Fertility Journey Update Introducing Fertility Glow

We’re delighted to introduce another new Fertility Journeys partner and invite applicants who would like to work with Kim Sjoblad on the fantastic Fertility Glow holistic program. This is an eight-week online project, so we are inviting applications regardless of location.

Kim Sjoblad of Get Your Glow Inc. is excited to fund one couple to participate in the Fertility Glow Program. The Fertility Glow is an acclaimed eight-week online holistic program. The journey will be documented with the assistance of Fertility Road magazine.

Because the Fertility Glow is a unique program customised to the needs of both those undergoing IVF or other assisted procedures, and those wishing to work with natural fertility methods, we welcome applicants of all ages, from all backgrounds and at any point along their fertility journey. It takes the form of a comprehensive eight-week step-by-step set-up designed to take the guesswork and stress out of getting pregnant. The one-of-a-kind program combines cutting-edge scientific research with holistic teachings. Members will learn how to transform their mind, body and spirit to achieve and sustain a healthy pregnancy.

Sjoblad, who created the program based on her own struggle with infertility, shares easy to follow videos, resources, action guides, recipes and worksheets, custom designed to help couples overcome any challenges that may arise throughout their fertility journey. She coaches couples on the many holistic ways to improve overall health and provides options for preconception. Through her teachings, Sjoblad connects couples with the best holistic approaches to achieve conception and to sustain a long, healthy life.

Sjoblad’s practical and realistic teachings inspire couples or individuals to take charge of their own health and happiness by adopting a whole foods diet, improving lifestyle practices and learning to live and love to the fullest!

Kim Sjoblad graduated with first-class honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition – Canada’s most recognised institution for having the best comprehensive nutrition curriculum in the country. She is an advocate for maternal health and proudly donates a portion of the program’s proceeds to Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organisation dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother.

For more information on Kim Sjoblad, her incredible story regarding fertility success, and The Fertility Glow program, please visit kimsjoblad.com

Participant quotes:
“I know that the information, tools and support I gained from Kim and the Fertility Glow Program was a component to my success in achieving a healthy pregnancy and I highly recommend her services to others!“ – Natalie, Oakville, ON

“Kim put together a comprehensive program that was easy to follow and eventually allowed me to achieve my ultimate goal of getting pregnant. Anyone who is experiencing infertility should seriously consider using Kim’s services to optimise their chances of conceiving, whether naturally or through assisted measures.” – Carolyn, Oakville, ON

“Before the Fertility Glow program I felt very out of control with my emotions. I also felt like I did everything I possibly could to get pregnant. The Fertility Glow program not only helped my husband and I conceive but it transformed our health and our relationship. For those that feel like giving up, I would highly recommend taking this program before you do. It may help your dream come true; it did for us!” – Leslie, Welland, ON

“The modules were great in helping me identify small tweaks to my health and wellbeing. I felt the information was very valuable, and I truly appreciated the time it allowed my wife and I to connect. I began with the mindset that fertility is a two-person team, but came out of this program with an even stronger understanding of how true that is.” – Mr. K, New York, NY

“Before taking Kim’s program, I had considered myself a healthy person who was knowledgeable about nutrition and diet. However after starting the Fertility Glow program I realised there were many things I didn’t know about food, stress management and hormone balance. And now that my husband and I have completed the program we feel better than we ever have! We have more energy and a better understanding of what to avoid and what to consume in order to obtain hormonal balance and optimal nutrition. You have forever changed our lives! – Mrs. V, Toms River, NJ

If you wish to apply to be the couple selected to work with Kim on her Fertility Glow Program, please complete the form below, detailing why you would like to be chosen and outlining where you are on your fertility journey at present. We welcome applicants of all ages, from all backgrounds and at any point along the fertility journey – names and supporting information will be passed to Kim for selection.

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