Klinikk Hausken Joining the Fertility Journey 2018

Klinikk Hausken Joining the Fertility Journey 2018

We are so excited about joining this year’s Fertility Journey. And we are getting closer to the day in choosing the couple who will go on this journey with us.

We are looking forward to introducing Norway and our clinic to the chosen couple. Norway is constantly voted the best country to live in with a publicly funded healthcare system, known for its high-quality of care and efficiency.

When it comes to Klinikk Hausken, we are the largest IVF clinic in Norway carrying on the quality and efficiency the Norwegian Health Services are known for. We also pride ourselves on our individualised care, innovation and good results. All of which the couple will experience throughout their journey to parenthood with us.

**The process **

We can’t wait to get to know our Fertility Journey couple, to be able to join them on their journey to parenthood. To make them feel safe, relaxed and supported.
The chosen couple will only need to visit our clinic in Norway twice. The first trip will be for investigative tests and planning of protocol. The initial meeting is extremely important to us and it’s where we get to know each other.

This is where we build the foundations for a successful partnership moving forward. We will work with you to design a treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs which will include personalised care and detailed information regarding the entire process. At every stage of your treatment with us our knowledgeable and helpful staff he will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. The key to planning an optimal treatment protocol for the couple lies in effective two way communication and that’s why we believe listening to the couple is paramount to the treatment process.

The second trip will be the actual egg collection and transfer. The couple will stay in Norway for one week during this stay. This is the perfect opportunity take some off to relax and focus on each other and the treatment ahead without worrying about daily life at home.

Exploring Norway

The couple will also have the opportunity to experience the Norwegian culture during their visit. Taste our weird and wonderful food, explore the stunning scenery Norway has to offer and get to know the people of Norway. This will be the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime.
**Getting to know you **

Klinikk Hausken has offered treatment to UK couples for the past 11 years with great success. Activities such as the Fertility Show in London and Manchester, roadshows such as Routes to Parenthood and the Fertility Journey has made it possible for us to optimise the treatment process for our UK couples. Even though the UK couples only make up 10% of treatments done at Klinikk Hausken per year (700 UK couples so far) it has helped us achieve an even higher level of quality on our services, especially on customer focus.

Meeting potential clients through different channels gives us new impulses and engages the staff even more. We feel we take something useful away from each and every one of the events and meetings we have with the UK public. And we have learnt a lot about the UK culture.

All of our staff are fluent in English and we have event picked up a few English sayings along the way which we frequently used around the clinic. A more polite and well-spoken nation is hard to come by and we thoroughly enjoy working with our UK clients. And I think the UK couples enjoy coming to us. Here’s a quote from one of our UK based couples enjoying their time in Norway:

“Coming to Klinikk Hausken and to Norway has been lovely. Both Bergen and Haugesund are beautiful towns which has made our stay quite peaceful. The staff at the clinic has been so friendly as well. We are so glad to have come to Klinikk Hausken”

**Special offer **

We have had a humbling amount of interest from couples wanting to join us on this Fertility Journey. We will be announcing the chosen couple in the next issue of the Fertility Road Magazine, but we really would like to help more than just the one couple in their journey to parenthood. This is why Klinikk Hausken has decided to give all of our readers a free virtual consultation with our Medical Director and IVF Specialist Dr.

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