Navigating Low Ovarian Reserve and IVF: Expert Insights

Navigating Low Ovarian Reserve and IVF: Expert Insights

The journey of understanding and navigating the nuances of reproductive health can often be intricate and overwhelming. It’s a terrain where knowledge meets emotions, science intersects with aspirations, and where every patient needs clarity. Thankfully, with the guidance of experts from UR Vistahermosa, we will be able to give you the information you need about Low Ovarian Reserve.

What is Low Ovarian Reserve?

Think of a woman’s ovaries as a clock, ticking down with a set number of ‘alarms’ (or eggs) from birth. Every month, one of these alarms goes off during her menstrual cycle. For some women, these alarms run out faster than usual. This is what doctors call “Low Ovarian Reserve” or simply, fewer eggs left in the ovaries.

Fewer eggs can mean a harder time trying to have a baby. But it’s not all bad news! In this article, we’ll explain what causes low egg counts, what it means to have a baby, and the good news about how doctors can help. Whether you’re facing this issue or just want to learn, we’ve got the easy-to-understand facts for you!

Interview with Dr. Natalia Szlarb:
Dr. Natalia Szlarb’s extraordinary journey, enriched by diverse experience and a profound commitment to fertility medicine, offers a comprehensive understanding of the intricate world of low ovarian reserve and IVF.

What is low ovarian reserve (LOR)?

Low Ovarian Reserve (LOR) is a condition where the ovaries house fewer eggs than expected for a given age. This reduction in egg quantity can significantly impact the chances of successful conception and pregnancy.

What causes low ovarian reserve?

Low ovarian reserve can be attributed to various factors, including advancing age, genetic predisposition, certain medical treatments such as chemotherapy, and underlying health conditions that affect ovarian function.

How common is the diagnosis of low ovarian reserve among patients?

The diagnosis of low ovarian reserve is increasingly prevalent due to changing lifestyles and environmental influences. Seeking timely guidance from fertility experts like us becomes paramount in addressing this concern.

What are the symptoms of low ovarian reserve?

The symptoms of low ovarian reserve might not always be apparent, but irregular menstrual cycles and difficulties in conceiving could raise flags. Consulting a fertility specialist ensures a comprehensive assessment and informed guidance.

What are the options to diagnose low ovarian reserve?

Diagnosing low ovarian reserve involves measuring specific hormones—such as Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH), and estradiol—on specific days of the menstrual cycle. In addition, ultrasound imaging and antral follicle count assessments contribute to a comprehensive evaluation.

What are the treatment options for patients with low ovarian reserves?

Treatment options are tailored to the individual’s circumstances and may include personalized fertility medications, refined IVF protocols, and in some cases, the consideration of donor eggs. Our approach aims to optimize the chances of a successful pregnancy while respecting the uniqueness of each patient’s journey.

What is the success rate of IVF for patients with diminished ovarian reserve? Can IVF be successful with very low AMH?

The success rates of IVF in cases of diminished ovarian reserve can vary. However, advancements in protocols and technologies have significantly improved outcomes. Even with very low levels of AMH, successful pregnancies are achievable, although results may be individualized.

How can I improve my oocyte’s quantity and quality?

Enhancing the quantity of eggs might be challenging, but nurturing egg quality is a crucial focus. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, and considering certain supplements can have a positive impact on egg quality.

Can I get pregnant naturally with low ovarian reserve?

While natural conception with low ovarian reserve becomes more challenging as fertility declines, it is not impossible. Exploring a range of options and seeking expert guidance is essential to making informed decisions.

Does low ovarian reserve mean poor-quality eggs/oocytes?

Low ovarian reserve doesn’t necessarily equate to poor-quality eggs. However, the chances of having some lower-quality eggs do increase. Fertility treatments are designed to identify and utilize the healthiest eggs available.

Can stress cause low ovarian reserve?

While stress can impact overall health, establishing a direct link between stress and low ovarian reserve remains inconclusive. Prioritizing a healthy lifestyle, stress management, and seeking professional guidance contribute positively to fertility.


Low ovarian reserve, once considered an insurmountable hurdle, now finds itself in the crosshairs of cutting-edge diagnostics and innovative treatments offered at UR Vistahermosa. The clinic’s personalized approach, grounded in a deep understanding of each patient’s unique journey, has transformed uncertainty into possibility. This transformation is evident in the success stories that abound within the clinic’s walls, stories of individuals and families who have emerged triumphant from the challenges of low ovarian reserve.

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