IVF Spain Couple Darlene and Richard Share Their Pregnancy News

IVF Spain Couple Darlene and Richard Share Their Pregnancy News

In the November/December issue we thought we’d take the time to introduce Darlene and Richard, who also applied to be part of the Fertility Journeys project with IVF Spain. Although they weren’t selected for complimentary treatment like Anita and Simon, we stayed in touch and invited them to come across to see if we could help.

Well, after six years of trying to become parents, and following a journey that took them halfway around the world in search of answers, they met the medical team here at the IVF Spain fertility clinic. And today, they can tell the world that their dream of becoming parents will finally come true. We interviewed them at IVF Spain so they could share their experience and help those couples who find themselves in a similar situation.

How did you feel when the doctor at IVF Spain confirmed you were pregnant?

We found out I was pregnant on my birthday this year – nine days after the transfer. It was the only gift we wanted and our dream came true. We felt more confident with this pregnancy than the ones before because we trusted that IVF Spain had done a more rigorous job of making the best possible embryos.

Between the TESA and EEVA these were two steps we think helped to get us better results. That being said, even though we were excited, we were still nervous after experiencing so many losses before.

One of the other things we thought about a lot was how fortunate we were to have decided to work with IVF Spain. Going through fertility treatment is a large undertaking. You want to feel confident that the best clinic is right by your side in helping you get there. We often smile as we still process the fact that we were successful (so far) and say our baby is “made in Spain” and we are proud to say that!

We have already started thinking of names – there may possibly be a Spanish name on our list, because of such a positive experience.
Interestingly enough, before we got confirmation that I was pregnant, I already ‘knew’. I believed IVF Spain did such an amazing job that our chances were so much higher. Our clinic here in the USA is plain, cold, clinical and does not have a welcoming atmosphere. You line up with 30 other women for monitoring and sit in a lonely waiting room appointment after appointment. Not at IVF Spain. From the lovely greeting to the beautiful waiting area, the entire process step by step is carefully attended to. Even on the day of the retrieval and transfer, we deeply appreciated the tea and cookies in our private area. This was so special. It allowed us to stay closely connected as a couple and feel like we made the best decisions.

Also on the day we found out I was pregnant, Richard purchased me a beautiful Buddha sculpture for my birthday. Our Buddha sits proudly on our dresser. Until we got our first ultrasound picture we had the quote from IVF Spain about making a dream a reality in the lap of the Buddha. Now our Buddha carefully holds our ultrasound photos!

Did you ever think that you had to give up the idea of being parents?

In New York after many failures, the continued response after each loss was ‘let’s just keep trying’. So we continued to try but continued to be unsuccessful. As we are into our 40s we knew that we didn’t want to be trying much longer. Financially, emotionally and physically the whole journey had taken a toll on us.

We needed to be in a new environment that helped to renew our sense of becoming parents, and IVF Spain did just that. With new approaches, new doctors, new protocols. The best aspect for us is that we fully trusted the advice and direction of IVF Spain, and that was largely because of their high success rates.

What also set the clinic apart was the multitude of treatment options, its holistic nature and the caring, coordinated staff. It’s as though they make you feel like you only have one job – and that is to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

So often in New York we would feel the stress of administrative tasks, calling for appointments without hearing back, not being able to get answers in a timely fashion. I often felt like I was just a small fish in a large sea of other couples trying for the same dream. And interestingly enough, you would think a New York or US-based clinic would have the best technology and care available in the world. But unfortunately that was not the case for us. IVF Spain continues to put clients at the centre of all their care.

How do you feel now about our assisted reproduction centre?

If we could give up our careers and create a satellite IVF Spain office in the US we would! We strongly believe that it has some of the best treatments available in the world. We would not have left one of the best medical facilities in New York for something similar. Our choice of clinic needed to be a significant step up on all fronts. Many other clinics we researched, even in Europe, seemed to be in remote, rural or industrial areas that were cold and unwelcoming.

What more could you ask for at IVF Spain? The lovely city of Alicante, the beach, the sunshine, the amazing food. And clean air too.

After many failures we ended up at IVF Spain and were prepared to potentially have a longer road with our treatment due to new protocols and medications.

But in the end we were successful on our first try. We are now halfway through the pregnancy and still have another 21 weeks to go, but we are feeling more and more confident every day that our little girl will be with us next February.

What would you advise to others who are experiencing the same thing you went through?

We have many pieces of advice… and here would be a few thoughts:

  1. Consider what is important to you in a clinic as you research and then evaluate several clinics.
  2. Ensure that you look at the total cost of the journey; it’s the guarantees and the various options with technology that can make a difference.
  3. Never choose a clinic based on the lowest cost possible – choose the clinic where you feel a connection and where you feel at home and welcomed.
  4. Ensure that fertility treatment becomes part of your life and not your whole life. Remember to have fun, spend time with family and friends and pay attention to the things that matter.
  5. Be sure to ask questions and get the answers you need to make an informed decision.
  6. Fully dedicate the time to the treatment – and clear your schedule to make it all happen. Follow all the instructions and respect the information provided to you by the doctors and clinics every step of the way. They are experts so trust their guidance, wisdom and direction.
  7. Be ready to take some risks. You won’t always know all the answers, and though there are no guarantees – there are choices and decisions you can make along the way that will help increase your chances of success. Choosing a clinic like IVF Spain is so special because they pay close attention to your past and what you want in the future and come up with the best plan possible.
  8. Take care of you and your health: in the lead–up we ensured we consumed healthy diets, took our vitamins, had plenty of exercise and invested in plenty of sleep. For us, being healthy going into treatment not only provided us with more energy to deal with all the ups and downs, but also allowed us to feel like we had done all we could at being successful.
  9. Be patient and understanding, and try to be as stress–free as possible. There are many things within your control, and there are many things that you can only trust and not control.
  10. Picture yourself being a mother or parents – it’s easy to get caught up in needles, schedules, medications and appointments.

For more information please visit www.ivf-spain.com

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