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Katrina & Shane

2017 has flown by and we have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Fertility Journey. The whole process has been a real joy from start to finish. We can not wait to start Fertility Journey 2018!

When we were due to meet our Fertility Journey couple, Katrina and Shane, for the first time, I am sure we were just as excited as them. What a lovely couple. They were understandably nervous so we made sure, as we do with all our clients, that they felt welcomed and taken care of. Our aim is always to make sure our clients feel safe whilst in our care.

This is especially important for those of our clients coming from abroad. Katrina and Shane soon settled in and were ready to start their journey.
“Our trip to Norway was absolutely amazing. We’ve absolutely fallen in love with it and didn’t want to leave”.

After their first visit to Norway a treatment plan was put in place and all the necessary tests and information was given. We believe in individual treatment so for us it’s paramount that we listen to the couples that we will be treating. Their stories hold the key to a successful result.

“We have been filled with so much hope and have a lot more of an understanding that we’ve ever had before, it was amazing to have everything explained so clearly and we found answers to questions that we’ve had for years in just one consultation.

The clinic is absolutely gorgeous and everyone makes you feel so welcome. They were all so open and friendly and you can really tell that they all want you to achieve your dream.”

Before Katrina and Shane were due to come over for the egg collection we were in frequent contact both by e-mail and Skype. We had also organized all the meds to be sent out by Fertility2U who kindly agreed to sponsor Katrina and Shane’s Fertility Journey by covering all their medication.

“The whole team at Klinikk Hausken were so welcoming and kind and we felt instantly relaxed and supported from the moment we arrived the second time. The clinic itself is really calm and beautiful and sets your mind at ease. The patient care is fantastic, and you just know that you’re in safe hands and that they genuinely care”.

On our first day, we had a scan to see how well I’d responded to my stimulation medication and was pleased to be told that I was coming along well but that I just needed to be on stims for a bit longer than expected. This was still good news as it just meant we got to enjoy Haugesund for even longer!
Norway Lake

We stayed at the lovely Scandic Maritim hotel which had really helpful staff, spotlessly clean bright rooms, stunning waterfront views and delicious restaurants which made our stay so enjoyable and really allowed us to get much-needed rest and relaxation.

In between our appointments we explored the beautiful town, we went hiking in Djupadalen and had a picnic whilst taking in the most breathtaking views. We also visited the Viking museum at Avaldsnes and learned so much about the fascinating local history.

By the time we had the second scan we were so happy to find out that everything was great and had progressed well and I was booked in for my egg retrieval! We were so nervous and excited.”

On the day of the actual egg collection, we were all really excited. We knew that Katrina had a good amount of follicles and had responded well to the treatment. All we needed now was fertilization.

“The egg retrieval day went really well and we were so happy with our results, Shane’s sample was excellent and they also managed to retrieve 11 eggs! The nurses and doctors keep you so calm and it wasn’t scary or painful at all which is what I’d panicked about.

The recovery wasn’t as bad as I’d expected and the peace and quiet of our room made it a lot easier to rest.”

We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome and due to using the EmbryoScope as a standard for all of our patients we knew we would have full insight into the development of the embryos and choose the best one to transfer.

“The clinic was always there for any support or advice and kept us updated on every stage of the process, we found out that 10 out of the 11 eggs fertilized which was fantastic to hear. As our trip had been longer than expected we went for a day 2 transfer which was quick and painless, again the nurses and doctors were fantastic. It was so special being able to watch our embryo being implanted on the screen, And after a day of rest we flew home the following morning.”

We are really pleased that Katrina reacted so well to the protocol we made for her. It is so important for us that the protocol is “bespoke” and tailor-made for each couple. We had to give her meds for a little longer than originally planned, but this is completely normal.

We had a great egg collection and fertilization. Everyone reacts differently to all parts of the treatment which is why it’s paramount that we treat each and every one for the individual they are.

Katrina & Shane Glasses

It was lovely to spend time with Katrina and Shane. Katrina was a real trooper during the egg collection and in recovery. Shane was a real support to her. Well done to both of them. It was lovely to see the support and love between them.There’s no doubt they will become great parents!

We are all now just waiting in suspense for the test results which should be coming through any day now. We are crossing our fingers and toes for a positive result.

“Our trip to Norway was honestly the most ideal setting for treatment and we couldn’t imagine a better option”.

The expertise and atmosphere coupled with the beautiful setting made our IVF journey one of the most special times in our lives, even with all of the emotional ups and downs that come with the medications, nothing brought us down and we felt so hopeful throughout.

We are now just waiting for test day to see if our embryo (We are calling it Nugget) has stuck but we also learned that the remaining embryo that made it to blastocyst has been frozen! Which is fantastic knowing that in the future we can try again whether this round is successful or not.

I just want to say another huge thank you to all of the team at Klinikk Hausken, you really have helped to make our dreams come true and made the process so enjoyable and special and we will be forever grateful.”

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