Terri & Kerian’s Fertility Journey Update with Klinikk Hausken

Kieran & Terri McDonnell

It’s time for our next catch up with our couple, Terri and Kieran with the latest news on their pregnancy.
The latest updates from Klinikk Hausken…

This year has flown by and we have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Fertility Journey. The whole process has been a real joy and with Terri & Kieran enjoying their pregancy we look forward to helping another couple fulfil their dream. We found the process of choosing a couple quite difficult. There were so many deserving couples and so many heart breaking stories.

We are pleased to announce that we will be joining the Fertility Journeys in 2017 to help another couple.

Terri & Kieran are a lovely young couple who were understandably nervous so we made sure, as we do with all our clients, that they felt welcomed and taken care of. Our aim is to always ensure our clients feel safe whilst in our care and this is especially important when they are travelling to a foregin country. Terri and Kieran soon settled in and were ready to start their journey.

“We were sceptical about how we would be in a different country, but we felt completely safe whilst in Norway. Everyone is so kind and approachable and most speak very good English. It truly is a lovely beautiful place and we will definitely be going back again in the future. For us Norway will always have a special place in our hearts”.

After their first visit to our clinic in Norway we explained their treatment plan and performed the necessary tests. Each couple are given an individual treatment plan and understanding their needs and concerns is paramount for us. Their stories may hold the key to a successful result.

“As soon as we met Dr. Hausken we immediately felt comfortable with him. He is so easy to talk too and made us feel relaxed straight away. The rest of the team are just as welcoming. We truly felt everyone went above and beyond for us and nothing was too much to ask for.”

We had been in frequent contact with Terri & Kieran by e-mail and Skype preparing them for their next treatment visit which was for their egg collection. Fertility2U kindly agreed to cover the cost of Terri and Kieran’s medication and arranged for their medication to delivered to their home.

“We found that when having treatment abroad it’s really beneficial to have that one nurse to be able to contact at the clinic, either by email, Skype or phone. The team was always available and no matter what the issue or question was we were looked after and someone was there to help us. This also helps with any worries about going abroad for treatment as you build up a friendship with the people who are looking after you. By the time we got to Norway for our egg collection we felt so relaxed with everyone. The other helpful thing the clinic did for us was organise the medication we needed for our treatment when back in the UK. They made this process so easy, and gave us full details of who to contact for this to be delivered and a breakdown of what to be taken and when.”

Then the day of the actual egg collection arrived and we were all very excited. We knew that Terri had a good amount of follicles and had responded well to treatment. All we needed now was fertilisation.

“They really looked after me throughout the whole treatment and during the egg collection which I was most nervous about as I was only given local anaesthetic. But for me it did the job. The clinic itself is clean, tidy and professional. It is laid out perfectly and also nice and relaxed.

I loved the room we relaxed in after the egg collection and the shower room that is available also. You also have plenty of privacy which is really important for any one going through this treatment. From day one nothing has been too much for anyone who has helped us,and it’s been nice to stay in touch and we would love for that to continue.”

We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome. We use the EmbryoScope as a standard for all of our patients which gives us the full insight into the development of the embryos so we can choose the best one to transfer. Two weeks after their visit we got the brilliant news of the positive test. The whole team was over the moon! Obviously we were aware that they weren’t quite at the finish line yet as it was still early days, but it was absolutely a step in the right direction.

“The best thing about the whole experience for us was that after one round of treatment we fell pregnant and that we still have a frozen embryo to try again in the future. To find out I was pregnant after the first attempt was just amazing, but we put this down to the quality of the treatment we were given and the way the clinic also made us feel, relaxed and looked after. A big part of this I also believed helped was being away from normality and us enjoying our time in Norway. Spending time just us two together and being happy.” Terri and Kieran have kept us updated and we were absolutely delighted to hear about the gender reveal scan. A little boy. What a joy! We hope and wish Terri continues to have a healthy pregnancy and a normal delivery. We will be cheering for them both all the way.

“Our hopes going forward is that the rest of the pregnancy runs smoothly and we have a healthy baby. We still worry that something is going to go wrong as it seems too good to be true, but we remain positive and hopefully our little boy will be here soon, happy and healthy.”

Terri and Kieran’s journey of parenthood starts now and we will be back checking up with them in a few months and sharing pictures of their little boy. After a tough six years of trying to conceive we are so happy to be the clinic that helped them on their way to parenthood.

“We would 100% recommend Klinikk Hausken to any couple thinking about having fertility treatment abroad, without a doubt. I could not think of one reason not to. Dr Hausken and everyone who works at the clinic are the nicest people and will really try everything they can to help. For us it all felt so easy and natural to work with the clinic and they have given us the best gift we could ever ask for. We will never forget what they have done for us.” We wish you all the best Terri and Kieran and we are already looking forward to seeing all three of you back in Norway.

The latest update from Terri and Kieran…

Since the last update we have been enjoying the delights of pregnancy. As my bump is getting bigger each week it makes it feel so real. We are obsessed with learning each week how much the baby has grown or how it is developing. We love every minute of it. The morning sickness now seems to have stopped – touch wood and I am nowhere near as tired as I was at the beginning.

The midwifes and doctors have been  really pleased and said the baby is growing as it should be and everything is going really well!

As you can imagine our families are also beyond excited as they have been waiting for as long as we have to have a baby. Everyone is being so kind and generous with offering us old baby bits they no longer need and are helping out with buying the essentials. I don’t think the baby will want for anything. The love we already have for him we can’t even explain.

It was my birthday recently and as a gift I was given an early gender reveal scan. We weren’t sure about finding out to begin with but further into the pregnancy we couldn’t resist any longer. The scan was so amazing; I cannot explain how emotional it made me feel. It was amazing to see how much the baby has developed and was moving around. I don’t think anything can compare to it.

The sonographer was struggling to see what we were having as the umbilical cord was in between the baby’s legs but once the little one started kicking away it revealed we are having a little boy!! To be told this just made everything so real and we couldn’t be more than happy. From day one we thought the baby was a boy and to have this confirmed we are so excited. Since then, we haven’t stopped looking at ideas for his room, pushchair, clothes etc. We are going to start his nursery over the next few weeks and I also have my 20-week scan due soon. We can’t wait to see our little boy again!!

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