Leading Spanish clinic UR Vista Hermosa in Alicante is one of the most advanced units in Europe.

With an enviable record of working in the fertility field for over thirty years it has built an outstanding reputation. We are pleased to announce the result of their first Fertility Journey.
The decision to select someone to benefit from our participation in the Fertility Journeys Programme was not an easy one. We had over 100 applications and each told a unique story.

After much deliberation we have chosen a single woman to be our 2019 Journey Patient!

Claire is from Nottinghamshire in the UK and currently works for the NHS.

Understandably, Claire was extremely pleased to be both chosen as the recipient of the treatment offered and confident in the ability of the clinic to give her the best possible chance of a healthy pregnancy. She said, “I am delighted to have been chosen for the treatment at Ur Vista Hermosa. I feel fortunate to be given the opportunity to undergo this treatment as it will allow me an opportunity to achieve pregnancy and start a family of my own.

Ur Vistahermosa have been warm and friendly and welcoming of my decision to undergo fertility treatment.

They are an approachable clinic who are easily contactable and they speak English very well. If anyone is considering treatment abroad they are just the sort of clinic you ought to choose. There are no problems at all with communication; the team are knowledgeable, experienced and friendly.

I had been considering undergoing treatment abroad and I had previously decided to find a hospital based clinic that could offer all the support services if required. UR Vistahermosa.

ticked all the right boxes and I was over the moon when they rang to say that I had ben chosen to receive the free treatment.

I plan to visit the clinic over the next couple of months and I look forward to sharing my story
with you”.

Salomé López, International Development Manager at UR Vista Hermosa was equally pleased with the choice of patient.

“We were extremely happy that Claire, as a single woman, applied for the free treatment.

It will allow the clinic an opportunity to share our work After much deliberation we have chosen a single woman to be our 2019 Journey Patient
clinic who are easily with others who find themselves in similar situations. The treatments we offer benefit individuals and couples and we look forward to welcoming Claire over the next couple of months.

We thank all those that applied for the treatment and would like to take this opportunity to offer them a free consultation with our team who would be delighted to discuss options and any discounts and offers we might be able to make.

UR Vistahermosa have kindly provide Fertility Road with a free egg donation cycle for Claire and more information about their clinic can be found at urvistahermosa.com/en/

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