The Good, The Bad And The Baby Maker – Embryo Quality – Grading Systems

Andrea Sánchez Freire provides a comprehensive discussion on the embryo quality guide. Accompanying the text is a detailed, hand-drawn presentation depicting various stages of blastocysts.

Embryologists play a critical role in IVF clinics, we are the firts babysitters from day 0 (fertilization day) to day 6 of embryo development. We evaluate the embryos in culture first thing in the morning, observing them one by one and writing down all the relevant information. Each embryo requires its evaluation time and professional […]

Embryo biopsy – is it safe enough?

Embryo biopsy - is it safe enough?

Assisted Reproduction Techniques (ART) have evolved over the past decade to improve the success rates in IVF techniques. With the introduction of Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT), a new technique was born in laboratories – embryo biopsy. Embryo biopsy techniques are always improving, and have become safer and more reliable. The tools and technologies of genetic […]

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