Fertility Journey 2014 – Louise & Dean

Fertility Journey Louise & Dean

World leading Chinese medicine expert Andrew Loosely has selected his partner for Fertility Journeys 2014. So in this interview, we hear more about how Andrew’s treatment programme over the coming months, and make a light introduction to Louise, whose journey we’ll be following.

Q. Why did you choose to be a part of Fertility Journeys 2014?

“My passion is in sharing the positive effects of Chinese Fertility Medicine with those people around the world trying to create their families.

Through this exciting project, Louise will have treatment and support whilst she prepares for her next IVF cycle. She will share her experience and newfound knowledge with Fertility Road readers in each edition, so that you can see how Chinese medicine may help you on your own journey.”

Q. What made Louise the ideal person for you to support, from the many applicants we had?

“I was truly grateful to everyone who applied, and there were some brilliant people I would love to have worked with, but Louise’s story really stood out to me. She has been trying to conceive for seven years and has experienced failed IVF cycles along the way. Her medical diagnosis is one of Unexplained Infertility, and this is an area that Chinese medicine is particularly good at addressing.

Louise’s goal is to prepare for six to nine months before embarking on her final funded NHS IVF cycle, and she wants to do everything she can to make it a success.

She has realised that preparing for IVF is key, and as this is the core of my work with clients around the world, so it seemed like a perfect match.”

I am 34 years old and grew up in Essex with my parents and sister. I was lucky enough to travel around south-east Asia and Australia at the age of 21 and then landed myself a half- decent job in the IT industry. I’ve been with my fiance? Dean for around eight years and we live in south-west London.

Our fertility path started around five years ago – I knew that I always wanted to have babies but had a feeling it would be difficult for me to conceive as my periods had been irregular and I had been (mis)diagnosed with PCOS at the age of 21.

We’ve been undertaking IVF for over two years, and after 18 months of being on the rollercoaster, with repeated disappointments, we booked a last-minute holiday to Kerala – it was exactly what we both needed after having such an emotional ride come to nothing.

When we returned, I noticed the Fertility Journeys 2014 feature and thought we’d give it a go. I couldn’t believe my luck when told I was being given this fantastic opportunity to work with Andrew. I first heard of him through the Fertility Summit and always liked his approach to fertility. I’m happy to explain more in terms of how I’ve reached this point and very much look forward to working with Andrew and, of course,

I hope my fertility journey can reach out to readers and offer hope and knowledge.

Fertility Journey Louise & Dean
Q. What is the overall plan for working with Louise?

“We’re going to spend the next six to nine months preparing Louise for her final IVF cycle in order to give her the best possible chance of success.

Louise will primarily use herbal medicine, which will be personally prescribed for her needs – she’ll take this daily.

Nutritional and emotional support as well as Fertility Massage Therapy will be used as supporting treatments, as and when required, to ensure that Louise feels physically and emotionally supported throughout the journey.

This will be achieved by using my natural treatment programme, The Baby Creating Plan, which is made up of the following three steps:

Step one: A clear diagnosis

Using all of Louise’s recent test results and a Chinese medicine diagnostic approach, I will be working with her to assess her current fertility health.

Once we know what’s working well and what’s perhaps not so efficient within Louise’s body, we will know what we need to do to start transforming her fertility health and building up her nutritional reserves for her IVF cycle.

A Chinese medicine diagnosis will be reached, which will form the foundation of her journey throughout the programme. She will then move on to the next step.

Step two: Create a plan of action

A plan of action will be created with a timeframe of treatments and progress that we want to see over the six to nine months. This will give continued direction, whilst also insuring that we achieve all of our treatment goals along the way.

Once the plan is created Louise can move on to applying the best treatments for her personal needs.

Step three: Treatment

Louise’s herbal medicine will be prescribed and she will receive a variety of personalised prescriptions throughout her menstrual cycle, to enhance each stage of her cycle. As we
work through each month, the herbal medicine will be altered as her cycle balances and her health improves.

She will also receive some nutritional support, emotional support and Fertility Massage Therapy as required, to offer her a complete experience of the treatments that we use as part of The Baby Creating Plan.

Fortnightly follow-up sessions with myself will be booked to monitor her progress, assess her menstrual cycle and BBT charts, and adjust herbal prescriptions as her situation improves.

One month prior to the IVF we will plan the support that she will have throughout the IVF cycle, using the above treatments.”

Q. Is there anything that Louise needs to prepare before starting treatment?

“The only preparation that she needs to do
is to collect all of her test and past IVF cycle results together, and then complete a detailed questionnaire before starting Step one. This will then start the programme off and she will work with me through the three steps of The Baby Creating Plan.”

“We’re going to spend the next six to nine months preparing Louise for her final IVF cycle in order to give her the best possible chance of success. “

Picture of Andrew Loosely
Andrew Loosely
Over the past 20-years I’ve helped thousands of people around the world to enhance their fertility, to create the healthy babies they dreamed of – all with my 3 simple but effective steps to pregnancy, that you can now discover too!

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