use and are free. They can be used for women who want a natural birth control option, or for couples who are trying to conceive. Glow offers plenty of features, including community support, partner support, and personalized health data. Glow claims that, ‘couples who use our ovulation tracker (for conception support), are 40% more likely to become pregnant.’

Further features of Glow include: 

  • An ability to interface with other apps like Google Fit or MyFitnessPal as well as being apple watch friendly
  • Women’s general health support function
  • Endorsements by leading obgyn and fertility experts

The Glow apps attempt to take the user and their partners on a journey from encouraging good fertility and sexual health through to parenthood through the use of some great, advanced features. Its integrated approach represents a step further than that promoted in the earlier ovulation tracker apps.

Price: A free demo mode is available. Subscription cost range €17.49 – €58.99.
Download Glow Period, Fertility Tracker app >>>

Fertility Friend Ovulation App

Fertility Friend Ovulation AppFertilityFriend.com has a long history of providing online fertility charting since 1998 and its mobile app came to the market in 2008.

The fertility app which doubles as a period and ovulation tracker, can create an menstrual calendar and a fertility chart. Fertility Friend App offers both fertility analysis and tips about how to increase the chances of conception. Using the app women can track cervical fluid, core body temperature and resting pulse rate. The app will send notifications, about the best days to conceive. FertilityFriend.com offer a free 30 day premium membership allowing access to tips, education, and tools – thereafter a subscription is available. Users who become pregnant can then download the ‘Pregnancy Tracker’ app, for further features.

Price: A free demo mode is available. Subscription cost examples: 90 Days VIP Membership €19.99, 1 Year Renewal Membership €24.99, 30 Days VIP Membership €9.99, 1 Year VIP Membership €44.99.
Download Fertility Friend Ovulation App >>>

Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker

Ovia Fertility: Ovulation, Period & Cycle Tracker AppOvia fertility is a free cycle tracking app which sits alongside a comprehensive package of support offered to individuals and couples in the family health and parenting arena.

Ovia can help women in several ways, whether it’s keeping track on periods or supporting conception.

Ovia uses algorithms based on the latest fertility research, to provide exact ovulation data, and accurately predict the fertile window.

The Ovia platform and app provides an opportunity to,

  • Monitor your cervical position, fluid, BBT, medications, and more.
  • Get tips and cycle info, directly accessible on your timeline.
  • Support for menstrual cycles, whether irregular or regular.
  • Thousands of expert articles, including info on reproductive health.
  • Personalized fertility info and tips, depending on your goals.

The ovia app takes you from your first cycle to the end date of your fertility journey; it can provide offer advice and tips regarding irregular cycles and irregular periods. If you are looking for a wrap around service which offers a good fertility awareness method, the Ovia app may be for you.

Price: Free application.
Download Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker >>>


OvuSense is an advanced fertility tracker, it’s clinically proven to be 99% accurate. The app can predict ovulation in real-time, a day in advance. The company behind it boasts an impressive statistic; it is clinically proven in ‘over 6,000 cycles of use.’ The app monitors a woman’s core temperature, is able to assess progesterone levels, and provides highly accurate data relating to ovulation dates and fertility windows.

Unlike many other fertility apps the OvuSense app is solely concerned with assisting users get pregnant rather than being used as a natural birth control method. Using a dedicated sensor the app works to monitor your regular or irregular cycles to provide tailored solutions for conception.

Users buy their dedicated sensor with a one off payment and then subscribe on a monthly basis in order to record and monitor cyclical changes. The result is one of the most advanced ovulation calculator on the market.

Price: Free application.
Download OvuSense App >>>

Best ovulation app – FAQ

Which are best apps for trying to conceive?

Each of the featured apps in this article have received good feedback from users, endorsements from fertility experts and have approvals from licensing authorities. Do take your time before deciding on a particular app and make the most of introductory offers to try before you buy.

What is the best free ovulation app for iPhone or Android?

If a product is in demand it will integrate with both iPhone and android users. before you commit to a purchase however ensure the app in question will function fully with your mobile.

Trying To Get Pregnant apps – final thoughts

As the phrase goes, there is no one-size-fits-all and this is particularly true when it comes to assessing the relative merits of fertility apps. The best ovulation app for one person may not be for another. It’s all about personal taste and your specific reasoning for using the app.

The good news is that there is a lot of choice out there; and you are able in most cases to try before you buy. Do take this option wherever possible.

And finally. Remember these apps are helpful but they can not fully replace your physician. You will need their help when it comes to a firm diagnosis or the application of appropriate tests and scans.

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