Kelli and Jake prepare for their fertility journey at EmBIO Greece

Kelli and Jake prepare for their fertility journey at EmBIO Greece

Updated, 25th of September, 2023 US couple Kelli and Jake Freeman say they have been given renewed hope after they were chosen to take part in our Fertility Journeys Project. Kelli, a graphic designer working in healthcare, and Jake, a coordinator for a large steel company, met at their church in South Carolina a few […]

It’s a girl! Stéphanie and Joël welcome their miracle baby

It’s a girl! Stéphanie and Joël welcome their miracle baby 2

Updated, 19th of August, 2023 It’s a girl! Canadian couple, Stéphanie and Joël, welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world earlier this summer. Little Celeste was born via planned cesarean section on June 22nd, weighing 3.376kg (7lbs7oz). The couple said: “Having Celeste with us feels like a miracle and we believe her big brotherTristan […]

UK couple Laura and Dan – embryo transfer day at IVF-Life in Alicante

UK couple Laura and Dan - embryo transfer day at IVF-Life in Alicante 4

Updated, 16th of September, 2023 The big day finally arrived for Laura and Dan this week – embryo transfer day at IVF-Life in Alicante. The couple flew from the UK to Spain over the weekend ahead of the transfer on Monday (September 11th). The couple had four good-quality embryos waiting for them at the clinic. […]

The worst IVF clinics

The worst IVF clinics Guide

When researching fertility clinics, it is important that you know what to look out for – the good, the bad and the ugly. There are many, many articles out there offering advice to help couples and singles find the best IVF clinic. In contrast, there are very few offering practical advice on how to identify […]

Best IVF Clinics in Europe


A Guide to Choosing the Best IVF Clinics in Europe IVF treatment is a very personal and emotionally intense experience. And it is little wonder, as it can result in the most precious gift imaginable. Many patients look to Europe for the best IVF clinic in order to realise their dream of becoming parents. But […]

IVF Success Rate Calculators Reviewed – Can they really predict your IVF outcome?

IVF success rates calculator

If you are considering fertility treatment, there is a good chance that you have been frantically Googling IVF success rates. An IVF success rate is, in a nutshell, the chances of a successful pregnancy resulting in a live birth. This figure takes into account factors including your age, the cause of your infertility, whether you […]

IVF Cost UK Guide – IVF Prices in The UK Revealed

IVF Costs UK

From baffling acronyms (ICSI? FET? PGT-A?!) to confusing stats surrounding success rates, the world of IVF treatment can appear bewildering to the uninitiated. But when it comes to private IVF in 2023, nothing is more likely to cause confusion than the financial side of the process. IVF can come with a hefty price tag attached, […]

IVF Success Stories – PGT-A

IVF Success Stories

If you have been researching IVF treatment online, there is a good chance that you may have already come across PGT-A. Previously known as preimplantation genetic screening or PGS, PGT-A is an IVF treatment add-on that involves taking a cell or a small number of cells from an embryo and checking for abnormalities in the […]

Positive pregnancy test for Nathalie – UR Vistahermosa in Spain

Nathalie, Fertility Journey at Vistahermosa Spain

Updated, 30th of October, 2023 Nathalie is now well into the second trimester of her pregnancy and everything is progressing well. She told Fertility Road: “Pregnancy has gone relatively well, apart from some tiredness and headaches. I’m starting to feel less tired and my tummy is getting rounder. “I’m feeling good mentally and emotionally. Of […]

Best Surrogacy Agencies

Top rated surrogacy agencies worldwide

A guide to choosing the best surrogacy agency Choosing to start a family is a life-changing decision. Many people also view it as a very private one, opting to walk down that path to parenthood surrounded only by those closest to them.So having to take a stranger with you on the most personal of journeys […]