Meet US couple Melissa and Scott as they prepare for their fertility journey with Cyprus IVF Hospital


“We both feel like we have been blessed with the chance to actually reach for our dream of having a child.”

Melissa and Scott from the United States are the latest couple to participate in the 2022 Fertility Journeys Project and are “over the moon excited” to soon be starting treatment at Cyprus IVF Hospital.

Melissa was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, while Scott is a native of Texas. The couple bonded over their love of road trips, fast cars and animals and found each other at a difficult time in their lives.

Melissa said: “We met just after we both experienced a loss in our family. Scott’s mother passed away and my grandmother passed away around the same time. We were both very close with each of them and those events sparked our individual desires to find that special someone to spend the rest of our lives with.”

She added: “I knew from the first moment speaking to Scott that I was going to fall in love with him. It was the gentleness in the way he spoke to me and the kindness that came across immediately.”

Scott said: “What I love about Melissa is her caring and loving personality. When we met I thought her curiosity about living in the country was sweet. She would ask me how to pick a good watermelon (by knocking on them, of course) and she would ask me if I saw a lot of cows where I lived. Then I found out she loved cows and I thought that was sweet, and to my advantage! The way she cooked and showed how much love she had, made me fall in love with her very quickly.”

Melissa and Scott got married in 2018 and have been trying to conceive since that time.

Sadly, the couple experienced a miscarriage in 2020, but the parting words from their physician gave them hope.

Melissa said: “He was so kind and caring to us both when he saw how broken up we were at the news. He shared with us he and his wife went through a great deal of turmoil and ups and downs trying to conceive. He said his wife had multiple miscarriages and each one broke both of their hearts. He brought out a photo of his family which had his wife and two beautiful boys in the photo. They were all smiling.

“He said ‘If building a family is what you want, never give up, because it will happen. Don’t let anyone tell you different.’

“His parting words never left us and those words started us on this journey, which led us to the Fertility Journey Project.”

The couple started researching IVF, including treatment overseas, in 2021.

Scott said: “In our research, we ran across Fertility Road Magazine and my wife filled out the submission for the chance to participate in the Fertility Journey Project. My wife would not stop talking about it and would say, ‘what if we are actually selected? Do you think they will select us?’ She actually would wake up at night asking me that same question. It was cute.

“Next thing you know, they told us we were selected and we have been over the moon excited since receiving the news.”

Melissa added: “Words cannot express our gratitude to everyone involved. We know there are a lot of people working to make this possible and we appreciate everyone’s efforts to help us.

“We have so much gratitude for all that Fertility Road Magazine and the Cyprus IVF Hospital is doing to help us build a family.”

The couple are looking forward to travelling to Cyprus in the coming weeks to begin their treatment.

They added: “To think that our child’s existence will begin on that beautiful island is just amazing and we look forward to the possibility. Yes, we are nervous and there is some uncertainty, but we are a team and we do everything together. This is just the next step in our journey and we are ready for it!

“Wishing all the best to the future moms and dads on the same journey!”

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Laura Cooke
Laura is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about fertility, egg and sperm donation and IVF. She has previously written about the subject for publications including Men's Health UK and Stylist.

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