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Clinica Tambre

Steeped in a history of scientific advancement and regulatory authority Clinica Tambre is fast becoming a powerhouse in the Spanish fertility field.

The clinic was opened in 1978 by Dr. Pedro Caballero Peregrín who went on to become a leading figure in Spanish reproductive technology as a member of the team which established the country’s first law on assisted reproductive medicine. The clinic, grounded in a commitment to the highest regulatory and ethical standards became the first in 2009 to establish an immunological fertility division specialising in implantation problems, miscarriages and related immunological issues. Roll on ten years and the clinic is in overdrive.

The clinic remains true to its original, core values of providing the most technologically advanced service, supported by a patient-centred, multi-disciplinary team which is capable of producing the best possible outcomes for each of its patients.

Clinica Tambre Technology

Tambre is recognised internationally as a centre of excellence for investigations into the causes of infertility; working with the Complutense University of Madrid it remains actively involved in dynamic research and emerging technologies. In the clinic, academic theory is transferred into practice with the clinic employing tried and tested technologies which promote safety rules and guidelines in the laboratory (RI-Witness® management system) and those which record and monitor embryo development (Geri© Time-lapse Incubator).

Patient Centred

Technology is only effective when you have the right team to employ it. Tambre offers a multi-disciplinary team of Gynaecologists, Embryologists, Immunologists, Urologists, Patient Co-ordinators and a holistic therapy team which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With a nod to its regulatory and ethical commitment, Tambre is the only fertility clinic in Madrid which has a formal, Healthcare Ethics Committee which ensures it continues to provide the most successful outcomes in the most ethical way.

Successful Practice

Fertility clinics are ultimately judged against their treatment success rates. Tambre records an initial 53.8% success rate with a first IVF treatment cycle (using own eggs) which rises cumulatively to 86.9% at the third attempt.

Whilst success rates with donor treatments are even more impressive – Tambre developed the first in-house sperm and egg bank in Spain and therefore has established some track record in the area. Their cumulative pregnancy rate with an egg donor (first attempt) stands at 68.8% and this rises to 97.6% at the third attempt.

Donor Practice

With the clinic’s dedication to ethics and good practice, it is no surprise that their donor programme is underpinned by a comprehensive framework which safeguards both donor and recipient.
Donors are selected following a rigorous process that involves a detailed medical consultation; genetic testing and a psychological evaluation. During the donation process, all donors receive, if required, medical supervision; psychological support and an aftercare service which includes free check-ups.

The clinic offers a donor database of up to 500 donors and although anonymity is required by Spanish law, Tambre works with Fenomatch©, biometric software which enables recipients the opportunity to select a choice of between 3 to 5 donors who have similar physical characteristics.

Clinica Tambre Patient Journey

Tambre offers a full, concierge service to all its patients. Each is tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient in order to make the journey as stress-free as possible. Services include;

  • Airport pick up – Assistance with hotel reservations, near the clinic
  • Individual waiting rooms
  • Individual bedrooms before and after procedures

Patient services are, as you would expect, offered by a team of multi-lingual co-ordinators, trained and experienced to ensure that your visit to Madrid and Tambre is an unforgettable one.

‘The reason why so many UK patients choose us to help them have a healthy baby is that due to our 40 years of experience we know exactly which treatment to create to fulfil their dream of becoming parents and, that along with our excellent patient care we guide them through their patient journey. We care for our patients and they feel that.’

Inge Kormelink – CEO

Reading Clinica Tambre reviews can help individuals make informed decisions about their fertility care.

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