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Klinikk Hausken

We’d like to welcome back Klinikk Hausken who are joining our fertility journey programme for another year offering one couple the chance to receive a full IVF cycle at their clinic in Norway.

Klinikk Hausken is really excited to once again join the Fertility Journey. Our team is ready to help the chosen couple on their road to parenthood through the use of IVF treatment. Medical Director Dr. Jon Hausken and his dedicated team will guide the selected couple throughout their treatment cycle. Camilla Vågen Dibley

About Klinikk Hausken

With a strong legacy connected to IVF and over 30 years experience Dr. Jon Hausken founded Klinikk Hausken in 2006. Over the years the clinic has become the largest private IVF clinic not just based on number of clients, but also on birth success rates.
When Dr. Hausken founded the clinic he had a strong view on how the clinic should be run. Basing the core values on individual care, innovation and simplified treatment plans Dr. Hausken and his team has made the clinic a “safe haven” for couples seeking IVF treatment.

The Klinikk Hausken Team

Although Klinikk Hausken is the largest private IVF clinic in Norway we are small compared to any UK clinic. That’s why our clients feel they have been seen and heard after receiving treatment at the clinic. All our clients will be given a named nurse who will be their point of call throughout the treatment process. In addition, our clients get direct access to their doctor to make sure they feel safe during treatment. Our international contact is also at hand if our clients have any queries or concerns regarding travel arrangements, appointments etc. At every turn the KH team is there to ensure you receive the individualised care KH is all about.


Klinikk Hausken has always been the pioneers in adapting cutting edge technologies within IVF. We maintain our focus on innovative treatments and technologies designed to maximise success rates for our couples.
With innovation as the key word, Klinikk Hausken in 2010 began implementing the revolutionary EmbryoScope ® Time-Lapse imaging technology. We were the first clinic in Norway as well as one of the pioneers in Europe to successfully implement this novel concept. Upon receiving its EmbryoScope, Klinikk Hausken, led by IVF Laboratory Director, Shabana Sayed, began a series of in-house trials to confirm its safety and efficacy. This resulted in an algorithm which has allowed us to achieve a relative increase in live birth rates per embryo transferred by a remarkable 24%. It uses, in addition to the traditional morphology, de-selection parameters and kinetic behavior of embryos to select the most viable embryo. The benefits of this technology has resulted in Klinikk Hausken implementing the use of time-lapse incubators in all of our clinics and more importantly providing this revolutionary technology to all couples without any additional cost.

We strongly believe that time is of the essence when trying to achieve a pregnancy. This is one of the reasons why we use EmbryoGlue as the standard embryo transferring media for all our couples, irrespective of it being their first or their third attempt. To enhance implantation of the most viable embryo in the uterus, EmbryoGlue has been used in all our couples from 2010. This transferring solution acts as an adhesive assisting in successful implantation and subsequently a healthy pregnancy. This again reinforces Klinikk Hausken’s approach of providing optimal care to all our couples at no extra costs.


Most of our Norwegian clients have already been through a few rounds of fertility treatment by the time they seek treatment at our clinic. Our UK clients have usually been through the NHS funded attempt or other privately funded treatment. This is why KH specialise on “difficult” cases. Making sure no stone is left unturned to optimise every step of the treatment process. We pride ourselves on listening to our patients as the answers often lie with the patient and not in the test results alone. Individualised care together with the newest technology and years of expertise makes for a winning combination in getting great results for our valued clients.


By having your treatment in Norway you won’t just get excellent care in all aspects of your treatment, but you will get an adventure. Come see the beautiful fjords and mountains Norway has to offer. Klinikk Hausken has a network of four clinics set along the beautiful west coast of Norway and in the capitol itself. You will find us in Stavanger, Haugesund, Bergen and Oslo. All run with the same vision Dr. Hausken had when he first started his first IVF clinic.

Klinikk Hausken has offered treatment to UK couples for the past 13 years with great success. Activities such as the Fertility Show in London and Manchester, roadshows such as Routes to Parenthood and the Fertility Journey has made it possible for us to optimise the treatment process for our UK couples. Even though the UK couples only make up 10% of treatments done at Klinikk Hausken per year (700 UK couples so far) it has helped us achieve an even higher level of quality on our services, especially on customer focus. Meeting potential clients through different channels gives us new impulses and engages the staff even more. We feel we take something useful away from each and every one of the events and meetings we have with the UK public. And we have learnt a lot about the UK culture. All of our staff are fluent in English and we have even picked up a few English sayings along the way which we frequently used words around the clinic. A more polite and well-spoken nation is hard to come by and we thoroughly enjoy working with our UK clients. And I think the UK couples enjoy coming to us. Here’s a quote from one of our UK based couples enjoying their time in Norway:
Klinikk Hausken’s Fertility Journey – What’s on offer
The clinic will cover all costs in connection with the IVF treatment as well as all travel expenses and accommodation.
If donor sperm is needed Klinikk Hausken will also cover these expenses.
In the event of surplus embryos the clinic will cryopreserve these at no extra cost.
If the couple will need to use the cryopreserved embryos due to a negative result on the fresh cycle Klinikk Hausken are prepared to cover any cost connected to this cycle.
This includes travel and accommodation expenses. If the couple gives birth on the fresh cycle they are free to use the cryopreserved embryos for sibling treatment at their own expense. The embryos will be cryo preserved for 5 years according to Norwegian Law.
If you would like us to help you on your Fertility Journey please apply .
We welcome applicants between 20 and 40 years old, from all backgrounds and at any point along your fertility journey.

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