ROPA in Spain – a legal IVF option for same-sex female couples

ROPA in Spain – a legal IVF option for same-sex female couples

New reproductive technologies have opened doors to alternative family models. One such technology is the so-called ROPA method which stands for “Reception of Oocytes from the Partner”. This fertility treatment allows same-sex female couples to share motherhood right from the beginning of conception. Using ROPA, one woman provides the egg, which subsequently becomes fertilised with […]

IVF treatment abroad – Popular European destinations revealed

IVF treatment abroad - popular European destinations revealed

The number of fertility patients travelling to European countries for IVF treatment has been steadily increasing over the last decade. But why travel abroad when most countries offer fertility treatment to their own citizens? Reasons for these reproductive journeys are manifold. My own research and several existing studies (Frankfurth 2020; Whittaker, Inhorn, Shenfield 2019) from […]

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