Couple embark on another epic journey to become parents for the second time

Pamela & Ian

In August 2017 we received an email from Pamela who asked if we could share her & her husband Ian’s GoFundme page. As you can imagine we receive a fair few of these requests and we always try and share them.

After sharing the post on Fertility Road we didn’t hear from Pamela & Ian apart from a thank you for sharing their to fundraising page.

About a year later Pamela got in touch with us. Not only had they been successful in raising enough money but they had a little boy called Patrick!

We only shared their fundraising page but for Pamela & Ian we had helped them achieve their dream of becoming parents.

Pamela wanted to help give something back and for last few months, she has been donating her time to The Fertility Foundation which the founders of Fertility Road setup to provide IVF Grants.

Three months ago Pamela & Ian let us know that they were getting ready to try and have a sibling and would we follow their story?

Pamela’s update

My name’s Pamela I’m 39 and live with my husband Ian who is 42 and our 1 year old son Patrick. 

We are about to embark on another epic journey to become parents for the second time. The first time we had help from our friends and family through a go fund me page as we had exhausted our finances on private treatments. We had tried to conceive for 18 years with a lot of heartache and miscarriages. 

Last year we managed to go to Prague and attended Praga Medica clinic for a frozen donor embryo transfer which we were advised may give us a good chance as I have antiphospholipid syndrome which is a condition where your body rejects your own cells. So armed with blood thinning injections and baby aspirin we took a chance we thought would be our last and it turned out to be our miracle chance. 

On November 10th 2018 our son Patrick was born, a day we will always remember as it was amazing exciting and scary all at once. We now had our baby but were also new to parenthood and the challenges it brings. Feeling like zombies for the first 3 months as we now realised we no longer would get a full night’s sleep ha ha ! Every little milestone Patrick meets and every smile and giggle makes it all worthwhile.

When Patrick was born we realised we wanted to try again but had to start saving right away. We are also getting a bit older now, my last pregnancy was considered an older at risk pregnancy so we knew we had to have a second go at it before my 40th birthday.

So as we are about to embark on another epic journey and hoping with all our hearts we will be able to conceive a brother or sister for Patrick

Fingers firmly crossed all the way.
Pamela xx

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