Best Surrogacy Agencies

Laura Cooke offers insights into the top surrogacy agencies worldwide. The accompanying image features people walking through a vibrant tulip field.

A guide to choosing the best surrogacy agency Choosing to start a family is a life-changing decision. Many people also view it as a very private one, opting to walk down that path to parenthood surrounded only by those closest to them.So having to take a stranger with you on the most personal of journeys […]

8 Tips for Finding the Best Surrogacy Agency

8 Tips for Finding the Best Surrogacy Agency

Whether you’re planning to grow your family as intended parents or you want to give the gift of life as a surrogate, choosing the right surrogate agency is essential. You want a company that cares about you and will help you along every step of the way. The best surrogacy agencies will help you find […]

10 historical facts you never knew about surrogacy – from the Bible till now

10 historical facts you never knew about surrogacy - from the Bible till now 2

Surrogates have been crucial in the making of families from the beginnings of human history – from the ancient Middle East to the Spanish Royalty in the 12th siècle, to today. Even though it is not a new concept, surrogacy’s landscape has been evolving in line with the evolution of reproductive technologies. Biblical Times The […]

Free IVF Treatment And 50 Free Initial Consultations With Gennet City Fertility Clinic

City Fertility

At Gennet City Fertility we offer you bespoke fertility treatment using an individualised approach and cutting-edge technologies. Our promise to you is that we will look thoroughly into your fertility difficulties; that we will use state of the art treatment protocols and technologies, and when appropriate, we will also ‘think outside the box’. The members […]

Starting Your Surrogacy Journey… 8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Organised

Starting Your Surrogacy Journey... 8 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get Organised 7

Craig Reisser, a parent via egg donation and surrogacy in the USA, shares some advice for intended parents who are looking for guidance on how to start their surrogacy journeys. When my partner and I decided that we were ready to become parents through egg donation and surrogacy in the USA we didn’t really know […]

Oregon Reproductive Medicine Introduce Their Couple Heather and Brandon

Heather And Brandon Smiling

The team at Oregon Reproductive Medicine has selected a couple to be part of our unique Fertility Journeys project. We are delighted to introduce Heather and Brandon, who after a nine-year journey with many setbacks and repeated unsuccessful attempts are embarking on their donor egg IVF treatment with genomic screening at ORM. Heather writes… Not […]

Free Donor Egg IVF Treatment With ORM Fertility

Free Donor Egg IVF Treatment With ORM Fertility

ORM Fertility is offering Donor Egg IVF Treatment With Genomic Screening. After the birth of Chris & Anne’s baby girl in November, we are excited to announce that the team at ORM Fertility is committed to helping another couple or individual fulfil their dream of building a family by offering a free donor egg IVF […]

How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency?

surrogacy agency

There are a few things you should consider prior to choosng the first Surrogacy agency. Surrogacy is the process of a woman carrying a baby for another person or persons.

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