IVF Spain Fertility Journey Couple Anita and Simon Confirm Pregnancy

Anita and Simon Embark on an Egg Donation Programme with IVF Spain
  • Anita and Simon took part in IVF Spain’s 2015 Fertility Journeys
  • The 12 days of waiting for the results were the hardest part, as you would imagine
  • Faith in God helps a lot, and I have been praying since conception

We have big news from Spain. Not only are IVF Spain relaunching their egg donation Fertility Journeys programme for a third year, but Anita and Simon are pregnant!

Anita writes…

The past few months have been difficult for us, dating back to November 2015 when we found out that our first IVF cycle had not been successful. Suffice to say, when I received the pregnancy test result, it was devastating. Yet, at the same time, we knew that we had one or two more chances to fulfil our dreams, and straight away we started to reconstruct and build the hope that next time would be different.

We were scheduled to have another cycle at the beginning of January. We had already planned to spend our Christmas and New Year holiday in Spain so it was very convenient for us to extend our stay for a few days longer for the treatment.

We were warmly welcomed back to the clinic and treated in a very friendly and professional way, as is always the case at IVF Spain. I strongly believe this is the best clinic in the world! The people are so friendly and welcoming and all staff, from doctors to nurses and office workers, wish you the best and every success – they are genuinely interested in you and care for you like you are family. The knowledge that we are in the best hands has always made us feel special and calm.

Our holiday before the treatment proved a useful and therapeutic time. It prepared us for this treatment and we both were relaxed and happy to have another chance.

The 12 days of waiting for the results were the hardest part, as you would imagine. On this occasion I decided to do my home test before the blood test results and when I looked at the results, I could not believe what I saw – there were two lines perfectly visible. It was just amazing. I had to do another test, and another the next day, and all three showed a positive result. Simon and I were over the moon and two days later a blood test confirmed it.

The first part of a wonderful beginning had just arrived; next came the parts which were not going to be as easy. The first worry of my pregnancy was that I started to notice a small amount of bleeding. This wasn’t a good sign and I started to worry that I may miscarry this beautiful little creation. Faith in God helps a lot, and I have been praying since conception. It gives me peace and relaxes me that all will be well at the end. Sure enough, the spotting proved nothing to be concerned about going forward.

I have been receiving great advice from the clinic on what I should do, be that resting in bed, taking medication or vitamins, or just maintaining a positive state of mind. All of this has been a great help and I know that support will continue until our little miracle is delivered.

So now we move forward to the present day, and I have just had my seven-week pregnancy scan – it was just amazing. I was able not only to see this little creation, but also hear his or her heart beating – it was a very emotional experience. I was informed that all was well and the baby’s position is good. This meeting has filled me with so much hope for a happy pregnancy.

Of course, this is only the beginning of the road, but we do trust and hope that the ending will be amazing and very, very happy.
We could only dream of this happiness and now the Alicante Clinic have managed to fulfil the first part of this dream, we cannot thank them enough.
For more information about IVF Spain visit their website www.ivf-spain.com

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