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UR Vistahermosa a vision built on compassion and professionalism

We speak to Fertility Journey’s Dr. José López Gálvez, President of the UR International Group and Director of the UR Vistahermosa Reproduction Unit of Alicante

Committed to his work, Dr. José López Gálvez has witnessed first-hand the advances in gynaecology which have been made possible by emerging technologies. Together with his mentor, the esteemed Professor Michel Cognat and time spent the faculties of medicine in Paris-Sud University and the Sant Joseph Hospital Dr Gálvez has forged a career built from an understanding and acceptance of the importance of technology and the combined wisdom of his peers. 

“The project of my life has been based on expanding the knowledge acquired throughout my professional stage in the creation of a network of in-hospital reproduction units,” he says. That project is today the UR International Group, which currently brings together nine reproduction centres in Spain and two international centres located in Managua (Nicaragua) and in Mexico City, continuing both its national and international expansion with the opening of new units in the main Spanish cities and different points of the international geography.

Dr. López Gálvez, what would you highlight about your professional life?

The great reward provided by values ​​such as effort, self-improvement, daily work and sacrifice. For me it is essential to create a work group, a human team where the personal aspect prevails, since the professional one can be acquired with determination and perseverance One of the aspects that I value most when working is the involvement, so, unlike other companies, in the UR International Group there are no people who come by, they come because they want to get involved in the project.

How has the UR International Group developed? 

The project started at the Vistahermosa Clinic in Alicante, the result of intense years of work and dedication. From here we expanded and today the UR Group has a national and international presence with the reproduction units of Alicante, Murcia, Malaga, Madrid), Valencia, Granada, Almería, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Zaragoza, Mexico DF and Managua (Nicaragua).

The key to success is based on following the trail of the original project associated with a training project such as the master’s degree and the University Chair that we have developed in collaboration with Miguel Hernández University. It is about creating a set based on three cross-cutting aspects all over the entire project: the clinician, the teacher and the researcher.

What is the difference between going to one of the reproduction units of the UR Group and other reproduction centres?

The national units of the UR Group are located within hospital settings which allows any eventuality arising in the treatments to be covered. But if we take it on a day-to-day basis, it is undoubtedly the treatment on the same level and the professional effectiveness that leads us to feel comfortable and happy with the work we do. We deal with people, not customers. Our professionals are very aware that these are very complicated treatments and they are not trouble-free. We want to address this complexity from a personal point of view, that is why we get such a degree of involvement since we do not underestimate the dimension of the task we perform.

What does it feel like to be able to give children to those who cannot get them naturally?

It is hard to describe. It is something that transcends the material and the tangible. To see a couple leaving the unit pregnant is satisfying and exciting and it is a feeling that never becomes stilted as the years go by. Too see a change of attitude towards life in people who come without hope has become the reason for our work, a firm professional commitment that motivates us to continue moving forward.

You are truly passionate about your work, what do you like the most?

Every day is an adventure, but above all, having the opportunity to help my patients start their own family and have what they most want, their children. That rewards the great sacrifice of working in this medical specialty.

Why is it increasingly difficult to conceive a child?

The age at which women give birth to the first child increases each year, something on which all specialists should alert, since the delay of maternity is the main cause of the increase in infertility problems.

If a woman decides to wait for the right moment to become a mother because of work, economic or personal reasons, she must plan her motherhood at a fertile age, in order not to find obstacles when deciding to start a family.

Special mention should be made of patients, women and men suffering from pathologies for which they have to be subjected to aggressive treatments that threaten their fertility, such as cancer diagnoses, autoimmune diseases, bone marrow transplants or endometriosis, since fertility significantly decreases, They can even cause your irreversible loss.

What are the keys to the success of the UR International Group?

The fact of being in hospitals with multidisciplinary health care confers greater safety guarantees and our patients assume fewer potential risks, especially in more invasive procedures such as egg collections that requires sedation and greater control. We also have the highest quality controls the high-generation technology currently and a reputed Department of Reproductive Genetics. All this helps us achieve success rates well above the standards published by the Spanish Society of Fertility.

We have more than 35 years of experience in reproduction treatment which gives us a lot of security in the processes and a high level of professional commitment to our patients. We provide expert assistance alongside cutting-edge technology. We offer transparency, quality and professionalism.

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