Innovation, quality and excellence: the heart of UR HLA Vistahermosa’s commitment to patient care

Innovation, quality and excellence: the heart of UR HLA Vistahermosa's commitment to patient care

From its commitment to innovation, quality and excellence through to its Refund Guarantee Programme UR HLA Vistahermosa have established itself as one of the most prestigious providers of fertility treatment in Spain.  

UR HLA Vistahermosa is one of the 2020 Fertility Road Fertility Journey partners and here, Business Development Director, Salomé López Garrido outlines some of the guarantees offered which have contributed to its continued growth and success.

The UR Group has a total of nine clinics, each located in different hospitals across Spain and currently undertakes in excess of 11,000 assisted reproduction treatments per year.

The group’s International Department Hub is based in the impressive HLA Vistermosa hospital in Alicante, which has just entered into the top 20 best Spanish hospitals (according to the Monitor de Reputación Sanitaria – MRS). No mean feat for Vistahermosa, which translates as ‘Beautiful View’ considering there are over 800 private hospitals in Spain.

Free Egg Donation treatment UR Vistahermosa offer another free IVF cycle
Free Egg Donation Treatment With UR HLA Vistahermosa

A Home from Home 

We recognise that any form of fertility treatment can involve psychological as well as practical challenges. Add to the cost of any form of private treatment; travel, unfamiliar surroundings and heightened anxiety due to invasive medical procedures and it is not surprising that couples require a very high level of personal care; reassurance and guarantees where possible, that they will receive a level of care that is comparable to that offered by any clinic.  

We offer support for international patients from the moment they contact us. Initial consultations can be undertaken by skype, telephone or email and we actively encourage couples to visit our facilities.

Once a diagnosis has been made and treatment options assessed our patients are given a personalised plan which clearly sets out the proposed treatment with a timetable of actions. 

We have an extensive network of diagnostic, medical, support and complementary practitioners working in different countries who are able to provide additional support before or after the couple have visited the clinic. We also work in partnership with the International Fertility Network who facilitate additional support and provide logistical information for couples wishing to travel for fertility treatment outside their usual country of residence. 

Our guarantee to our international patients is simple. We want you to feel at home throughout your time with us. We offer extended support and information service based in your own country; wherever possible reducing the time spent travelling or away from loved ones.

Our multi-lingual team speak your language and can advise on transport and accommodation whilst you are in Spain; ensure you are comfortable with each medical step we take and guarantee that you are stress-free in order that you may concentrate on the very important task of creating your dream family.  

Meet UR HLA Vistahermosa Couple Dimi & Malcolm

Our Refund Guarantee

We achieve your pregnancy or if this is not possible we refund the cost of your treatment. 

This guarantee is not offered lightly. We know you become accustomed to many different programmes which state they offer a successful pregnancy ‘or your money back’ and we have thought long and hard about whether it was appropriate to develop a pregnancy guarantee programme. 

We have always defended that it is not possible to guarantee a pregnancy, however it is possible to guarantee a commitment to help all couples and women who wish to have a baby, to fulfil their dream, and if not we commit ourselves to refund of up to 100% of the amount paid in the treatments. 

Guarantees Built on Success

Put simply. Our record stands for itself. We have been helping couples create families for over 30 years. Our success rates, which are higher than the standards published by the Spanish Fertility Society, continue to grow year on year and we are confident in our ability to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Consequently, we offer a refund service which has our skills and knowledge as fertility experts at its core; attributes which we feel can justify a pregnancy guarantee programme.  

The programme is designed to be as affordable as possible, is fully inclusive and is offered without a waiting list. It includes consultations, medication, follow-up of ovarian stimulation with scan controls of the cycles, blood tests and the needed sperm tests.

Egg collection – the extraction of the resulting oocytes from the stimulation, their fertilization, the embryo transfer and vitrification of surplus embryo(s) (and storage) are all included in the programme. 

The programme also includes laboratory techniques such as ICSI, Macs, Time-Lapse, Blastocysts, assisted hatching, endometrial scratch; operating room facilities; hospital stay for one night and all vitrified embryo transfers. Finally, in all egg donation treatments, the donors’ compensation is also included.

The guarantee upholds safety and current practice guidelines. Under the programme, we will transfer a maximum of two embryos in each cycle to avoid the risks that multiple pregnancies implies, both for the mother and for the foetuses. 

For us, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of our patients and the baby, so we consider it essential that a fertility centre should be part of the multidisciplinary and professional teams of a health infrastructure such as a hospital. 

Guarantees which makes us stand out from the crowd

Our IVF refunding guarantee programme is built on a solid foundation of scientific and medical knowledge and expertise and an infrastructure shaped by;  

Our hospital location. Our patients feel safer and more protected knowing that the unit is right inside the Clínica Vistahermosa hospital and has access to all its healthcare services whenever needed. We never set up Reproduction Units outside a hospital environment.

The quality of procedures. Quality is an absolute priority in our work, which is why we are audited every year by official agencies and external auditors.

Personalised treatment. We don’t work with patients, we work with people. Our goal is to provide as much information as possible and answer all questions about our treatment because we realise how complex our work is.

Professional collaboration. We work with other centres and professionals involved in assisted reproduction who send us their patients; they help us improve our efficiency in terms of coordinating and completing the necessary studies that are assessed together, to give diagnoses and counselling on the treatment.

Our own multidisciplinary team. It is made up of Gynaecologists, Geneticists, Embryologists, Andrologists, Anaesthetists, Nurses, Auxiliary Nurses, Administrative staff, among others.

Coordination. This is fundamental in our work because our team works together to prevent any delays or time wasted during the assisted reproduction treatment, which obviously benefits our patients.

Our success rates. Our results are well above the averages published in the Spanish Fertility Society.

We look forward to providing you with more information about UR HLA Vistahermosa as we go forward with the couple chosen to participate in Fertility Road’s Fertility Journey – an announcement regarding the journey’s first step will be made in the next edition of the magazine.  

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