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Fertility Glow
  • This one-of-a-kind program combines cutting-edge scientific research with holistic teachings
  • 8-week comprehensive online video-based program
  • Everything you need to know about male and female infertility
  • Techniques to help you manage the stress, anxiety and negative feelings associated with infertility

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We’re delighted to announce that holistic programme creators Fertility Glow are now ready to offer a second Fertility Road reader the chance to be a part of their new course. Founder and acclaimed holistic fertility expert Kim Sjoblad talks us through the process.
The Fertility Glow Programme begins with a comprehensive individual assessment, guiding each couple through the eight-week step-by- step journey, where they will learn to transform mind, body and spirit. From the comfort of their own homes, Fertility Glow participants will receive weekly videos teaching them about nutrition, how to deal with stress, and lifestyle changes that can optimise their fertility.
In addition, participants will receive resources, action guides, recipes and worksheets, custom designed to guide each participant on the path towards overcoming any challenges that may arise throughout their pregnancy journey.
I coach couples on the many holistic ways to improve overall health and provide options for preconception. Within my teachings, I connect women and couples with the best holistic approaches to achieve conception and to sustain a long, healthy life.
For more information on Kim Sjoblad, her incredible story regarding fertility success, and The Fertility Glow programme, please visit
As discussed, we are now taking applications for a second Fertility Road reader to work with Kim on her Fertility Glow Programme with all costs paid. Each programme lasts for eight weeks with the next set to commence in the next two months. If you are keen to be considered, please complete the form below outlining where you are on your fertility journey at present.
We welcome applicants of all ages, from all backgrounds and at any point along the fertility journey – names and supporting information will be passed to Kim for selection.

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