Herts & Essex Welcome Yvonne & Shephard Who Were Selected To Receive Free IVF Treatment At Their Clinic

Yvonne and Sheppard struggled with implantation failure

Mr Michael Ah-Moye Consultant Gynaecologist and founder of the clinic welcomes the IVF winner Yvonne and Shephard for their first consultation appointment.
As part of the 40 years IVF celebrations, our clinic decided to offer a free fertility treatment to a couple who very much needed assistance to start their family. We also offered 40 free consultations to couples who needed to assess their fertility and get guidance from a fertility doctor.

We had more than 400 applications and each couple had their own story to tell. We were really touched by how many couples needed support and advice.

Our aim was to screen all the submissions and ensure that they met the IVF criteria we established as quickly as possible so that we could end the applicant’s anticipation. The draw was carried out on the 20th of September with the help of two incredible parents who had fulfilled their dream of having their own family through our centre.

Mark Spelmann and Georgina Beetlestone picked the lucky couple who would receive the free treatment and a runner-up couple who could claim the prize in case the first didn’t meet the criteria. They also selected 40 additional couples who were entitled to a free consultation appointment.

Yvonne and Shephard were extremely lucky as they were the couple who were chosen initially as runners – up but were then informed that they would receive the free treatment after the first couple revealed that they were already pregnant!

Yvonne and Shephard were thrilled to find out that they not only had won a free consultation, as initially confirmed, but a whole IVF journey with our clinic as well.

The lucky couple attended our clinic in early October to meet our CEO and founder of HEFC Michael Ah-Moye. At their appointment they completed all their screening tests and discussed the next steps in their journey. We were so pleased to meet them in person, listen to their journey to date and be able to offer them the support they will need to continue with their fertility experience.Within the next couple of weeks, the couple will start on a protocol most suited to their fertility needs.

We are looking forward to supporting this young couple and we are committed to provide our highest calibre medical services in our friendly, supportive and caring environment as we do for all our patients.

Yvonne and Shephard
Yvonne Writes…

The first contact we had from the Herts and Essex Centre was really pleasing but tinged with a little disappointment. We were told that we had been selected for a free consultation – this was great news as thought it would help us discover what treatment options we could consider but at the same time we had our sights, thoughts and prayers set on the free IVF cycle. This was after all our main motivation when we applied for the Journey Programme.

A short time later we had another call from the clinic – this time our prayers had been answered! The clinic told us the initial couple who were offered the free cycle did not require it because they were already pregnant! The news took us by complete surprise and due to our Faith, we can only conclude that this news was created by Divine intervention! We are extremely very excited, pleased, happy, and so much looking forward to start our family which we have long waited for. We thank God for his mercies which endure forever – Herts & Essex Fertility Centre – you are God sent!!

Our wish is to go through the treatment smoothly without any challenges and we also wish for something special … twins! We start our journey well aware however of the success rates provided by IVF treatment – we know it is not successful 100% of the time but we are strong believers. We place our trust in God and science – God has good plans for us; Plans to prosper us (Jeremaiah 29 vs 110. We trust our fertility journey will be life changing and we will involve our extended family in it – like us, they have been waiting for this moment to begin!

Being chosen as the couple who will receive the free IVF cycle is a blessing; the way we were chosen after the initial couple fell pregnant made the process even more extraordinary.

We can’t wait to be parents. It has been a stressful emotional and difficult wait. We can’t thank the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre and Fertility Road enough and we look forward to sharing our journey with you.

Herts & Essex Fertility Centre are one of the few fertility clinics in the Hertfordshire and Essex area.

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